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    In the world of game of thrones kinslaying and kingslaying are great sins .If i remember correctly Robert and Rhaeghar were related (cousins?) , that means Robert was a kinslayer and a cursed man. I found the fact that Robert’s “heir” was a mad king very ironic .Robert killed the true heir (Rhaeghar) and he was given a mad heir who wasn’t even his own son but the son of the man he never punished for kingslaying . He refused to punish the lions and the lions “destroyed” the land he once “saved”. Jaime’s situation is similar he killed the mad king and sired the second mad king . Those two men shared a son , a vile ,mad son . Was Joffrey a punishment from the gods? a curse for the Kinslayer and the Kingslayer?

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    Robert & Rhaegar were distantly enough related that it was not considered “kin-slaying.” Now, where one draws the line is a bit arbitrary: but given that the Great Houses have been fighting each other on and off forever, but it seems that once someone no longer is in “your house,” they are fair game. Moreover, the circumstances probably have a role: murdering kin is one thing, but slaying them in battle is quite another.

    On a side note, somebody worked out that Robert’s heir after Stannis & Renley (and disqualifying Robert’s “sons”) is… Jaime Lannister! So, Jaime is not much further removed from Aerys than Robert is. So, that was about as much kinslaying as Robert’s deed was.

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    That is very good Konna. Yours is the first comment I have read about Robert being a Kinslayer. Personally, I think Rhaegar and Leeanna at least made the attempt to notify Robert that they were getting married (I think they trusted a young Littlefinger to deliver the message and he decided not to. I think this was Littlefingers’ revenge for Brendon Strake cutting him with his sword and planning to marry Cat.) And, Of-course, there is a certain person what you will notice has nothing to do but make remarks, and usually always negative, and too often just plain un-called-for-hateful opinion, but let us not worry about him. I don’t have to tell you who, you will know his posts when you read them. I don’t read his posts. i just skip right over them. He his was nasty and seemed insulted that I had posted a perdiction that Ayra would kill Littlefinger while wearing Sansa’s face! And WOW. Since I don’t read his posts I don’t know if he ever posted an apology but I don’t it.
    Keep on posting and if someone is nasty to you, just ignore them, when they have nothing else in this world but this website they get possessive and mean. Just ignore them.

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