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    Sue the Fury

    Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by the WatchersOnTheWall.com Forums.

    This is the forum for discussion of Game of Thrones. This forum is for discussion of the TV show, but for people who’ve read the books and want to not have to worry about posting spoilers. You can post whatever spoilers you like in this forum discussion. Have at it!

    You’re free to start topics here about whatever you like having to do with the television show. Topics about the exact same thing may be merged.

    Though this is a board for adults, and adult language is permitted, please do not post or link to nudity or other not-safe-for-work materials. Be considerate of your fellow commenters. If you’re not sure of whether something is okay to post, just ask. (Yes, I realize the oddness of a no-posting-nudes rule when it’s a Game of Thrones website. But people like to lurk from work.)

    The rules of the board are still being developed, but there is generally a liberal commenting policy. However, personal attacks are not permitted. Moderators have the right to remove any post that is a direct attack on a commenter, or contains racial/ethnic slurs or other such unacceptable language. Yes, you can swear in general, but don’t be an asshole to people. Harassment of commenters and abusive content won’t be tolerated. That’s the general rule. We’re here to have fun.

    Speaking of moderators, we’ll likely need some people to fill that job for each forum. So we’ll be taking applications for that role.

    The forum design is still in flux, this is the basic layout, so we’re very open to suggestions about what you’d like to see in here. (Yes, the font is going to be bigger in the forum redesign. That’s like item number one. The design will be wider than it is now, as well.)

    Questions? Fire away!

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    Good luck with this endeavour! Any place where spoiler filled (book reader/watchers) can spew forth is always welcome. I’ll be checking in as often as I can 🙂

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    Agreed. I love me some spoilers!

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    Good luck this seems like it could be a cool website…Will there be any essays?

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      Sue the Fury

      There will be essays and editorials occasionally, to supplement our regular news, yes.

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    Just want to say thank you for the not worrying about spoilers bit. Love this site.

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    Greatjon of Slumber

    So glad this site is here and you folks are back. Couple of questions:

    –will you folks be doing ‘Season 4 awards’ a la that other thing of yours?

    –will there be more fun “Question” posts like the Arianne one?

    –Curtain call for Dontos Hollard? (Ah, never mind….)

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    Liking the new website content. Looking forward to more. Love that there are now forums.

    Heard about it from House Manwoody forums.

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    Yes, the font is going to be bigger in the forum redesign. That’s like item number one.

    Thank you! I came in here to make this exact request.

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    Awesome work guys.

    Could i suggest an obvious link to the forum at the top of the main page that works on android?

    The ony reason I realised the fora existed was by reading axey’s post and I had to look hard to find a link.

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    Dame of Mercia

    Like ctid I had not realised the existence of these discussion posts and clicking the link. Nothing to say at this stage except to wish the website runners luck in the (relatively) new endeavour.

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    Kaz of the Canals

    I was a long time lurker on WIC but never posted, but loved the banter. So glad you started this site as WIC was getting awful. Especially love Oz and his unsullied views despite being thoroughly sullied myself. Love this site

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    Heroine Addict

    I just got pointed your way via tumblr, and I’m so glad the lot of you have reconstituted here! Love the essays, the no muss no fuss news, and the addition of a forum – a thousand eyes are better than one. : )

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    Ehm, is this where I say hi? I just started posting randomly in threads when I found the forum (today, that is). Thought that was a bit rude, joining a discussion when I hadn’t said hi.

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    Maxim Stark

    Jon Snow marries Danaerys Targaryen. There’s your Ice and Fire right there.

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      I believe jon will be brought back but i don’t believe the whole danaerys is fire jon is ice etc.

      Surely Ice is the White Walkers etc. and Fire is Danaerys/Dragons

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    Aditya Goel

    It’s been a long and restless week for the fans of Game of Thrones as they have been waiting for episode 9 with bated breath. The makers of the show brought David Nutter to direct the 9th Hour of the season, who was the man behind directing “The Rains of Castamere” that featured “The Red Wedding”. Did the episode managed to meet the huge expectations of the audience? Here are the 5 WTF moments that shook us all:


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    Trying to share my Game of Thrones Parody RAP with as many fans as possible. Let me know what you think!

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    《부천오피》【오피와 요】 O//PYO 공일 닷콤 부평건마 가을 스모그 언제까지 주말·내주초 〔구월동 건마]

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    Adam Baker

    So ive been curious what would happen were a walker or the nights king make it to the winterfell crypt? Nothing? Maybe something? I figured you guys/gals would be able to answer. Cheers to you all!

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    〔역삼오피〕”Opyo01.CoM”《오피요》역삼건마∥신촌오피 천안오피 거점 락까 공습 오피요..부천오피 테러범 수사 역삼오피 본격화 인천오피 연쇄 테러를 간석오피 배후로 이슬람 급진 수원오피 세력 IS 논현오피 검거되면서 수사에 일산오피 긴장감과 우려는 강남오피 프랑스 국방부는 분당오피 10대를 포함해 항공기 부평오피 폭탄 20발 선릉오피

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    〔부평오피〕”Opyo01.CoM”《오피요》인천건마∥강서오피 천안오피 거점 락까 공습 오피요..부천오피 테러범 수사 역삼오피 본격화 인천오피 연쇄 테러를 간석오피 배후로 이슬람 급진 수원오피 세력 IS 논현오피 검거되면서 수사에 일산오피 긴장감과 우려는 강남오피 프랑스 국방부는 분당오피 10대를 포함해 항공기 부평오피 폭탄 20발 선릉오피

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    〔역삼오피〕”Opyo01.CoM”《오피요》일산건마∥신림오피 천안오피 거점 락까 공습 오피요..부천오피 테러범 수사 역삼오피 본격화 인천오피 연쇄 테러를 간석오피 배후로 이슬람 급진 수원오피 세력 IS 논현오피 검거되면서 수사에 일산오피 긴장감과 우려는 강남오피 프랑스 국방부는 분당오피 10대를 포함해 항공기 부평오피 폭탄 20발 선릉오피

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    【선릉건마】 ↗OpYo01 쩜 컴↖ /오피요/ニ천안오피コ간석건마√부평오피
    【신촌오피】 ┣ Opyo01¸ 콤 ┫ /오피요/ニ안양오피コ강남오피√강남건마
    【용인오피】 《Opyo01¸ CoM》 /오피요/ニ일산오피コ성남오피√간석오피

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    【홍대건마】 《Opyo01¸ CoM》 /오피요/ニ수원건마コ선릉오피√일산오피
    【신림오피】 \Opyo01 쫌 CoM\ /오피요/ニ부평오피コ상동건마√안양오피
    【신촌오피】 →Opyo01 닷 CoM← /오피요/ニ천안건마コ간석오피√마포오피

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    【간석건마】 ∬Opyo01。COM∬ /오피요/ニ부평오피コ강서건마√분당오피
    【구로오피】 ↗OpYo01 쩜 컴↖ /오피요/ニ마포건마コ선릉오피√용인건마
    【안양오피】 《Opyo01¸ CoM》 /오피요/ニ신림오피コ강남오피√일산오피

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    【강남오피】 ┣ Opyo01¸ 콤 ┫ /오피요/ニ논현오피コ안양오피√간석오피
    【구로오피】 ∬Opyo01。COM∬ /오피요/ニ강서건마コ신촌오피√부천오피
    【상동오피】 《Opyo01¸ CoM》 /오피요/ニ선릉오피コ안산오피√안양오피

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    ∑강서오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ⊃김포건마べ논현오피こ병점건마
    ∑강서오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ⊃김포건마べ논현오피こ병점건마
    ∑강서오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ⊃김포건마べ논현오피こ병점건마
    ∑강서오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ⊃김포건마べ논현오피こ병점건마
    ∑강서오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ⊃김포건마べ논현오피こ병점건마

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    ∑역삼오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ←신림오피っ당진건마∈장항건마
    ∑역삼오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ←신림오피っ당진건마∈장항건마
    ∑역삼오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ←신림오피っ당진건마∈장항건마
    ∑역삼오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ←신림오피っ당진건마∈장항건마
    ∑역삼오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ←신림오피っ당진건마∈장항건마

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    ∑구월오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ↖\☜구월오피]부산건마⊆강동오피
    ∑구월오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ↖\☜구월오피]부산건마⊆강동오피
    ∑구월오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ↖\☜구월오피]부산건마⊆강동오피
    ∑구월오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ↖\☜구월오피]부산건마⊆강동오피
    ∑구월오피≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ↖\☜구월오피]부산건마⊆강동오피

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    ∑강남건마≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ∑강남오피〕잠실건마〈성남오피
    ∑강남건마≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ∑강남오피〕잠실건마〈성남오피
    ∑강남건마≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ∑강남오피〕잠실건마〈성남오피
    ∑강남건마≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ∑강남오피〕잠실건마〈성남오피
    ∑강남건마≪Opyo01.CoM≫ 【오피요】 ∑강남오피〕잠실건마〈성남오피

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    I took the teaser poster for john snow into Photoshop and with a few tweaks, I noticed there is blood on his forehead.Also there’s an added shadow to cover his eye. To me it appears his eyes are open and he looking down.

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    Daniel Phillips

    Hi guys! I am completely new to fan forums/communities, and this is the first post I have ever done. I have been a big fan of the Game of Thrones universe for a long while now, but I was wondering what people’s thoughts are regarding season 6 of the television series going beyond the story of novels? Will it ruin the books to come?

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    just 5 days to go……. everyone is excited at http://www.tsu.co/groups/love-movies-love-tv

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    GoT turned into a bloodbath recently…wonder what twists and turns the series will take next?

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    Throne Crazy

    Saw this Game of Thrones inspired helmut on youtube. So amazing how they create these! This guy is seriously talented! I might have to order one!

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    Not sure if any of you have discussed the Melisandre and Shiera Seastar theory but this guy gives some pretty cool details on it. I would love some thoughts on if any of you think this may be true (or false for that matter)

    Melisandre-Shiera Seastar

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    For all the fans, I leave you a link about some possible theories written by us

    If you’re like it please follow us 🙂

    5 teorias sobre Game of Thrones

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    Interview with Siddig:

    Seems HBO has plenty of money to indulge D&D’s changing minds.
    Have to scroll down but Siddig has interesting comments about his role.

    Interesting news bit:

    This was interesting ’cause I had wondered about actors and schedules:

    ” Anyway, it was one of those things. But I know that, from an actor’s point of view, professionally you don’t want to be on a show like that for too long, unless you are one of the top leads who originated the show, because your schedule gets kind of messed up. You don’t earn as much as you would if you were doing another show, because they’re Game of Thrones, and they don’t have to pay anyone. So it’s kind of a blessing in disguise. I just moved away, and being on it at all sticks, and everyone goes, “Oh, the guy from Game of Thrones!” It doesn’t really matter that you weren’t on it very long.

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    Game of Thrones is a world of its own, a fantasy realm with a rich, detailed history and iconography that captivates you and makes you feel an integral part of its vivid storyline. No wonder Croatia was chosen as a crucial filming location for the fourth season of the show, since its history reaches far into ancient times, and its architecture and monuments speak of eras long gone. We at Vetus Itinera Travel Agency, are thrilled to offer you a completely authentic Game of Thrones experience in our New Year’s vacation package.


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    No one

    I’m sort of curious if the Knights of The Vale would be able to return home from Winterfell when the Frey’s and Lannister’s have hold of Riverrun?

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      Maester P

      The Vale is North of Riverrun, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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    Veronica Marks

    My name is Veronica and im a huge Game of Thrones fan!

    Recently a friend of mine was hired as a camera oprator in what is apparently a secret movie shoot for a new upcoming movie featuring Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain and Hannah Waddingham, aka The Septa – and the best part, it’s a romantic film called Shame or Glory!

    So anyway me and my friend did some research in recent days and today we found this:

    Do you know anything about this? did anyone say anything about this yet?

    Let me know!

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    John Arellano

    Has anyone already thought of this? In Season 1, before Jon Snow departed from Winterfell and asked Eddard Stark about the identity of his mother, the former merely promised him that the next time they meet, they will talk about Jon’s mother.

    Right after Jon Snow was resurrected in Season 6 and Melisandre asked her what did he saw and Jon only replied that he saw nothing, couldn’t it be the above-mentioned theory already transpired on that after-death experience? And he just had to lie to Melisandre due to the sensitivity of what he just found out.

    Can’t wait for Season 7!!!

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      Right after Jon Snow was resurrected in Season 6 and Melisandre asked her what did he saw and Jon only replied that he saw nothing, couldn’t it be the above-mentioned theory already transpired on that after-death experience? And he just had to lie to Melisandre due to the sensitivity of what he just found out.

      You probably should post this idea in it’s own thread!

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    I just finished watching season 6. Where should I pick up in the books? Thanks!

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    Hey guys! I’m undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett University in tourism. The subject of my research project is Game of Thrones, and the impact that it is having on people’s interest in visiting it’s filming locations, especially those in Northern Ireland. It would be fantastic if you could take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey for me. Thanks so much!

    please take 5 minutes to answer this survey it would really be appreicated


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    What I am amazed about and what I have not seen anywhere on any website, including inside the episodes by the writers, is the effect of Cersie’s actions on Jamie.
    Jamie killed the Mad King because he was going to blow up King’s landing with wild fire. For years he has had to live with the name Kingslayer, totally mis-understood by everyone who believed he killed the mad King simply to help the Lannister’s gain power. The contempt he experienced from others had to be devastating yet his pride would not allow him to explain why he did it. Now, Cersie sets off wild fire under the Sept, killing innocents, and in effect her own son, and basically invalidating everything Jamie has gone through over the last 15 years. Cersie, the women he loves has become the mad King (Queen), and did the deed that Jamie sacrificed his honor for, and caused the death of his last living child. I believe history will repeat its self and Jamie will hate Cersie and will eventually kill her, therefore once again becoming the Kingslayer.

  • #88012 Reply


    OK just to get this out there, since NO ONE seems to have hypothesized this; but I think that THe NIght King will want to take Denarys as his bride. How else do you end wars, but with marriages? What do the the white walkers not have? Women. And why put the information in the story about the “Corpse Bride” from the original Night’s King tale. I post this here now and if it goes down, I hope I get the credit for being the only one to think this may happen.

  • #88088 Reply


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR7tg86rw7M === game of thrones potential spoilers season 7

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    Andy Sheppeck

    The lion and the wolf

    Proud and stately,
    The pride of his pride;
    Resides in splendour
    Yet endeavours,
    With a yawn and
    An outstretched paw
    And a swish of tail,
    To wish away irritating flies
    That try to unnerve him;

    Whilst gathered around him
    His cubs club each other
    And gather together,
    To claw and scratch
    And, with paws, hatch plots
    To rise through the ranks
    And prise their way up,
    To usurp the king
    Who rules with a mailed hand.

    The other noble beasts
    That have feasted well
    While the sun has shone,
    Prowl around the periphery
    And growl out challenges,
    Demanding attention;
    Pricked by perceived slight,
    Spoiling for a fight or
    Cowed by the might of their lord.

    While in the wolf pack,
    A lupine alpha male rules,
    And strictly schools others
    In the order of rank.
    Hackles raised he gazes
    Uncomfortably ahead of himself
    And slowly begins to realise
    How things arise and
    The rule of unnatural law.

    The wolf howls forth,
    From the north he comes;
    Armed with claw and fang.
    He paws the ground
    And stands in defiance,
    Protecting the lands he hunts;
    And his cubs also shadow-play,
    Preparing for the day
    They must enter into the fray.

    The wolf is wily
    In the ways of war
    And battles the lion mercilessly.
    But the feline will draw him in
    And decline to win
    By fair means, but by foul
    Will he disavow without care;
    While his golden mane
    Symbolises all he has gained.

    As cold winds blow a warning,
    The kiss of sun in the morning
    Will clear the mists,
    And show the old wolf stricken.
    Cubs dashed to the ground,
    Or found wandering
    As foundlings, striving
    To survive their orphaned state,
    Waiting for winter to come.

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    Mary Mash

    My husband and I are going on a Game of Thrones Croatia tour, where we will see all the filming locations. We read about that tour in Fortune and fell in love it it. Did any of you went on something similar?

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