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    1. “Margaery is wed for the billionth time.”

      I laughed, yeah, that’s the one trailer shot every Unsullied will have no trouble grasping ! ^^

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    2. In my opinion it would be better if they spent the CGI on something like a few massive army scenes, or something of that nature. Having a statue fall down isn’t that exciting for me.

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    3. Dogcheese,

      It’s not the most exciting, but it IS symbolic. I imagine they chose to do this after they paced out the season and decided which battles to have and which not to have (the not-yet-published Ice and Fire battles).

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    4. Dogcheese,

      What massive armies? We’re not really entering “massive army” territory.

      And the show seems to be omitting even more of it. No signs of Yunkai invasion or Stannis’ march so far.

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    5. Funny Aussie.

      Why isn’t every commenter screaming “Mercy!” when Arya is shown picking up Needle?

      Arya is retrieving Needle before doing the DEED on Trant! I’m calling it! She must kill him with Needle.

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    6. Renly’s Peach,

      Actually, there are a few.

      The Slaver army is pretty massive, assuming that we will be seeing them come to Mereen this season. Also if Stannis is going to be getting any Northern reinforcements, seeing him marching with them would be pretty neat. If we get at least one fight scene in which Northmen kick ass I will be happy. Deepwood Motte please.

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    7. Renly’s Peach,

      Plenty of evidence of both, actually.

      1) Yunkai’s involvement was set up last season, with Dany sending Hizdahr and Daario to the city with an ultimatum; and the leaked script summary confirmed this will be followed-through: they come back and warn Dany that Yunkai intends to attack, so Dany must attack first with her dragons (oh, and then she goes to the catacombs and they are even wilder than before, so she can’t use them.) If they bothered to set that up last year and they are doubling down on it right at the beginning of next season, it’s only logical that it will have consequences.

      2) Stannis’s been seen with the armor on and a bloody face, with snowy woods behind (so not the Wall or Hardhome —or Winterfell or Deepwood for that matter.) Stannis will enter into battle.

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    8. Luka Nieto,

      I highly doubt we’ll be seeing the Yunkish siege this season; if they do, it won’t reach book levels in scale. And something tells me the Stannis fights are almost guaranteed to be filler battles. Something north of the Wall or rallying the clans.

      So neither cases will call for “massive armies” this season. Sorry folks, budget is going to dragons (hopefully more scenery) and harpy statues. Which is fine by me!~

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    9. I have to admit that was ozzume, Marg, Kit, Vary’s and Tyrion’s jabs were slamming, and he was so erect about that one scene.

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    10. I think Johns story

      is gonna end at hard home I don’t think anyone is gettin to winter fell this season but the boltons , I don’t think johns gettin poked untill next season with dorne Danny cersei Jamie arya and than Briene and Davos scenes I think will also meet manderly towards epidose 7-8 as well I think Davos will get captured nere the end , basically thinking that next year the grey joy
      Plot will come in full fold I’m saying it now we’re only gonna see yara again once this year and I think there gonna get a big name to play Euron if it’s not this season than next

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    11. Grand maester giz,

      So by the end of this season Jon will get the offer to be legit mazed – Davos will be freed to get ricin khaleesi will be on the back of drogon cersei will be in jail and brene will be in the grasps of lsh

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    12. I dont understand what it is about VFX that is so expensive? It’s done on a computer right? I know I’m totally ignorant on this, but what is it actually that is the expensive part? Paying for geeky dudes’ man-hours of clicking away at their super fancy computers? Do they charge ridiculous amounts for their skill basically, and not actual set design and greenscreens that are costing them so much?

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    13. Darjan:
      I dont understand what it is about VFX that is so expensive?

      I wonder the same thing about the statue falling in Meereen scene in particular. I mean, surely they can reuse models of Meereen from last season? And the statue is a non-animated object…

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    14. Darjan,

      It takes a lot of time, skill and proccesing power to do really good CGI.
      Just look at the dragons, Pixomonda has to animate every movement of the dragons by hand, frame by frame (sort-of like stop-motion) and after that they have to add textures, and render the damn thing which probably takes a lot of time. Good CGI is always expensive (though it gets cheaper every year).


      They redid the Pyramid of Meereen this year, I just compared it with last year’s . Yes, the model is pretty much the same but the textures aren’t. They made the Pyramid look older, they also changed the size of the Harpy. http://i.imgur.com/uU1VjN6.jpg
      There’s also so much more going there, objects being shattered, bricks falling off from the pyramid, cloth animation etc.

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    15. Darjan:
      I dont understand what it is about VFX that is so expensive?

      The expensive part of the VFX is time. It takes a really long time to animate a convincing moving object and the VFX creators have to get paid for the working hours.

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    16. Darjan:
      I dont understand what it is about VFX that is so expensive? It’s done on a computer right?

      It is so expensive for several reasons. The animators actually don’t get paid that much (like really not much. It’s sad, really), but the equipment is very expensive. You can’t just use your typical home PC. And with complex animation like these, it can still take one computer several hours to render a single frame. And you need 24 frames for one second of footage, which makes it impossible to render these sequences on a single computer. That’s why animation companies have huge “render farms” with sometimes hundreds of computers that render these animations. Maintaining all of these computers and their infrastructure is the most expensive part.
      Then of course you have the time put into the animation, as complex animations like the dragons can take weeks or even months for a 30 second scene. You also still have to do all the set-design, since these sets do get build, just digitally instead of in reality. But the animators still have to know how it’s supposed to look like.

      Gazillion: I wonder the same thing about the statue falling in Meereen scene in particular. I mean, surely they can reuse models of Meereen from last season? And the statue is a non-animated object…

      There were no models of Meereen of this size, it was all CGI last season. The statue is an inanimate object, yes, which makes it a lot easier to animate. But you still have a lot of animate objects around it like robes, crumbling bricks and dust. All this takes time.
      That said, this animation was probably not the most expensive one this season. The big cost are with the dragons. Animating live creatures (especially ones with no frame of reference for movement and behavior) is incredibly difficult.

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    17. Hodor’s Bastard,

      It does look obvious that she’s retrieving something, the fact she gets up for one…

      And oh Gods the Ramsay/Ramsey association had never occurred to me before but it’s not going to leave my mind any time soon. Who taught the other one to properly skin “game”, is my question.

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    18. House Pines,

      I believe she is already in her “new costume” and, like Jaqen in S2, can simply turn around and assume a new face. Being “faceless” is basically a glamour that fools other characters and we (the audience) are behind the 4th wall. But will they even go that route though? In any case, she would have hidden Needle before she became fully immersed in the HoB&W activities. I just think it makes dramatic sense that Needle is involved in killing Trant….it is a killing that is not part of her new training, but part of her past life, which Arya has difficulty letting go.

      Btw, will one of my favorite Arya paintings be filmed this season? I hope so!

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    19. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I don’t think that’s that scene.

      There are clothes on the floor, so I think this is when she throws her old shit away. This is her deciding to keep Needle, out of all her things. But yeah, I agree, Trant will definitely get iced with Needle.

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    20. jentario,
      House Pines,


      Maybe our thoughts on Trant in Braavos has warped my perception of the scene then. To me, it looks like she is welcoming back an old friend rather than hiding it. However, if you are correct regarding this scene, she is probably thinking about throwing Needle into the water (since she is on a dock) but then she stops herself and hides Needle instead (foreshadowing its use again),

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    21. Hear Marko Roar,
      Just don’t confuse Ramsay with Ramsey, it’s a common mistake:

      Hey, btw, they are both “Ramsay”. There is no “Ramsey” in GoT/ASoI&F or in the pop culinary world.


      Heh. No, just a fan of his work and especially the 2013 ASoI&F calendar & TWoI&F works. His depiction of the iron throne is stunning.

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    22. clk,

      Hardhome is just a shorthand really.

      The same way we call the show’s version of the Mercy chapter “Mercy” even though it’s doubtful Arya will be called that in ep. 509 when they occur on screen.

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    23. Hey folks-Arya doesn’t off Trant although she ought to. It’s Raff the Sweetling that gets the main artery in the thigh nick. I believe Arya remembered that action from the Night’s Watch guy threatening the King’s guard on the King’s Road. (Wish I could remember the Night’s Watch guy….Joren????)

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    24. honey I’m home,

      That’s in the books, not in the show —there is no Raff in the show.

      Raff’s role was partly taken by Polliver (who took Needle AND killed Lommy, in the show), and he was already killed by Arya in Season 4, very much in the same way that she offed Raff in TWOW’s “Mercy” chapter —by repeating the words he said to Lommy while killing him. So that part of Raff’s role was taken by Polliver —the other will be taken by Meryn Trant, who is substituting Raff as the bodyguard for the Crown’s envoy who is sent to negotiate with the Iron Bank of Braavos (who will be Mace Tyrell instead of Harys Swift.) It’s a safe bet that Meryn will not survive the encounter (there are filming pictures of Arya, as Cat of the Canals, noticing Meryn Trant.)


      Can’t it be both? A wildling fishing village named Hardhome?

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    25. Oh……..I missed the substitutions. Seems like all the King’s Guards look the same-
      Geesh….was that racist??????? :-0

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    26. Hm, I just realized: is this the first GoT trailer in which none of the dialogue is directly taken from the books? Except maybe the High Sparrow’s line? I’ll have to look it up…

      Granted, some of it is equivalent to dialogue from the book (Varys and Tyrion from Illyrio amd Tyrion, and the point of the dialogue is the same, even if the words aren’t), but that’s not what I mean.

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    27. Since the thread regarding the trailer has gone silent, I thought I post this here. I pretty convinced that the voice-over of Brienne at the start of the trailer is

      her talking to Jaime after he refuses to go help Cersei. Of course, this implies that Jaime and Brienne will meet up at the end of season 5 after Cersei is arrested.

      Her words fit that scenario perfectly.

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    28. Wall Builder,

      How did you become convinced? “Nothing’s more hateful than failing to protect the one you love.” Jaime didn’t “fail” to protect Cersei —he decided not to. And he doesn’t hate himself for his decision, either. So… I don’t see how it fits at all. As I see it, it may be Brienne talking to someone about Renly (from her perspective, anyway —the immediate context is probably about somebody else.)

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    29. Luka Nieto,

      To me, being hateful means feeling hate towards someone else, not hating yourself. So Jaime is being hateful towards Cersei, not hating himself. Also, it harks back to what he says during the sept “rape” scene, “Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman?” Notice he doesn’t mean that Cersei hates herself but that she hates Tyrion.

      If someone asks for your protection and you don’t give it, isn’t that failing to protect them? I think you are arbitrarily restricting the meaning of failing to imply attempting and not succeeding. In fact the dictionary definition states that fail means (1) be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goals, and (2) neglect to do something.

      Sorry, the spoiler tags don’t seem to be working.

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    30. Wall Builder,

      How did he “fail” to protect her? Dictionary definitons are all fine and good, but that’s just not a sentence, especially delivered in such a sad manner, that I would associate with Brienne commenting on Jaime’s decision. Just doesn’t make any sense to me in context.

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