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    Sue the Fury

    Anything goes in the off-topic discussion, so long as it isn’t about Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire. Please keep those discussions to the show and book-related forums, including any spoiler content.

    You’re free to start topics here about whatever suits your fancy, whether it’s other books, music, games, TV television shows, or real life issues. Topics about the exact same thing, such a certain movie or TV show, may be merged.

    Though this is a board for adults, and adult language is permitted, please do not post or link to nudity or other not-safe-for-work materials. Be considerate of your fellow commenters. If you’re not sure of whether something is okay to post, just ask. (Yes, I realize the oddness of a no-posting-nudes rule when it’s a Game of Thrones website. But people like to lurk from work.)

    The rules of the board are still being developed, but there is generally a liberal commenting policy. However, personal attacks are not permitted. Moderators have the right to remove any post that is a direct attack on a commenter, or contains racial/ethnic slurs or other such unacceptable language. Yes, you can swear in general, but don’t be an asshole to people. That’s the general rule. We’re here to have fun.

    Speaking of moderators, we’ll likely need some people to fill that job for each forum. So we’ll be taking applications for that role.

    The forum design is still in flux, this is the basic layout, so we’re very open to suggestions about what you’d like to see in here. (Yes, the font is going to be bigger in the forum redesign. That’s like item number one. The design will be wider than it is now, as well.)

    Questions? Fire away!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by  Sue the Fury.
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    Al Swearengen

    I nominate Rygar to be the supreme moderator for the forum.

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    Sue the Fury

    Well, there wouldn’t be a shortage of dick jokes.

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      @Sue The Fury

      Hey Sue, what about the app? It was very convenient for me on WiC. (I don’t mind if there won

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        I’ve just messed up my post, my I can’t edit.

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        Sue the Fury

        Well, there’s one feature we need to add the forum revamp- the ability to edit one’s own posts at will. At least for a period of time.

        An app would be a little bit down the road as we have to get everything on the main site working well first. But I love the idea of an app, it really is so convenient. So it’s on the list, just not at the top of it.

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    Hey guys! This is completely offtopic but I wanted to say this.

    I’ve been a lurker for years, since the very dawn of WiC. Never really said anything in the boards cause I just enjoyed reading your interesting oppinions (and feuds) almost everyday; now that we all have this new site is like a neo genesis all over again, a new birth. So, what’s up? I will introduce myself. My name is Luis Alfonso, venezuelan currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im 28, Im a lawyer, am married with the love of my life. What about you guys? I would like to be in touch with the most of you cause (this will be weird) I feel you all really close. Btw, im a heavy twitter user and I would love to have more ASOIAF frenzied fans in my timeline, so, if you feel like it, this is me: @Justiciability.

    Haha, it felt good to write this post. I feel like i was coming out of the closet lol. Cheers!

    PD: from now on I will go with the nick Khamûl. Using my real name in here is THE coolness killer.

    Excuse my poorly written english.

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      Welcome Khamul!
      I don’t post much either, but like the forum-style since it is easier to keep up with. I teach middle school and have a 17-month old needle-worker. 😉

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    Hey Dire! What’s up?

    I have a close friend who is a school teacher, too! it must be a very rewarding experience.

    what’s a needle-worker btw? I got confused hahaha 🙁

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    Valyrian Eyes

    Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I’ve spent these last two months mostly away from the internet working and studying my brain out, so now the whole new site thing fell on my head with the weight of an anvil, and I’m still recovering, but happy to see that

    a) Now we have a forum!!!!
    b) Oz being here makes me think of the moment when Neville came out of the painting, and became the best badass-come-lately
    c) It’s good to see a clean layout

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    I’ve been following WiC since before the greenlight, and was wondering what happened to you all. Someone just posted about this site on one of the threads and mentioned that many of you had dropped from WiC and started this site. THANK YOU. WiC has sadly gone down the tubes the last couple of months and I was really bummed. I look forward to the knowledgeable insight you all have…and the great insight from Oz, who I hope is still unsullied.

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    Hi, where can I create myself a personal account? Thank you x

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