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    Stark Wolf

    We will try one more time. We are true refugee’s at this point, wondering the web for a home that lasts. LOL!!

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    Little LA

    Hi Marilyn!!!! I hope everyone finds us!!!!!

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    Stark Wolf

    OK, this is easy, but we don’t have much control. I doubt we will get to see newest first and we can’t control font size. We will just make the best of it. Maybe we should wait till May to start gathering all of the others. What do you think?

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      Little LA

      I agree. Let’s see if anyone tries! We will wait till May! Meanwhile…..I can’t find Chris’ e-mail address…. šŸ™

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    Stark Wolf/Marilyn

    Oh my, you found an emoji…. Where did you find it? Now look who needs help. Just keep looking for Chris’s e-mail, you may find it in a few weeks. I sure hope we don’t close this place down. LOL!!

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    we’re orphans again! if i didn’t know better, I’d think we wern’t wanted lol!
    i hope they don’t loose this one before/unless we find a better place to gather.
    i’ almost tempted to start my own. do’t they realize that once the season starts
    we will be there multiple times a day? lol!

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    Patricia = Desert Woman by the way. we will work something out by July 16 darnit!

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    Little LA

    I LOVE that you think I found the emoji Marilyn! I typed an “old school” colon : then a front parenthesis ( hence:(

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    Little LA

    šŸ™ Ill try again!

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    Little LA

    Oh! Hi Dsesert Woman! šŸ™‚

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    Stark Wolf/Marilyn

    Oh, I’m so glad you found us DW. We were going to wait till May and make sure this place doesn’t close on us. LOL!! Did you just start looking around for us? Maybe some of the others will do the same. I will go ahead and contact those I know how to get in touch with. I really loved the format at WiC, it is a shame they closed.

    If something happens here there is only one other place to go, Just so we all know that is where to look, our next refugee camp or orphan asylum. LOL!!

    DW if you figure out how to increase font size let me know.

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    Stark Wolf/Marilyn

    OK!! Desert Woman has created a forum for us. Please click on her link and join, I have just joined myself.

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    Stark Wolf/Marilyn

    Please look at Desert Woman’s link above and follow it…………..

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    Desert Woman

    your forum is REALLY bad!!!
    Font is dated.. color scheme is painful.. and posting is wreck!
    Sorry but this is true.

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