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    Hi guys,

    I have been a big fan of Game of Thrones for many years but have never taken part in an online discussion about it! So I thought I’d start here, my favourite character by far is John Snow.. was in shock and horror at the end of season 5 and start of season 6. So glad his character made it through! Does anyone else have a favourite character? or any opinions on what will happen to John Snow in season 7?

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    Stark Raven’ Rad

    Books and show: Unquestionably Arya, though I also favour Ned and Tyrion. (Jon is in the next tier of my ‘likes’, but he is rather conventional.) Why Arya? She’s so different and refreshing and entertaining and funny and honest and just and forthright and loving and loyal and stunningly brave. And for someone who knows herself so well at 12 YO (to Ned: “No, that’s not me”) to turn into a shape-shifting assassin and seeker of No One-hood, she has a very real and very poignant story. When GRRM created her in the early 90s he created someone new, not another tomboy or princess in disguise. (Crikey, she even repudiates her princess-hood.) And she’s so egalitarian, especially in contrast to her snobbish, very princessy sister. Plus Arya is all this in a very young and rather small package. Admittedly, in Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, as she tells Tywin, “Anyone can be killed.” Still, if there is any justice, Arya will engage in the endgame and survive to enjoy a satisfying life. Personally, (fanfic warning here) I hope she’ll join with Gendry in a marriage of equals and rule Winterfell or the North but–once her children are grown–lead an expedition with Gendry to discover a new world west of Westeros, a world where the Aryas and unusual but talented people like her can thrive. For what it’s worth, I think we viewers are very blessed: Maisie was the perfect choice for this extraordinary and multifaceted child.

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      Arya for me as well in both. It really is a shame that George is a slow writer because, depending on how he intends ASoIaF to end, Arya would be a great character for additional stories to expand/explore the rest of that world.

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    Tyrion and Ser Davos…

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    Arya! Brave, original, fierce, and, indeed, very poignant.

    Tyrion. He’s a tragic hero of the Shakespeare calibre.

    Catelyn Stark. Loving, proud, fearless, noble even in her grief.

    Jaime. His moral awakening is beautifully executed.

    Margaery. Cunning, but not malicious or cruel.

    More minor characters: Oberyn, The Hound, Varys, Khal Drogo.

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    Tyron has been my favourite since the first season, I think he’s a great character. I would say he’s followed by Jon and Arya.

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    1. Tyrion and Jaime Lannister – love how these two male figures of House Lannister have a soft heat undearneath the cockiness. Love their witty tounges and their general care and respect for each other. Tyrion’s soft heart is shown to us from the beginning while Jaime’s is slowly revealed which makes him a gem we really wan’t to treasure. They are nothing like Cersei and Tywin and Joffrey and through that is the bond they share.

    2. Brienne of Tarth – I love how she is bold and mentally strong. I love her ladylike manners and how she never looses them. Inside, she longs to be a Lady, she carries the hurt of being mocked for her looks since she was a child, yet she never whines or complains. My favorite scene with her was before the Bear fight when Jaime came to see her and she asked if he knew what they were planning to do with her. He answers that she would stay here with Lock and his men and at that moment both of them realize she going to die. I love how she takes it without a word, asks him to keep his promise to Catlyn Stark, and wishes him off. The scene shows Jaime swallowing a lump, impressed by her boldness.

    3. Bronn – he is the inner voice of Jaime from the books and a representative of the bond he shares with his brother, therefore it is impossible to like the Lannister brothers without liking him.

    4. Joffrey Lannister – the best evil bastard ever written. You love to hate him, he annoys you, you want to smack him, you want to kill him, yet you can’t get enough of him. He is a sadistic prick yet he is fully unaware of it. In comparison, Ramsey Bolton is zero of a villian, he just can’t stirr all those negative emotions in you.

    5. Jon Snow – he is like the All American Hero. You don’t exactly know what motivates him, he is just a goody goody all around. Just born that way.

    6. Daenerys Targaryen – I love her confidence and how she knows she is going to win every battle beforehand. She is pure strenght, I’d follow her, no questions asked.

    7. Khal Drogo – he is a savage you love to watch from A DISTANCE. Otherwise you’d run. His speeches (monologues) are epic.

    8. Princess Shireen

    I also like how Sansa Stark has grown by depth by the end of season 6. I expect her best is yet to come and that she will end up being very loved by the audience. I’m indifferent to Arya Stark and slightly annoyed by Gilly and Samwell Tarly.

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    Tyrion slaps Joffrey.
    me: Tyrion is my favorite male character!!!
    Arya hits Joffrey with a stick.
    me: Arya is my favorite female character!!!
    Nymeria bites Joffrey .
    me:Nyneria is my favorite direwolf!!!
    Cersei slaps Joffrey.
    me: Cersei is my favorite villain!!
    Random peasant throws shit at Joffrey’s face.
    me:Random peasant is my favorite extra!!!

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    I’ve loved Arya since the first book and episode. She’s such a fighter and has adapted to her circumstances better than any. Playing a boy, hanging with the Hound, and becoming a Faceless assign. She’s raw and honest, someone who’ll never play the games in Kings Landing. I’m hoping she knocks off Littlefinger.

    My second favorite was Hodor, the most innocent and truest soul the show had. RIP Hodor!

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      Meant assassinate

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    Now, I hated Sansa in the beginning and love her character now at the end of Season 6, so we’ll see how this pans out.

    Tyrion from the beginning has been cunning, intelligent, manipulative, humerous, but all with the lease self-less intentions of most anyone on the show. The only time I’ve seen him really do something just for himself is when he killed Shay. And maybe Tywin, though others benefited from that as well. And the scene that really cemented him for me was in the dungeons with the dragons. Seeing his hesitation, fear, and pure awe, along with hearing his story of only wanting “a little dragon, it can be small, like me”, endeared him to me even more.

    Though also props to Oberon. Not only was he good-looking, but he was strong in his convictions and wanted justice for his sister and niece/nephew. Strong, honorable, loyal. Too bad he had to die.

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