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    Hey everyone,

    Last offseason while Season 6 was being filmed, Yaga and I worked on a Google Doc containing all of the production news that the fine folks at Watchers on the Wall provided for us, complete with links to the original articles. It was a success, so I thought we’d try it again this year! Production on Season 7 is about to start, and my hope is to update the document as often as I can as more information starts to roll in.

    The format of this document is a work in progress, and may be periodically adjusted to make reading easier. If you would like to help edit the document, or have information about Season 7 that you think is pertinent, leave a comment here. Alternatively, you can contact me on Twitter @jkozal.

    Here’s to a great offseason, complete with lots of news that will make the long wait for Season 7 easier!

    For a more detailed reference specific to casting news, you can also consult the Game of Thrones Season 7 Casting Compendium, maintained by Anguissette1979.

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    Veronica Marks

    My name is Veronica and im a huge Game of Thrones fan!

    Recently a friend of mine was hired as a camera oprator in what is apparently a secret movie shoot for a new upcoming movie featuring Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain and Hannah Waddingham, aka The Septa – and the best part, it’s a romantic film called Shame or Glory!

    So anyway me and my friend did some research in recent days and today we found this:

    Do you know anything about this? did anyone say anything about this yet?

    Let me know!

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    Nasty Mcgregor on the loose… All right…

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    I agree with you

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