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    This is an idea I had this morning – apologies if it’s already out there.

    The idea is that Jon is Light Bringer and not the PTWP.

    The reason I think this may be a thing is that the death of Rheagar mirrors that of AH wife Nisa Nisa. That RT while not having been pierced by a sword through his heart did have his chest smashed in by a hammer and rubies like flames burst from his breast plate. While RBs hammer was made for war it could also be seen as symbolic of the smiths hammer and that RT was the metal from which the blade Jon was forged.

    RB, with valerian blood thenvecomes the smith and Lyanana the fire within which Jon was formed.

    The next connection I see is in Jon himself a sworn brother of the Nights Watch, being literally the sword who guards the dawn, who was himself temepered in death, sacrificed for the watch and left to form into something new beneath the icy anvil of the wall.

    if I am right the question that needs to be asked is who shall wield the blade.

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