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    I received an email from Amazon last week saying the release date had been changed to November 20. I then received another email yesterday saying it had been revised again with a release date of October 30. Seems a bit odd, anyone else receive these updates?

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    Hodor’s Bastard

    TWoI&F will definitely be released next Tuesday. It will be the ultimate tease. Hope it is full of insightful inter-family stuff rather than rehashed history. It’s probably going to be full of Targ stuff, but I’m looking forward to any new insight to Greywater Watch/Reeds, House Manwoody, and House Tarly. Maybe a stunning revelation about Shitmouth, perhaps?

    I guess I am most interested in what information is NOT contained in the book, for that may indicate sensitive plot stuff that GRRM is withholding until TWoW and ADoS.

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