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    Andy Luke

    In 2014, I wrote a stage-play for some friends and I to perform at Titancon. Pre-production was cut short as people drift and do their own things, and similarly in 2015, when a different cast tried it. Throughout Season 6 we’ve had this recurring meta-motif of Condensed GoT and it’s been quick, funny, and well budgeted.

    My version made use of scripts hidden on beer bottle labels. Or would have, but it looks like there won’t be a 2016 performance, not that I’m involved in. At this point, I just want to get the work out there, and so I have.

    Condensed Game of Thrones

    Five actors, four seasons, 15-20 minutes. Welcoming any feedback on this, and anyone who wants to develop it further than I could is most welcome.

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