‘Game of Thrones’ receives nominations for visual effects, sound mixing


Nominations continue to roll in for Game of Thrones as the entertainment industry’s 2017-18 awards season ramps up, with the series garnering nominations for sound mixing and visual effects from the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) and the Visual Effects Society (VES).

“Beyond the Wall, the sixth episode of Season 7, was nominated by CAS for best sound mixing in the category of 1-hour television episodes. No less than five members of the sound crew are in the running for the award, including Ronan Hill — brother to our favorite Master of Whispers, Conleth Hill! I always forget Ronan works behind the scenes while his brother works in front of the camera. Winners will be announced on Feb. 24.

“Beyond the Wall” also is one of three episodes of Thrones nominated today by the VES for Outstanding Animated Character — although to be specific, it’s the undead polar bear from the episode who is being honored. Yes, the project that Dave Benioff and D.B. Weiss had to have but was hated by the visual effects team paid off as one of three nominations; the other two are Drogon meeting Jon in “Eastwatch” and raining fire on the enemy during the Loot Train Battle from “The Spoils of War.”

Overall, Thrones earned the most nominations of any television series with 7, including Outstanding Visual Effects, Outstanding Created Environment, Outstanding Effects Simulation and Outstanding Compositing. Winners will be announced on Feb. 13.


  1. Game of Thrones has some of the best visual effects around, glad to see it dominated as usual in that field.
    Also glad to see lack sails and vikings nominated.

  2. I’m glad the undead flaming bear was listed. Its appearance was sudden, dramatic, and terrifying. Its paralyzing effect on the Hound and then Thoros rushing to defend him was a nice character moment.

  3. As awesome as the rain of fire is during the loot train attack, I will never get over seeing Drogon’s close up with Jon. His scales, skin, and eyes are unbelievably fantastic! I personally have never seen a cgi beast look so real, so detailed, every little move of his leathery skin, every breath Drogon takes is so real!! His attitude and thoughts toward Jon were crystal clear, without uttering a word. His eyes so expressive! Unbelievable!!🎆🐲. Kit’s acting, reaction to him made it even better. (esp when we know it was a green dummy! lol)

    The wight polar bear was great also. I just wasn’t as blown away by the detailing when made to compare them. My one gripe with that scene (nothing to do with the quality of the bear) is that I really do wish the group hadn’t identified him as a bear so quickly from so far off in all that blowing snow. I know that I and many others were really hoping to see a polar bear, however, by being identified so quickly it diminished the shock of the attack. I would have rather seen something indistinct far off and then the sudden attack from out of the blizzard. I do love Sandor’s reaction. The ptsd and wanting to help but being frozen in fear were spot on, you could see his terror and regret all together. Rory does a great job bringing the Hound to life.🐾

  4. I suppose I’m a bit naughty but I had a laugh because some people who hate everything the show-writers do had a special amount of opprobrium reserved for the CGI polar bear. Now I’m not saying I’ve approved of everything they’ve done but a polar bear in the Lands of Always Winter doesn’t seem too outlandish to me.

  5. i loved the way the bear was animated. and i am sad to say that this animation was wasted to one of the worst fight scenes i’ve seen on Thrones.

    The Hound’s state of shock was brought over so well, and i loved the irony in “former bear island heir kills dead bear”. but that’s it.

    the fight itself was timed so bad. there are our heroes, forming a circle and keeping their backs. and then there’s this fight (in seconds):

    0: the bear jumps pretty much into this circle
    5: someone attacks the bear’s side with a sword
    7: Beric and Thoros light their tools
    20: Thoros is bitten, Beric runs in for an attack.
    30: Thoros saves The Hound and removes some plaque from the bear’s teeth.
    41: Tormund hits the bear’s side with the axe and gets a high five.
    62: Jorah takes out the bear

    that’s a total of five blows by eight people in one minute, right? no use of valyrian steel (Jon, afraid of bears?), no attacks from behind and Jorah takes all the time he needs…

    like i said: the bear was just great, but having seen how the most ferocious warriors of the living take care of this issue i can just hope that this was the one and only zombie bear the NK had.

  6. I hope sherlock wins the mini-series.

    as for the normal series nomination, I only watch GoT and Better call saul of that list. For me GoT episode dominated. The others are on my list.

    1/2 hour show: only watch Veep and Modern family of the 2. Silicon valley on my list. For me Veep win of the 2. Modern family is going downhill sinds halfway season 7.

    VES awards now
    Only watch star wars and war of the planet of the apes. I have to say star wars win of the 2.

    GoT needs to win this VES award.

    Supporting Visual Effect: I cant tell anything about this. I watch 3 of these shows. But only finished black sails. the rest are waiting for me to watch (together with somebody so I need to wait)

    Animated character: the polar bear for me.

    Enviroment: the lake in Beyond the wall. Same for simulation.

    The other is for the loot train in my opinion.

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