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    Georgia Malki

    Starting on April 24, 2016 in concert with and stylized after the Game of Thrones episodes, Lex 18 in Asheville, North Carolina will be transformed each Sunday into ‘House Lexington’ and will host the ‘Feast of Thrones’. These immersive cosplay events are crafted with great medieval artistry, entertainment and menu authentically designed for a genuine experience. Banners of the sigils of each of the realms’ Noble Houses, custom old wood and leather tables and benches, gold ceilings and walls, fur covered chairs, pewter goblets, plates and medieval style cutlery are set to compliment a creatively delicious menu resplendently presented in a room completely lit by candlelight.

    Each Sunday, from April 24th to June 26th, Feast of Thrones celebrates a cosplay immersive experience with a cast of characters from madrigal performers to soothsayers to nobles from House Lexington. Beginning at 6:30pm guests will enjoy a reception with entertainment; a medieval dinner feast presented family style; excellent selection of meads, wines, ales and fiery and icy cocktails; and, a black Fire and Ice obsidian amulet gift. After the feast, House Lexington’s harbinger heralds for the Oracle wall to be positioned and 9:00pm guest are treated to a free viewing (on our large screen) of that week’s episode of Game of Thrones.

    Feast of Thrones’ backstory and raison d’etre originates with a summons from HOUSE LEXINGTON announcing:
    The lands and peoples throughout the realms have been besieged by threats from every direction. Battles have been waged while wildlings feed rumors and the Nights Watch sound loud warnings. From every corner of the realm betrayals are perpetrated, instability taken advantage of and the obsessive battle for the control of the Iron Throne blinding all to our one common enemy and greatest threat to humankind.

    At every turn dark forces are at hand, from a queen with dragons, to outlaws plotting with priests, from slaves conspiring with nobles to soldiers colluding with skinchangers. There is but one exception, one fail-safe, one omnipotent citadel, for you to gather yourselves to – House Lexington.

    We invite the peoples and nobles of the realms, Starks, Lannisters, Targaryen, Dothraki, Night Watchers, Baratheons, The Free Fold, Wildlings and all. Come without fear of Night or Winter. Feast with us and discover our great gifts to you, to humankind: House Lexington’s divination of the future OUR ORACLE and the Black Fire and Ice Amulet that will protect your persons from the devils of the North.

    For additional information please contact:
    Lex 18
    Georgia Malki – General Manager
    828.620.5404 or lex18avl@gmail.com
    Website: lex18avl.com
    Tickets and details: http://feastofthrones.bpt.me/

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