The lighter side of Westeros: Lightsabers of Joy and a Snapchat recap

Time for some funnies. The era of Facebook recaps has come and gone, a new generation has taken over and brought with them – Snapchat. Someecards is doing Snapchat recaps this season; if you missed previous ones, find them here, here, and here.

We have tweeted a good deal about this item already, but that is of course not enough – it is so well done that it deserves a post so that no one misses it. I never doubted we will get it sooner rather than later; Ladies and Sers, here is the lighsaber version of the Tower of Joy scene:

Last but not least, we give you Targaryen’s First Law of Political Thermodynamics. It definitely appears to hold.

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    1. As everyone else is mentioning everywhere, episode 3 and 4 are epic! Everything starts to build up to the apex of an once and fire moment whatever that will be. Speaking of which, I think and hope that it won’t be a clash but more of a reunion to fight an epic battle against white walkers but got to wait and see what Bran’s vision will unfold in the future episodes about what white walkers are and are all about.

      Either way, I feel that recaps have been brought up to the next level and people’s senses evolve as the technology advances. But God I love Game of Thrones and thank people who are in charge of this site for keep us posted about Got and GoT universe and especially those who put two cents here for giving amazing insights and new perspectives. You guys make watching GOT experience so much ‘funner(I know it’s grammatically incorrect :)).’

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    2. Alexandre Laframboise,

      Agreed. These Snapchat recaps dont make any sense. I know Facebook isnt cool with the kids and they want to capitalize on the stolen format (Someecards did not invent the original recaps), but at least those were funny. Now the only fun recaps left are those by Chrys Watches GoT.

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    3. Hear Marko Roar:
      I also miss the FB ones …


      It was my permanent GOT season schedule: unsullied recaps/reviews, twitter post, facebook review.

      Note: I never used or intend to use facebook.

      EDIT: That lightsaber edition ToJ still looks good.

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    4. Lightsaber Thrones is quite good, thanks for posting Marko! (note: nothing beats Lightsaber Kittens though…)

      TOIVA: It was my permanent GOT season schedule: unsullied recaps/reviews, twitter post, facebook review.

      That’s exactly been my tactic as well to digest past seasons. Will *someone* bring FB recaps back, please?!

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