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    Henry Stark

    I have only just recently found this website and have had a lot of fun reading the forums and articles! So, i decided to start my own. As we all know there are loads of deaths throughout the series, whether we like it or not. I wanted to know who you guys enjoyed seeing killed off, or just enjoyed the way they died. There are some very inventive ways the writers tackle the deaths of characters and each one is unique in my opinion.
    So I’ll start this topic off:
    My favorite death has got to be the death of Viserys Targaryen – I love that scene. What a spoiled brat. He wanted to be a king and he eventually got his crown!

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    Stark Raven’ Rad

    That was a great one, most creative of season 1. Most satisfying for me was Walder Frey & sons. I waited 3 years for that and it still hasn’t happened in the books. In one fell swoop Arya took out the chief villains of the Red Wedding AND gave us the also long-expected Frey Pies! Bon appetite, Walder.

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      Yes that was a good episode! The finger in the pie was slightly disgusting but was good to see him suffer.

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    Probably Tywin’s. Viserys is up there too.

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    And yeah, Walder Frey. The other engineers of the Red Wedding were neither killed by the Starks nor for the related reasons. “The last thing you’re going to see is a Stark smiling down on you…” Rock on, Arya!

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    I agree with all the ones list and I loved watching Joffrey get his especially but Lysa getting pushed out the moon door by Littlefinger was pretty stunning. Oddly satisfying. I guess because she grated on my nerves in a special way.

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      Yes, I agree that having Lysa pushed out the Moondoor was oddly satisfying.

      “All my life I’ve loved only one woman… only one… *your sister.*” Reality check for Lysa. Littlefinger scored here. I don’t think the brief look of contempt on his face was feigned, unlike pretty much the rest of his behavior.

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    Ramsay Bolton. Good riddance!

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    ‘Favorite’ is a broad a category for GoT deaths given the range of emotions they elicit. The one that hurt the most was Yoren. I’m over it now. My favorite has to be Polliver from my favorite season.

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    Arya killing Walter Frey and a close second was Ramsay.

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    OK, the one that brought me the most satisfaction was Joffrey. That was, of course, before I knew Ramsay even existed lol. My fave part of Ramsay’s death was actually Sansa’s reaction, seeing her take control and come into her own. The one that I thought was the most shocking and unexpected was the Red Wedding. Hadn’t read the books so I didn’t see that coming whatsoever and still have a hard time watching it. From a filming standpoint I think they over-did it…having actually seen blood and arterial pulses it was just too over the top for me. But, it is fantasy. Tied with that, for me, was Oberon. I loved his character, his motivation. That he was so close to attaining vengence for his sister and her children. You could FEEL his anger and pain, which made his death, and the manner in which it happened, that much worse. That scene was done really well.

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