Wall Nuts: Thrones meets a nightmare, Littlefinger gets a movie

Let us start with this. The parody of a song from The Nightmare Before Christmas came out a while ago, and serves as a recap of the first three seasons (so, spoiler alert, in case you are hopelessly behind).

Next, Ozzy Man (no, not our Oz) created this fake trailer for Littlefinger, The Movie.

Last but not least, the artist Jonatan Canteroย has these cheeky interpretations of house sigils (found via io9).

Jonatan Cantero: Sigil illustrations

Bonus: Here’s something cool that WotW reader Nick shared with us. It’s a mashup of “No Church in the Wild” by Jay-Z & Kanyeย  and the “Game of Thrones” main theme. Enjoy!

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    1. Hermann,

      Agree, are you really starting to post filler content just for the sake of it ? I hate to sound like a negative nancy but this is what feels to me, if i want to watch lame parody videos that are not in the least funny the other site is filled with this kind of stuff, just keep it to the news guys or articles related to the show,just an advice please don’t take it the wrong way .

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    2. Hermann,

      Perhaps there’s some confusion here. Marko has been doing roundups of humor etc. content for literally years. He created GoT Laughs over at WiC. That was not a new Fansided feature. And we are not only going to post news, there are editorials and more. The Game of Thrones fandom has a lot to offer.

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    3. They *always* used to make a “GoT Funnies” post once a week or so. It never bothered me in the way the shitty fluff posts from Fansided did.

      Parody on, HMR!

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    4. Nothing wrong with a little bit of this kind of content. Besides, doing a short weekly or so roundup of funny/silly stuff had a long tradition on the old site, long before Fansided.

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    5. Sue the Fury,

      You can post whatever you guys want it’s your site after all just saying that if you compare how many comments are on a news article or even the debate ones like the story alteration and this type of articles you would see that people don’t really enjoy this,but like i said i only made a suggestion, it’s your site and you have every right to post it .

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    6. Lol at people hating. This once a week post has been done by HmR for years! Bunch of newbs! Smh…

      What FanSide did was egregious compared to the GoT laughs that have been around since before season 1 on WiC. FS hired an actress to show us how to make a cocktail with some lame GoT pun for the drink’s name for gods sake! Smh

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    7. A return to Marko’s old roundup posts featuring humorous Game of Thrones mashups and satires is extremely welcome from my perspective. I’ll admit that I don’t find every single submission to be funny, but there are talented people all over the world who love Game of Thrones, and they frequently find ways to pay tribute to this wonderful series in an insightful and humorous fashion. I’m quite happy to see their efforts commended on a semi-regular basis.

      When the WOTW starts featuring mixology sessions, useless clickbait, and “Reddit Reviews” incorporating posts that are months old, that will be my cue to flee. Luckily, I believe that date will arrive on the 1st of Never.

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    8. Will the site be flooded with filler posts? Absolutely not. But this was a Marko tradition long before the others took over the old house and I am glad he brought it with him. Thank you my friend.

      Besides, the “Who’s This” vid is damn near gold.

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    9. TaviColen123,

      You must be new to the community and this group – this is nothing new (except funnies used to be on weekends as I recall). The WoW site is shaping up to be awesome anyway.

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    10. Hermann,

      Aw man, that’s cold. Nothing wrong with a little humor post once a week ๐Ÿ™ I always enjoyed them at WiC before the Fansided takeover.

      And I hadn’t seen any of these. Nice roundup.

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    11. I like these funny posts. Ozzyman’s GOT reviews and parodies are fantastic. It was pretty clear what this post was about. If you don’t like this kind of stuff, don’t click on it, read it, and post negative comments.

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    12. Jack Bauer 24

      I recognize your screen name from the asoiaf site and remember you’re Unsullied. Just so you know, there are forums here, and one is specifically for spoiler-free discussions. If you go to the nav bar at the top of the page, click on Forums, you’ll see “Game of Thrones Spoiler-Free Discussion.” This isn’t to redirect you, or anything, I just thought you might like to know it’s there.

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    13. Jack Bauer 24,

      WiC was the best fan site ever for GoT. Then it was taken over by a company called FanSided, and FanSided promised to keep the spirit of WiC intact. There might be an extra ad or two, but the site would still be a fan community for GoT and ASOIAF. FanSided went back on their word, and the site went from a fan friendly community to a smorgasborg of filler posts and hidden adverstisements. Gone was the rich fan based environment and in it’s stead a corporate machine. It is the worst site in the history of the internet. When I accidentally went to the site last week, I had a worse reaction than when I saw 2 Girls 1 Cup.

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    14. Jack Bauer 24,

      To summarize it briefly (and WOTW administrators, please correct me if I get any details egregiously wrong):

      The original Winter is Coming was founded by a gentleman who operated it under the titular pseudonym, with the four founders of this website – Sue the Fury, Axechucker, Hear Marko Roar, and Oz of Thrones as the primary contributors. When a season of Game of Thrones was airing, the site focused primarily on providing a forum for discussion of the episodes and the overall story. During the offseason it was dedicated primarily towards breaking casting and filming news and engaging in good-natured speculation about events to come.

      At a certain point between Seasons 3 and 4, WiC joined the FanSided network, a large conglomerate of sports and pop culture websites. Shortly after that, the eponymous Winter is Coming departed the original site, and FanSided took over. Under new management, the site devolved relatively quickly towards becoming a menagerie of clickbait articles searching for traffic rather than a community that honored the fans. Eventually, the original contributors got fed up with the changes. They decided to leave, and they founded this website – Watchers on the Wall.

      For a far more eloquent and extensive detailing of the event, I’ll direct you to a piece written by one of this site’s founders, Oz of Thrones.


      I still visit the original WiC on rare occasions for the Game of Owns podcasts, whose participants had nothing to do with the unfortunate events that took place. But Watchers on the Wall has become my new Game of Thrones fan community for the foreseeable future, and hopefully for many years to come.

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    15. Thanks for the kind comments! We’ll stick to the tradition … these used to be a Saturday deal, and I think we’ll see them posted on weekends mostly, but there’s no fixed schedule, that would be too much pressure on me atm ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep supporting the bottom, everyone.

      The North Remembers.

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    16. I love those humour posts. They give a few found gems for everyone not following reddit or tumblr tags or … you get it. And it’s not that hard to skip one category if you don’t like it. What made the other side ennerving is that you had to skip more posts than read ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It makes sense that there will be less comments here since what is there to comment about: “I found it funny” “No, it’s not!” ? Whereas there’s speculation on the filming sightings posts and debate on the ‘editorials’/’recaps’. On second though though, these do oftern result in the same exchanges as above as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    17. Yeah, these posts are cool. I don’t actively search for these videos, but I love being able to share some funny parodies with my friends who aren’t as in to GOT but still laugh.

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    18. Hermann:
      Damn, I was hoping this website would be free from garbage posts like this.

      What are you whining about?! Dear lord, its FREE content, and no one’s forcing you to read or watch anything! Marko actually collects good stuff if you stopped to watch any of it.

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