Trailer for Game of Thrones in IMAX, and the first official shot of Season 5


HBO has just released a trailer for the exclusive showing of episodes 409 and 410 ofΒ Game of Thrones in IMAX theatres across the USA.

The initiative runs from January 29th through February 5th. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity of witnessing the very first trailer for Season 5 before the rest of the world.

But that’s not all! The IMAX trailer gave us our first proper Season 5 shot, as seen above. Not much can be inferred from the shot, but it’s always exciting to see new footage!

Visit the IMAX website for more details and ticket/cinema information.

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    1. Well, the sight shots we had so far were kinda official too.

      Really looking forward to the follow up of that moment in particular !

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    2. Looks like Tyrion falling out of his crate from the end of last season. It’s probably the first second of Tyrion footage from the season.

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    3. Seriously, this Tyrion bit is a perfect start to S5. Totally establishes the tone of the source material (ADwD). We are officially in Act II, folks! πŸ™‚

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    4. Oh God! I can’t wait another 2 weeks for the trailer πŸ™

      I hope all of you going to the IMAX screenings know how lucky you are. *goes back to his corner and starts crying again*

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    5. Holy shit how long was he stuck in that crate for? That’s a fierce beard he grew there.

      and cue the vomit of wine right after that shot.

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    6. My main problem with AFfC was that the whole time I kept thinking “BUT WHAT ABOUT TYRION???”

      I love that literally the first second of new footage (The Sight doesn’t count) is confirming Tyrion is ok. Or alive anyway.

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    7. Blind Beth,

      That was due to AFFC and ADWD being on the same timeline and GRRM not having enough space for all of his characters to fit in one book.

      Good thing the TV show does not have those constraints πŸ™‚

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    8. Balerion The Cat,

      The people who are really lucky are those that live on the East Coast. They get to watch the trailer an hour earlier than those of us attending the Imax event in the Midwest and 3 hours earlier than those on the West Coast time zone

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    9. Turncloak,

      Imagine having to wait an extra week and you’ll find that everyone in the US is pretty damn lucky πŸ˜› . Sorry, I just can’t stop feeling jealous of you folks.

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    10. It looks like Pentos, but this is by no means definitive. That’s definitely Varys opening the crate, though, wearing the same costume he fled King’s Landing in 4×10.

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    11. Balerion The Cat:

      Imagine having to wait an extra week and you’ll find that everyone in the US is pretty damn lucky . Sorry, I just can’t stop feeling jealous of you folks.

      Oh, if all goes well, we (the rest of the world) should see pop it quite quickly on the GoT YouTube Channel. It has always been like that so far, so within hours of the IMAX premiere, hopefully, we’ll get it !

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    12. Turncloak,

      I’m sure she realizes that.

      But it’s actually because GRRM wouldn’t stop dragging his feet and filled up one book’s worth of material with tons of uninteresting filler and filler characters and then decided to chop the book in half and release them 6 years apart…

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    13. does anyone have an idea about the approximate length of Tyrions boat ride, his beard seems to be a good few months long.

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    14. The IMAX Youtube channel posted the video in 1080p, nobody cares but it’s in better quality. So I hope they will have the trailer on their channel too because HBO never upload in full HD.

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    15. house snow,

      Michael Slovis, who I’m entirely certain directed that there shot of Tyrion, was the DP for Breaking Bad, so Tyrion and Walter White have him in common now at least.

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    16. Does anybody know wether we (who do not live in the US) will have to wait until the IMAX-viewings are done to get the trailer. Or will it be released the same day as the first viewing?

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    17. Abyss,

      I agree with the upthread poster who said that without your gifs I’d never have noticed the pointy shoes. Blonde hair again for Tyrion then. (No doubt it would be a piece of cake for Varys & the Imp to get a hairstylist on the boat LOL.)

      Beronn Stark,

      Nice πŸ˜€ Thanks. Still love the Arya in front of HoB&W shot.

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    18. I just bought my tickets!! Super excited.

      I hope that the show I picked sells out – it would be way more fun to see with a bunch of other dorks than if it’s just me and the husband.

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    19. Poor Tyrion…from demon monkey and monster imp, to Hand Of The King and hero of the Blackwater, back to stowaway, refugee and exile! I am always in awe of Tyrion and of course Peter Dinklage!

      And really, if we didn’t know this was “Game Of Throne” we were watching, honestly you would think that this is some big budget historical or epic fantasy movie about to be released! This should serve as a note to all those producers, directors and studio heads who year after year spend sometimes a quarter of a billion dollars on movies that leave audiences somewhere between indifferent and suicidal…take a look and learn something…

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    20. Well…just got my ticket….oh my god, oh my god….nerdgasm…. Going next Thursday! LOL!

      It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any movie on IMAX…but this will be a first! A TV show!

      Ahhh the things I do for love!

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    21. [Repeated in the appropriate thread]

      Northern VA (and other VA IMAX locales) have finally got their act together and are scheduled as well. For all Northern VA folk missing out, see Tickets are $20.

      Seems like a lot of new additions throughout US and Canada were made in the past 24 hrs.

      Jan 29, 10:00pm…can’t wait!

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