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Just a few of Jenny's GoT/ASOIAF shirts

Just a few of Jenny’s GoT/ASOIAF shirts

(Post title blatantly thieved from an innocuous comment made by our dear, sweet Fury.)

Hello, nerds! Axey here, with another Twitter post… that’s NOT A TWITTER POST.

(I know, disappointing, but come on, what the hell were you expecting? Episode 4 hasn’t even aired yet!)

What I’m doing right now is announcing Watchers on the Wall‘s Twitter Giveaway! (It’s a… Twitterway, I guess.) And the good news is, not only is this contest open to ANYONE IN ANY COUNTRY- non-Americans have just as much a chance as winning as any nerd from Boston -but we’re DOUBLING DOWN on this one. Curious yet? Here’s how this works:

Tonight, Game of Thrones episode 604 airs. People will tweet about it. As per the usual, I will gather up some of the best tweets, and place them on my usual Tuesday Twitter post.

From there, the onus is on YOU.

To qualify for the contest, YOU will have to comment in the usual comments area of my Episode 604 Twitter Recap post. (No, not in THIS post! Tuesday! Come on, people!) And not just with your usual gleeful witticisms, but ALSO QUOTING YOUR FAVORITE TWEET from the recap in the comment!

Watchers on the Wall will then, after 3 days’ time (deadline will be Friday, 12PM ET), RANDOMLY select the winner from amongst the commenters. That lucky fool will not only win their choice of ANY ONE of Jenny Slife‘s designer Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Classic/Unisex T-shirts, SEEN HERE, but they will ALSO win a free tee-shirt for the Tweeter they selected as their favorite in their comment! (The two of you can pick different shirts, of course.) Lucky Tweeter doesn’t even have to enter- or even know about the contest! How easy is that!

We’ll remind you to enter the contest on Tuesday, too!

So not only do you get to win, you also get to GIVE. And what’s better than that? (Yes, a Winds of Winter release date announcement would probably be better. But this is still pretty damned cool!)

If you’d like to comment below, you certainly can. It won’t affect our Tuesday contest in any way.

Oh, but! If you’d like to throw out an idea for our next giveaway, by all means—let yourselves be heard!

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    1. Oooo. Cool. Btw, she makes really cool “Pop” figurines. Bran and the Bloodraven were particularly awesome. *Thumbs up*

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    2. pras,

      Ha, I suppose in that unlikely event, yes. Just so we’re clear, Axechucker said your favorite tweet FROM the twitter recap post. So you have to choose one of those ones. 🙂

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    3. Nice shrits! The only nitpick

      is the Manderly Pies, I wish they had a merman with a trident instead of Rat Cook (a villain who violated guest rights, while Manderly didn’t).

      Here is an idea for another shirt: A mouse in a straitjacket and a Hannibal Lector mask with the caption: The Mad Mouse!

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    4. Hey Axechucker, I always love these storify tweet-shows you create after each episode, it’s one of the main things I look forward to on this site. Could I just make one small request though?

      A few of the slides in the slideshow are your own comments, right? Usually splitting up sections in a logical way. Would you be able to put in a little line “and now here are the Tweets that happened after the ‘Next week’ preview”, or something? Just so people know when it’s entering into spoiler territory for next week, and they can then just stop there if that bothers them.

      I’m really trying to know nothing at all about the upcoming episodes now, save for the title which I usually I find out on the day of watching. But any screenshots, confirmations on which characters are in the episodes, etc, I’m trying to ignore. When watching the opening credits for an episode I create a small tunnel with my hands to peer through so I don’t even see the actor’s names haha, and when it comes to season 7 I’ll probably avoid the trailers, regardless of how good they are. Just wanna go back to having that feeling of pure discovery whilst watching an episode, like I used to 😀

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    5. Great shirts! I want several!

      But who really wants to take their eyes off the TV during the premiere long enough to type out a tweet? Guess I’m too old and slow for this multigadget multitasking gig…

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    6. I just looked at all the tees on Redbubble, and one with the pie saying “Heh” absolutely made me guffaw.

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    7. Firannion,

      I usually try to get through a first watch, then tweet the rewatch right after. I feel the same way sometimes, too much multitasking.

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    8. Firannion:
      Great shirts!I want several!

      But who really wants to take their eyes off the TV during the premiere long enough to type out a tweet?Guess I’m too old and slow for this multigadget multitasking gig…

      Me too. Last year I wanted to be a part of the Twitterfest, but didn’t have a Twitter account. So I made it a point to have one this year and I can’t stop watching the show and make a tweet. By the time I think of something clever to write, the show has moved on and so have the Twitter posts. *sigh* I think the sixties are calling me back to them.

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