Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: Geoffery and Nate in Conversation

New Watcher recruits Geoffery (Sullied) and Nate (Mostly-Unsullied) are back again to talk Arya, Greyscale, and what may lie ahead for Sansa Stark in another synchronized re-watch of episode six: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Before we begin, how did we rate the episode?

Nate: Quick rate of the episode on a scale 1-10 before we start?

Geoffery: Oh crikey…I want to give it a nice 8 1/2 because I really loved it all except the end scene so…7?

Nate: Consistent with the episode number: I’d say 6. Jamie/Bronn v. Sand Snakes sort of shat on the episode, in my opinion.

Geoffery: I liked that bit! I think I’m in the minority there.

Nate: You may be! Honestly, that damn whip was so annoying. I’m not too crazy about Jorah, either, but we’ll get into that.

Geoffery: Nym’s no Indiana Jones for sure!

Nate: And the camera shifting angels 12905 times in like a 6 minute fight scene was a tad distracting.

Geoffery: Yeah it was a bit choppy!

Nate: But we’ll get there!

And, here we go!

Nate: The new season always brings a new chunk of actors/actresses in the titles; whose name do you usually look out for?

Geoffery: I try and avoid the names, if I’m honest, so I’m not too spoiled about the episode. Like when I saw Iain Glen’s name in his first episode this season I was a bit like…”Oh, I see Jorah’s back then!”

Nate: Good point! I never even thought about that because I’m so used to seeing the little bear by his name. I, myself, love Indira Varma in the credits with that little snake!

Geoffery: I do love the little sigils by everyone’s names!

Nate: The House of Black and White! Definitely the coolest storyline this season, in my opinion.

Geoffery: Yeah I think they’ve done really well at capturing its essence from the books. And Maisie gets a well deserved new hairstyle!

Nate: Why do you think they haven’t named “The Waif” in the show?



Geoffery: Maybe because she’ll end up being a composite character?

Nate: I like the Valar Dohaeris style of their clothes but yeah, I guess that makes sense.

Geoffery: The Waif was much younger in the books if I recall rightly. She’s still listed on IMDB as the Waif, though.

Nate: Oh, really? Hm. I didn’t know what it meant so looked it up: “abandoned child.” Hmmm…

Geoffery: I don’t trust IMDB though.  And its

Lady Stoneheart

Nate: Right! I’m pretty convinced she’s omitted. I’m fine with it, to be honest. Arya and Sansa being fleshed out more are enough.

Geoffery: I think if Brienne wasn’t at Winterfell then maybe they could still weave it in.  But nah, it’s clear they’re going in a very different direction. It’s cool! I would like to see the Brotherhood without Banners back again though!

Nate: Me too, with Gendry! If he ever stops rowing. I could see them somehow running into Melisandre. Some Lord of Light coincidence.

Geoffery: Arya, you LURVE the Hound, stop lying.Arya liesNate: I LOVED THAT! (so much). I love Arya and The Hound. The Scooby and Scrappy of Game of Thrones. And Maisie’s acting was excellent that scene. Those wolf eyes are intense!

Geoffery: Maisie’s great! Oh Jorah, you should really see someone about that eczema!

Nate: Right! People think he could be infecting people he touches…your thoughts?

Geoffery: Hmmm the book is pretty clear. I didn’t think you could infect people just by touching them

Nate: Unsullied, sorry!

Geoffery: I thought it was only the touch of a stone man that could infect, or like under the skin contact not just general touching but I could be wrong.

Nate: Well… Shireen with the doll? Could be another famous book v. show quarrel.

Geoffery: Wasn’t in the books! So, maybe the greyscale rules are different in the show.

Nate: Of course it wasn’t!

Geoffery: However…I loved that whole scene with Stannis and Shireen so I’m calling it canon.

Nate: Yeah, if so, Jorah could be infecting everyone with the Grey Plague. And THAT was the only scene I’ve absolutely loved Stannis in.

Geoffery: In which case, get Jorah to Winterfell and smother the Boltons in Greyscale.

Nate: Ride the dragons there! I want to think that Greyscale and the dragons are connected and Shireen may have a part to play later in terms of that (given her love of them and Melisandre’s small prophecy of her).

Geoffery: Yeah scales, dragons, it all makes sense.

Nate: Right? Plus if Jorah is around them with it….maybe it won’t spread? Who knows!

Geoffery: And I stand by what I’ve always said about GRRM, he rarely invents stuff that doesn’t have an outcome in the books. Greyscale is there for a reason!

Nate: Also, Hall of Faces is stunning…shit lighting…but stunning.

Geoffery: Yes, I just adore this bit and a beautiful score as well!

Nate: Yes! Was just about to say! I also love what The Faceless Men actually are. When I first heard about them, and saw Jaqen, I thought it was just magic but this is waaaay cooler!

Geoffery: Yeah!

Nate: I also like this speech of the dragons restoring Jorah’s faith. BUT I hate that people are comparing Dany to her father.

Geoffery: Hmmm I guess it’s because Jorah’s whole shtick is that Dany is the “rightful heir” but her father was a nutter so a lot of people probably wouldn’t be happy about it.

Nate: I think after she conquers Slaver’s Bay, it could be different. Especially with Tyrion and maybe if the Lannisters have fallen? By the way, “GUESS AGAIN” was hilarious. 

Geoffery: OH my God yes this whole scene!

Nate: And she re-opened the fighting pits! But wait until next episode to see!

Geoffery: I love the main Slaver’s coat and everything! Oooh yes the fighting pits! I can’t see it all ending well.

Nate: I did like the scene but kind of thought it was unnecessary (unless Jorah fighting is really going to be that important) because it’s how I originally felt when Jorah captured Tyrion: another person to take him where he was originally intended anyway. It’s only making the journey to Dany last longer.

I literally thought he’d meet Dany in like…the second episode (based on the trailer and leaked set pics) but maybe I was just way too optimistic.

Geoffery: No spoilers, but I think Jorah fighting WILL be important. Tyrion’s book journey was far more exciting, to be honest!

Nate: I like him with Varys so much better and I hoped he would be the one to take Tyrion to Dany.

Geoffery: Yeah, I miss Varys.

Nate: Baelish revealing Sansa’s whereabouts to Cersei…thoughts?

Geoffery: Oh Littlefinger, such a cock, “I have well-placed sources”  YOU PUT HER THERE YOURSELF YOU SLIMY GIT! It is interesting though, he’s trying to play both sides and I don’t see it ending well.

Nate: Not for him, at least.

Geoffery: Someone’s got to call him out on it.

Nate: I think after Sansa’s wedding night, she’ll be like, “Fuck Petyr, I’m the one doing all the work and this is MY home anyway so, why do I need him?”

Geoffery: And the fact he knows so much all the time made it seem really unlikely he didn’t know Ramsay was a psychopath, like the showrunners claimed.

Nate: Ermmmmm, I don’t know, I kind of believe it. I mean, why would Roose want people knowing? He was pretty unamused when he found out how he treated Theon. Makes me think it’s something he’s gotten used to and isn’t impressed or really bothered by.

Geoffery: I guess Roose would want him marrying Sansa to help secure the North- he’s not really bothered by the ethics.

Nate: Exactly. He even told Petyr he doesn’t care about her virtue…and he STILL left her there.

Geoffery: Ew. Boltons are awful. Except Fat Walda. Much love for Walda.

Nate: Fat Walda and Sansa can form the most powerful alliance the North has ever seen!

Geoffery: Seriously! Yes!

Nate: I see all the women making it out of alive of the battle to come while Roose dies (Sansa?), Ramsay flees, Sansa saves Theon, Brienne kills Stannis, and Davos and Shireen flee safely. Even Myranda. I think she’s secretly Team Sansa. {Note: speculation and hopes, not spoilers!}

Geoffery: I hope so. Except for Stannis dying.

Nate: That’s my favorite part!

Geoffery: Ahahaha you hate Stannis so much it’s brilliant!

Nate: He killed Renly! I love Shireen, though! And I’m warming up to Davos.

Geoffery: Davos is my little onion.  As long as Brienne doesn’t kill him, I’m fine.

Nate: I think they’ll be safe. He still needs help reading, sometimes. So, they need each other.

Oh, for fuck’s sake!” Same, Bronn, same.

Sand Snakes: This time, I think it looked clunky because Bronn wasn’t trying to kill, just defend himself. So maybe better than I originally thought.

Geoffery: It wasn’t a smooth fight to be sure, but then fights in real life aren’t smooth. Maybe it just looked a bit clunky compared to the more stylized choreography of some of the other fights.

Nate: Very true. Especially The Mountain and The Viper. Very choreographed

Geoffery: But bloody lovely to look at! No pun intended!

Nate: Oh, definitely! Accidentally puns are my favorite! Lady Olenna!

Geoffery: She’s so great. I’m glad she’s back!

Nate: Oh, definitely. Both of their acting here is spot on! I love Lena’s puckered lips when she gets interrupted. So much sass.

Geoffery: Queen of Sass.

Nate: Literally! And the blinks after “What can a Queen Mother do?” like she’s actually all innocent. And “What veil?” was pretty great by Olenna.

Geoffery: Things ain’t looking so hot for the Tyrells…. 

Nate: Definitely not. Margaery, please be safe! *looks up buggery*

Geoffery: Is buggery not an American thing?

Nate: Nope! Not that I’ve ever heard.

Geoffery: Bugger is such a great word though!

Nate: I’ve heard bugger! Not so much buggery, though Also, mister holier-than-thou going lawyer on her ass really shows who’s side he’s on (Cersei’s). And Olyvar, you lil’ shit.

Geoffery: Does this mean that Olyvar is also under arrest? I mean he admitted to the er…buggery, right?!

Nate: He’s probably exempt because of testimony. And he can’t really say no, given he’s only a steward.

Geoffery: Or maybe he’ll imply Loras seduced him and he’s innocent.

Nate: Also, Tommen always looks like he’s there by accident and I love it. He has no clue what’s going on!

Geoffery: Oh Tommen! He’s adorable, he’s too good for this Lannister world.


Geoffery: I love how Myranda is incapable of holding a non-creepy conversation. “Happy wedding Day! Here’s a list of all the girls I know who had a horrible, horrible deaths!”

Nate: I think, even though she’s trying to scare her, she’s ultimately doing what’s best for Sansa. I also think she may end up helping Sansa. Especially after the way Ramsay treated her and after she bit him. Plus, I was always curious what was going on in the opening of “The Lion and The Rose.”

Geoffery: Er…which was what?

Nate: Him chasing the girl through the woods with Myranda.

Geoffery: Oh yeah!

Nate: I always thought it was always creepy but had no idea what or why it was happening.

Geoffery: Yeah I hope she’s not just another needlessly sadistic character like Ramsay because it’s a bit two-dimensional. It would be nice if they gave her some depth.

Also, a pause to admire how lovely Sophie Turner looks. Her hair and wedding dress game is so on point.

Nate: Oh, totally. Alfie also. He looks like Robb- he’s wearing his old clothes.

Geoffery: Yes! Good little detail!

Nate: Back to the bath scene real quick: Sansa, especially being nude (vulnerable) and still holding her ground was fantastic (especially before the nastiness that occurs). I think it foreshadows that she’ll begin to own her sexuality and even use it against Ramsey which will help her out-maneuver him.

Geoffery: I thought the bath scene and her refusing Theon were both excellent which is why I think the rape scene peed me off a bit. It’s like two steps forward one step back for her character.

Nate: I did at first, too.

Geoffery: But hopefully yes, eventually she’ll own it!

Nate: I think it’ll be the turning point for her sexuality. Especially being her first time and so awful. Also, the shot with the Weirwood tree was beautiful cinematography.

Geoffery: Yes, that whole scene was beautifully done.

Nate: Also, her being a red head again, I think, symbolizes her accepting her identity again so she can be a more fully realized Sansa.

Geoffery: Yeah she’s definitely Sansa and not Alayne here.

Nate: Which….I also think plays a part because that was Ned and Cat’s old room. So, since they look so much alike it definitely contrasts the two bedding ceremonies. (They as in Sansa and Cat.)

Geoffery: You know what, watching it back I think it was a bit lame they focused it on Theon’s face. I think they should have just cut it and left it implied. Cat’s and Ned’s marriage was one of the only happy ones in the whole show really! Unless you count Ned coming home with Baby Jon Snow.

Nate: I don’t think they needed it to be as long as it was but it was supposed to be Theon mirroring the audience. But Cat didn’t really know Ned at first and she was originally betrothed to Brandon.


Geoffery: Yeah, I get that but it definitely didn’t need to be so long.

Nate: Exactly!

Geoffery: That’s true about Cat and Brandon but it’s implied they really loved each other. In the Red Wedding scene,  Cat’s last thoughts are of Ned and how he loves her.

Nate: Ohhhh! I only read something in, I think A Game of Thrones, how she wasn’t really comfortable around him at first but he was still honorable and gentle or something like that.

Geoffery: There’s a bit, I think in AGoT or possibly the next one, about how she wants to have another child with him as well?

Nate: Could be! I don’t remember. Also, forgot to add, my hope is that Sansa rescues Theon rather than the other way around.

Geoffery: Sansa NEEDS to rescue Theon. If he does it, I’ll be so annoyed!

Nate: Did you watch the previews for last episode? I tried not to but I needed to cleanse my pallet.

Geoffery: I did! It looks like there’ll be

Winterfell-y repercussions already! And Brienne is about!

Nate: So, you saw when she goes up to him and says “My family still has friends in the North”?

Geoffery: Yes!

Nate: Based on that, I think they won’t let us down and our women of GOT will finally get their vengeance!

Geoffery:  I am dead excited for my beloved Greyjoys to come back!

Nate: So, given even that little snippet of Sansa/Theon, I think she will be the savior.

I mean, it would make sense given she’s probably still far more mentally stable (even after Ramsay).

Geoffery: Sansa’ll get ’em all eventually!

Nate: I hope so! The internet basically exploded after Sunday night!


Geoffery: On the whole, I did like it and I’m not going to let the last thirty seconds or so distract me from what I otherwise felt was a good episode. Or you know, let the last thirty seconds direct me onto not watching the show ever again.

But no, I wasn’t a fan of the scene, but not because it was different from the book or because there’s less rape in the books or whatever. I just think there are better ways to empower women than have them be raped. And I wish they could have gone down a different route. Hopefully they’ll handle the fall-out from it sensitively.

Nate: I don’t think it was the smartest decision to make especially after last season’s controversy over Jamie/Cersei. It could’ve just ended with him telling Reek to stay and watch her “become a woman” and it probably would’ve still been effective without “going there.”

Geoffery: Exactly!

Nate: But I also think it’s a story where bad things don’t limit themselves to gender, either. It’s just getting a bit tiresome that whenever something bad needs to happen to a woman, it’s rape.

Geoffery: I completely agree.

Nate: To end, I am still excited to see how the season wraps up!

Geoffery: Me too!

Nate: I’m glad we still have 4 episodes left. I feel like there’s still a lot to happen.


Cersei’s trial
has already also been spoiled so I will be anticipating that.)

It’s like I don’t even need to read the damn books anymore!

Geoffery: Meh, there’s so little book material left we’re all kind of in the same boat!

Nate: True! Makes me wonder though what actually happened in A Dance with Dragons.

Geoffery: You’ll find out when you read it!

And that ends our conversation! Thanks for reading and apologies on the length! How did you rate the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Well, I don’t like complaining about everything, but…. ehhh. Could you maybe do this on twitter or facebook?

        Quote  Reply

    2. Geoffery: Yeah she’s definitely Sansa and not Alayne here.

      There was never any distinction between Sansa and Alayne on the show. “Alayne” was just Sansa with her hair dyed black.

        Quote  Reply

    3. Laura,

      Right, in the books, The Waif is 36, but looks like a child due to the effects of poison. The actress (Faye Marsay) herself looks close to Maisie’s age, but is 28.

        Quote  Reply

    4. Nate: Oh, totally. Alfie also. He looks like Robb- he’s wearing his old clothes.

      Since they burned Winterfell, that must mean that Roose went to the trouble of finding Robb’s clothes after the RW and dragging them all the way back from the Twins. That man has stranger priorities that I thought.

        Quote  Reply

    5. It would be cool if you could upload these in audio form, so we could listen to them over the episode as a commentary.

        Quote  Reply

    6. Durrandon’s Fool,

      He’s always a few steps ahead, that Roose. Immediately after that conversation with old Frey, he went straight to the Northernmen’s horses and started searching through the saddlebags for a suitable formal outfit of Robb’s. Because you just never know when the opportunity to troll someone with Robb’s old formalwear might arise. It always pays to be prepared.

        Quote  Reply

    7. to recap the recap…

      1. we want less Jorah
      2. half of us liked the Sand Snakes fight
      3. we do not enjoy Stannis whatsoever except that one time he hugged his daughter
      4. we think Tommen is soooo adorable (and that is more important than his many grievous failings as king and husband, which we do not feel compelled to mention)
      5. we think Arya’s Karate Kid bit has been the “coolest storyline” so far this year, even though the first half of the season has been 99.9% tone-setting and world-building at the House of Black and More Black, leaving almost nothing “storyline”-wise to get excited about…
      6. we still think

      Lady Stoneheart

      is up for debate…

      yikes fellas… I thought I might gain some perspective by reading a recap from people who disagree with me on a lot of elements, but all I’ve really gained is a mental image of you guys watching an episode of Power Rangers spliced together with an episode of Full House and totally losing your shit over how good it is.

      On the upside…
      1. your observations are occasionally thoughtful and/or amusing
      2. the conversation format is fun and easy to read
      3. i’m just kind of being a dick and it was actually a pretty good read despite how frequently i found myself disagreeing

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    8. See this recap is why I will defend D&D for dumbing the show down. This is pretty much a microcosm of the mush brain spend all your free time on your smart phone society that can no longer be entertained by something that last more than 5 minutes. It goes right over your head, instant boredom, instant misunderstanding, and why? Because you couldn’t be bothered to invest in something that isn’t 140 characters or less. I weep for the future.

        Quote  Reply

    9. steve:
      This is pretty much a microcosm of the mush brain spend all your free time on your smart phone society that can no longer be entertained by something that last more than 5 minutes.

      Heh. I think you’ll have quite a row to hoe if you’re trying to argue that the viewers who love Arya’s slow, quiet, atmospheric plotline this season are also the ones with the short attention spans.

      Then, these viewers seem to be quite unusual in enjoying Arya’s scenes this season, so your overall point may well still stand.

        Quote  Reply

    10. I have never seen such an unnecessarily rude comment section, Jesus Christ on a bendy bus.

      Thanks, Nate and Geoffrey, for taking the time to share your thoughts and taking part in new content for wotw.

        Quote  Reply

    11. afartherroom,

      Okay I’m going to call total BS on this. Arya’s segments are pretty well-received this season. There is a world outside these couple websites of people nitpicking each other to death.

      Anytime a segment that contains a lot of opinions they’re bound to catch some flak. But it’s always a bit funny to see how upset people get when someone slams their faves or likes something they hate.

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    12. Bex: Thanks, Nate and Geoffrey, for taking the time to share your thoughts and taking part in new content for wotw.

      Seconded. 🙂

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    13. Sue the Fury,

      Can you be in the next conversation Sue? I know you already do so much for this site, but sadly we are greedy bastards in this fandom. I see people being harsher than need be, but we can’t deny that people would like this addition tweaked. Maybe they need a third person who is a little more thought-provoking? I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I tried to give this another go and I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it just needs some minor adjustments and more people would back off.

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    14. Sue the Fury,

      I’m not quite sure what you’re objecting to. Are you supporting Steve’s assertion that Geoffrey’s and Nate’s opinions are symptomatic of short attention spans? Because I’m not seeing that at all. If anything, I think just the opposite is the case.

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