Will Ghost and Nymeria hook up in season 7?

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    I love the direwolves as much as the dragons so it’s been heartbreaking to watch them killed off, especially Summer (RIP and Hodor). I would love to see Ghost and Nymeria hook up next season, wouldn’t you? In the books Nymeria is the alpha of a wolf pack in the Riverlands (Which is where Ayra chased her off to protect her in the second episode). Also the books mention Nymeria as pulling Catelyn from the river (after being killed at the Red Wedding) where the Brotherhood brings her back to life as Lady Stoneheart. So we know she’s alive in the books. In the show Arya is in the area, I’m hoping they meet up.

    I’m assuming that Ayra is headed back to Winterfell, if so, it’s highly probably the two direwolves will meet up. Here’s my questions:
    1. What will their reactions be?
    2. Will Ghost be all over his sister and her pack?
    3. Will Nymeria assume her alpha role with Ghost as Arya might with Jon?

    Fun things to consider although I think season 7 will have more important topics to cover.

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    After seeing the photos of the wolves filming (& other leaks), I definitely think Ghost & Nym will reunite in the Wolfswood near Winterfell at the end of the season. I could see Ghost & Nym reuniting before Arya & Jon in the books as well.

    1. What will their reactions be?

    Nymeria will cautiously approach Ghost. Ghost will recognize her & muss her hair.

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      Rygritte, I hadn’t thought about them meeting before Arya and Jon, but that seems logically as they not only can smell each other, but in the books sense each other. Ghost seemed to know when Lady and Grey Wind had died.

      To see him muss with her hair would be a hoot!

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    Ghost will be too busy getting down with Drogon next season.

    Though, those steamy scenes won’t be filmed.

    There’ll be chaffing, singed fur, and one of them will be replete by the last episode at least.

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