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Editor’s Note: This guest post and survey was created by WotW reader James Rivers. After asking for fans’ input on potential episode titles for Game of Thrones season 6, over 1300 readers responded enthusiastically. The results are compiled a little differently this year, owing to the new path we’re forging, less guided by the books but we hope poring over the outcome and ideas of the fans is as much fun as ever. Thank you for reading! -Sue the Fury

The Oscars have an accounting firm to help tabulate and analyze their annual balloting. Us, not so much, but here we go.

We had well over three times the response to this year’s survey compared to the season 5 survey— each episode title had in the range of 800-950 submissions. On the one hand, this is exciting and reflects the growth of WatchersOnTheWall. On the other, it made it harder to tabulate, given wild variations on very similar names, typos and the like.

A more obvious challenge for survey respondents: We have “no idea what’s going to happen.” Sure, we have some spoilers, and we have a handful of major book events yet unseen on screen, but the season ahead remains a largely blank canvas. As a result, we have very repetitive top choices episode-to-episode. So we’re going to present the results differently than we did last year.

This post is meant to be largely safe for the Unsullied- though some episode titles are potential spoilers in themselves. For those who either haven’t read the books or haven’t read many of the filming leaks from this season, spoiler coding is used where appropriate below the fold. Click to uncover spoilers. Overall, proceed with caution!

Overall Top Titles

Here are the episode names that got at least 100 overall guesses (only very similar guesses were combined).

  • Kingsmoot    390
  • The Winds of Winter    342
  • Family, Duty, Honor    237
  • Tower of Joy    226
  • Queen of Nothing    219
  • Crow’s Eye    196
  • The Long Night    147
  • Mummer’s Farce    140
  • Winter/Winter Has Come    126
  • Valonqar    117
  • A Thousand Eyes and One    116
  • Mercy    112
  • Promise Me    112
  • The Prince That Was Promised/The One That Was Promised    105

In this Top 14 list, we have several references to events from the books (or sample chapters) not yet in the show, a forthcoming book title, family words, and even something directly from the Season 6 teaser involving Dany.

Next, here’s titles with 50 to 99 guesses.

  • Trial by the Seven/Faith     98
  • We Do Not Sow    93
  • Cat of the Canals    90
  • Seven-Pointed Star    86
  • Mother of Mountains    84
  • A Time for Wolves    82
  • The Citadel    81
  • Battle of the
  • Oldtown    78
  • Riverlands/
    (Siege of)
    Riverrun    67
  • A Feast for Crows    64
  • Night Gathers    59
  • Hodor    59
  • (Amid/st) Salt and Smoke    56
  • A Golden Shroud (and very similar)    53
  • Cleganebowl
  • Greenseer/The Last Greenseer    50

We’ve got references to Cersei’s presumed plotline; a book title; a maybe-if-there-winds-up-being-an-eighth-book title; a castle; a city; a major spoiler from Season 6 leaks; and even a fan-given name for a possible eventual event.

Lastly, titles with 25 to 49 guesses.

  • Azor Ahai    49
  • (Song of) Ice and Fire    47
  • The North Remembers    47
  • The Lord Of Winterfell    44
  • Horn Of Winter/Joramun    43
  • Broken Men    41
  • Ghost    39
  • The Battle of
  • Hear Me Roar    35
  • Snow    35
  • Warrior of Light    34
  • Winterfell    33
  • Battle of Ice    33
  • The Stallion Who Mounts World    33
  • A Ghost In Winterfell    31
  • What Is Dead May Never Die    30
  • Growing Strong    29
  • Lord Stark    29
  • Battle of Six Armies    28
  • Bastards    28
  • Blackfish    27
  • The Ink Is Dry    27
  • No One    27
  • Lightbringer    26
  • Lord of Light    26
  • Bloodraven    25
  • Dosh Khaleen    25
  • Silence    25
  • The Bloody Hand    25

Apparently a number of fans think the show should reuse titles like “The North Remembers” and “What Is Dead May Never Die.” Can’t blame them, given speculated events coming up in Season 6. Various battle names here as well, all referring to the same possible event.

You’ll notice that among the 60 or so titles above, many overlap one another in terms of the character, plot or event they reference. I took the liberty of lumping popular related titles together into groups and used them for the next section.

The top 11 groups are:

  • Dany and the Dothraki
  • Jon Snow’s fate
  • Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven
  • Cersei’s trial and fate
  • Riverrun
  • Arya
  • The typical Episode 9 extravaganza
  • Winter is really coming now
  • Sam’s destination
  • All things Greyjoy
  • Tower of Joy events

This would appear to cover most major storylines, with the exception of events in Meereen.

Top Titles by Episode, Three Ways

For each of the 10 episodes, we’ll list:

  1. The top picks from the survey for that episode. I was more liberal in combining similar titles here. Anything with 15 guesses or more for that episode is listed. If multiple episodes had the same winning title (“Kingsmoot,” for instance), then I “assigned” it to the episode where it got the most votes. Overly specific/spoilery titles (example: “Sansa Marries Ramsay” if this were Season 5) are hidden.
  2. The most likely titles for the episode from the 11 groups listed above (“Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven” etc.). This is based, when possible, on the spoilers reported by WatchersOnTheWall.  These typically involve which directors were spotting filming what and where — and when not, on speculation. A spoiler compendium by Yaga and Jared is linked here. These titles are hidden below spoiler tags.
  3. An “honorable mention” title — one that received no more than five votes in the entire survey, but that I personally liked and that generally fits with the theme/group of part “B.”

Shall we, then?

Episode One

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Night Gathers    51
  • A Thousand Eyes and One    51
  • The Winds of Winter/Winter/Winter Has Come    41
  • Kingsmoot    39
  • Queen of Nothing    31
  • A Feast for Crows    28
  • (Amid/st) Salt and Smoke    27
  • A Golden Shroud (or similar)    27
  • Ghost    24
  • Greenseer/The Last Greenseer/The Sight    24
  • Tower of Joy    16
  • What Is Dead May Never Die    15
  • The Ink Is Dry    15

And we start off with a tie between the opening words of the Night’s Watch oath and a quote from the tail end of Season 4 from the Three-Eyed Raven. Both seem appropriately foreboding. We’ve also a couple of quotes from preseason teasers, as well as a reference to Myrcella’s death. Oh, and a title from Season 2.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • A Thousand Eyes and One    116
  • Greenseer/The Last Greenseer/The Sight    50
  • The Ink Is Dry    27
  • Bloodraven    25

“Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven” Group total: 218

You’d think that Bran and company would be re-introduced in Episode 1 given their absence last season…perhaps in the very first scene. If so, this might be the episode with a title most likely to refer to them. Four such titles had at least 25 guesses, with the Three-Eyed Raven’s description of how he has watched Bran receiving by far the most. This choice also assumes that Jon’s likely resurrection doesn’t happen immediately.

Honorable Mention:

  • You Will Fly

Episode Two

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Queen of Nothing/Khaleesi Vosi    101
  • Kingsmoot    77
  • Crow’s Eye    56
  • Cat of the Canals    45
  • A Thousand Eyes and One    29
  • We Do Not Sow    22
  • Mother of Mountains    19
  • Tower of Joy    18
  • A Golden Shroud (or similar)    18
  • White Harbor    15
  • Last Greenseer/The Sight/etc    15

Kingsmoot rises to No.2 here. You’ll be seeing a lot of it. A large amount of repetition, with about half of these title also popular for Episode 1. But overall the winner is a quote from a preseason teaser, available in two languages.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • Queen of Nothing/Khaleesi Vosi      219
  • Mother of Mountains    84
  • Dosh Khaleen    25

“Dany and Dothraki” Group total: 328

We’ll go ahead and concur by sticking the Dany-related titles here. Perhaps this episode also strongly features Margaery and Cersei. At the least, it establishes the predicament all three presumably find themselves in as the season opens.

Honorable Mention:

  • Womb of the World

Episode Three

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Kingsmoot    90
  • Queen of Nothing/Khaleesi Vosi    55
  • Crow’s Eye    48
  • Mother of Mountains    34
  • Mercy    25
  • Cat of the Canals    20
  • The Citadel 20
  • We Do Not Sow    19
  • Tower of Joy    16
  • The Mummer’s Dragon    16
  • A Thousand Eyes and One    15

This is the first of three episodes with “Kingsmoot” as the top choice. Yes, three. But its most votes came for Episode 3, so it gets the bolded treatment above. With “Crow’s Eye” and “We Do Not Sow” also getting votes, it’s a Greyjoy fest all up in here. Two of Arya’s alternate identities also make an appearance, as does “Mummer’s Dragon.” Book readers have a theory as to what character that represents, but it’s not someone we’ve seen on the show yet and there’s no sign of him coming in Season 6, though you never know.

From overall picks, with speculation: ]

  • The Citadel    81
  • Oldtown    78

“Sam” group total: 159

The Sam-related title grouping actually placed 11th overall. It’s here only because the episode titles from three of the 11 above groups would, based on spoilers,

make the most sense for Episode 5 or 6. Speaking of Episodes 5 and 6, the Tarly family dinner is to occur during one of them, which means Sam and Gilly and her baby almost certainly swing through Oldtown en route (especially since we now know they travel by boat). Maybe Episode 3 is when they’ll land there.

Honorable Mention:

  • The Glass Candle

Episode Four

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Kingsmoot    77
  • The Mummer’s Farce    43
  • Tower Of Joy    21
  • We Do Not Sow    21
  • Crow’s Eye    20
  • The Citadel 19
  • Queen Of Nothing/Khaleesi Vosi    17
  • Mother Of Mountains    15

There’s “Kingsmoot” at the top again. But it had more votes for Episode 3, so we’ll tag “The Mummer’s Farce,” which could also refer to something Braavosi in nature, as the Episode 4 pick. Pretty much everything else on this list is a retread.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • The Prince That Was Promised/The One That Was Promised    105
  • (Amid/st) Salt and Smoke    56
  • Azor Ahai    49
  • Warrior Of Light    34
  • The Stallion That Mounts the World    33
  • Lightbringer    26

“Prophecies from the books” group total: 303

We lack clear spoilers on when the “Is Jon dead?” mystery will be resolved, but it would likely need to be the same episode as

the Tower of Joy episode (Episode 5 or 6, per spoilers) or in an earlier one. And with Dany involved in some sort of tent-torching act in Episode 3 or 4, perhaps Jon will be revived the same episode? To me Episode 4 seems a little long for him to be on ice, but we’ll go with it.

Honorable Mention:

  • The Old Words

Episode Five

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Kingsmoot    68
  • Tower of Joy    35
  • Crow’s Eye    28
  • The Mummer’s Farce    22
  • Promise Me/The Promise    19
  • Mercy    17
  • The Citadel 16
  • Broken Men    15
  • Family, Duty, Honor    17

“Kingsmoot” was already number one for Episode 3. “Tower of Joy” is No.1 for another episode. That bumps us down to “Crow’s Eye,” which I suppose could be used as a double entendre early in the season to refer to both the Three-Eyed Raven and a new season 6 character, even if said new character lacks the physical characteristic on the show that yielded that nickname in the books.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • Kingsmoot    390
  • Crow’s Eye    196
  • Silence    25
  • We Do Not Sow    93
  • What Is Dead May Never Die    30

“All things Greyjoy” group total: 734

The huge number of Euron-related guesses guaranteed placement somewhere on the “informed speculation” list. Fans think, based on spoilers,

that the titular meeting occurs in a Jack Bender episode, hence No.5 or No.6, so here we are. “Crow’s Eye” seems less likely only because it’s unclear if Euron will be one-eyed on the show. “Silence” would be a neat title, though, albeit for whatever episode we first meet the pirate.

Honorable Mention:

  • King of Salt Rock

Episode Six

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Tower of Joy    56
  • Family, Duty, Honor    50
  • Promise Me/The Promise    45
  • Kingsmoot    27
  • The Mummer’s Farce    24
  • Mercy    21
  • The Winds of Winter    19
  • The Seven-Pointed Star    19
  • (Siege of)
    Riverrun/Riverlands    16

The Tower of Joy sequence has mythical import among A Song of Ice and Fire readers, and wouldn’t it make sense that whatever episode features it will also have it for its title?

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • Tower of Joy    226
  • Promise Me    112

“Tower of Joy” group total: 338

  • The Mummer’s Farce    140
  • Mercy    112
  • The Bloody Hand    25

“Arya and the players” group total:  277

The Tower of Joy sequence is in

Episode 5 or 6, we think. And so is the mummers’ play involving Westerosi characters (though the troupe also appears later in the season). Rather than tossing one of these up to Episode 3, where we know it won’t belong, I’m just listing both groups of titles here.

Honorable Mention:

  • Blood and Roses

Episode Seven

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Family, Duty, Honor    92
  • Tower Of Joy    24
  • (Siege of)
    Riverrun/Riverlands     22
  • Mummer’s Farce    21
  • Trial (of the Seven, of the Faith, by Combat…) 21
  • Crow’s Eye    17
  • Seven-Pointed Star 15

The Tully family words are by far the top choice here. It will be most interesting to see how the events on their (former?) home turf shake out.

From overall picks, with speculation

  • Valonqar 117
  • Trial Of Seven/Faith     98
  • Cleganebowl    52
  • Seven-Pointed Star    86
  • A Golden Shroud 53

“Cersei’s trial and fate” group total: 366

Well, the “informed speculation” guess here depends on whether you decide to combine “Seven-Pointed Star” with “Trial of Seven” and/or “Cleganebowl.” We’ll just go ahead and use “Valonqar” instead, although that’s only directly related if you interpret

The Hound to to be the little brother referred to in the prophecy. A safer pick might be something about the Seven.

Honorable Mention:

  • All That You Hold Dear

Episode Eight

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Family, Duty, Honor    51
  • Trial (of the Seven, of the Faith, by Combat…)   37
  • Tower of Joy   32
  • Valonqar    26
  • (Siege of)
    Riverrun/Riverlands    17
  • Warrior of Light    15

Those fishy words make a return appearance at the top here, so we go with the second item on the list, the combined “Trial…” answers.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • Family, Duty, Honor    237
  • Riverlands/
    (Siege of) Riverrun
  • Blackfish    27

“Tully/Riverrun” group total: 331

This could be the episode with the

siege of Riverrun — it appears to be happening in Episode 7 or 8, and since Jaime is still in Kings Landing in Episode 6, he’d need one fast jetpack to reach the Riverrlands, get settled in his tent and fight all in one episode. So we’ll use our Tully-themed title here. Have to wonder, though, if we’ll have parallel Lannister battles in the same episode. If Cersei’s trial is in this season, would it be in this episode as well?

Honorable Mention:

  • River’s End

Episode Nine

Okay, these are all spoiler-y. Look away if you don’t want to know anything about the big episode 9!

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • Battle of the Bastards    69
  • The Winds Of Winter    64
  • A Time For Wolves    37
  • Winterfell    31
  • Battle Of Ice    29
  • Battle Of/for Winterfell    28
  • The Long Night    28
  • The Battle Of Six Armies    27
  • Lord Of Winterfell    25
  • Snow   23
  • Valonqar    20
  • Bastards  18
  • Battle Of/for the North    17

Whew. That’s a lot of battles, Winterfells and bastards, with some ice and north thrown in. A wintry mix, if you will. In case you’re wondering (and I know you are), we had 192 guesses involving “Battle  ___________,” 140 with “________ Winterfell,” and 114 that incorporated the word “Bastard.” This includes guesses that fit more than one of those categories, though I don’t think anyone put “The Battle of the Winterfell Bastards.”

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • Battle of the Bastards   81
  • The Lord Of Winterfell    44
  • The Battle of Winterfell   36
  • Winterfell    33
  • Battle of Ice    33
  • A Ghost In Winterfell    31
  • Battle of Six Armies    28
  • Bastards  28

“Episode 9 extravaganza and related geographical places” group total: 314

We know there’s an insane battle in the north (sorry Stannis, bigger than “great”) in Episode 9. In the entire survey, the totals were 211 guesses for “Battle ____________,” 209 for “________ Winterfell,” and 144 involving Bastard. Now watch, the episode title will involve Dorne instead. 

Honorable Mention:

  • The Hell We Live In

Episode Ten

Top picks specifically for this episode:

  • The Winds Of Winter    231
  • The Long Night    84
  • Winter    69
  • Valonqar    41
  • Winter Has Come (or similar)    40
  • A Time For Wolves    25
  • Horn Of Winter/Joramun    21

Well, these are largely nice and vague. Would it be cruel of D&D to title an episode “The Winds of Winter” before the book by that name is released? Or just cruelly appropriate. Well, we’ll see.

From overall picks, with speculation:

  • The Winds Of Winter    342
  • The Long Night    147
  • Winter/Winter Has Come    126
  • Horn Of Winter/Joramun    43

“Winter is really coming now” group total: 658

Anyway, there’s no real speculation here, other than by the end of the season we should at least have a White Raven sighting.

Honorable Mention:

  • Stormborn


Finally, here are some amusing, or possibly confusing, entries:

  • 2 Girls, 1 Glass Candle
  • Olly vs. Longclaw
  • The Last Piebender
  • Weekend at Balon’s
  • Brienne Beats a Great Fighter Who Is Injured
  • Dany Finally F***ing Starts Coming to Westeros
  • Dark Wings, Darkwing Duck
  • Davos Seaworth: Undercover Administrative Assistant
  • Greyworm and the Angry Inches
  • Guess Who’s Coming to the Iron Islands?
  • Hype Gathers
  • Just Trolling, He’s Fine
  • Least Surprising Reveal of All Time
  • Let’s Ruin Jaime Now That We’re Done With Stannis
  • Make America Great Again
  • Melisandre Burns Davos for No Reason At All
  • Rickon and a Unicorn Attack
  • The North Kinda Remembers
  • The One About the Martells That No One Cares About
  • The One That Makes National Headlines and You End Up Having to Explain to Your Grandma Why You Watch That Show
  • The One Where Cersei’s Hair Grows Back Extremely Quickly
  • The One Where They Try to Top Hardhome but Don’t
  • Sand Snakes on a Plane
  • Tom Bombadil
  • Trystane’s Very Awkward Boat Trip
  • Tyrion Actually Makes Us Care About Meereen
  • You Say You Want a Resurrection…

A few more with spoilers:

  • Mysterious Woman in a Cloak (You Actually Thought It Was Her, Didn’t You?)
  • Bastard Bowl 2016 #noregrets
  • The Resurrection of Jon Snow
  • Sam’s Journey, but Without Aemon, Braavos or the Fat Pink Mast

And that’s all for this year! It won’t be too much longer before we learn how accurate we were with our guesses.

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    1. “Davos: Undercover Administrative Assistant” I CAN’T.

      I’m SO looking forward to season 6 of Game of Thrones to completely re-flood my life in a month or so and help me forget this freak show of an American election season.

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    2. I screamed at the “fat pink mast”. Glad it didn’t make it into the show. Yet….

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    3. Wow, that’s a lot of data! Thank you for processing that; it is very interesting, and I can’t wait until we find out what the real titles are so we can compare them. I’m sure we have a fair few titles correct, but equally there are always titles that no one could predict (even more that the books are mostly behind us).

      It is also surprising how many people used titles that almost certainly won’t be used, such as Cat of the Canals. Erm, guys this happened last year, albeit it was “Lanna” rather than “Cat” (I believe that Luka Nieto brought this up in the comments, but it still turned out to be popular choice anyway).

      The out-takes are brilliant mind, although I couldn’t think of any decent ones myself. “Sand Snakes on a Plane” is pure genius, but they’re all pretty fantastic.

      Having said that, who was behind “2 Girls, 1 Glass Candle”? You bad, bad person 😉

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    4. You know, it actually sounds like a good set of titles, even though a lot of the actual ones will probably come from new lines that we’re not aware of (like ‘Mother’s Mercy’). Here’s to crowdsourcing!

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    5. Olly vs Longclaw? If it does what it says on the tin, that’s the episode I want to see.

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    6. Lyanna_Targaryen,

      I’m watching the Live feed of “Super Tuesday” and losing hope with each post whether it’s Republican or Democrat. It’s like watching Cersei Lannister, Walder Frey, Mace Tyrell, and Trystan Martell all trying to convince the commoners they are worthy to sit the Iron Throne and all I can do is toil away in Flea Bottom while I enjoy a hearty bowl o’ brown

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    7. So many interesting titles. Crow’s Eye and Mummer’s Farce are my favorites. Kingsmoot seems inevitable, although I wouldn’t be so sure. I wonder if it will be “Tower of Joy” or “The Promise” for that highly-anticipated episode?

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    8. Wow!!!! Sooooo much work!! But very much appreciated by all your followers!!! How did you decider all that information and guesses is beyond me, but a great job well done!! Loved all the guesses and some very interesting new thoughts!!! I enjoyed reading it sooooo much!! Thank you WOTW and crew!! The titles seem like very likely choices!!!

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    9. Bob Warren,

      How about a combo of Longclaw through the heart (or neck), Ghost ripping him limb from limb, and Wun Wun drop-kicking whatever’s left of him over the Wall?

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    10. Deesensfan:

      I think that anyone can add a plot, if I remember correctly. So it may not actually be legit

      Yeah and there are several typos. Meereen is misspelled, it’s vs. its and more

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    11. Danielle Stark,

      I’m asking around whether it’s legit or not. So far no confirmations, not from HBO or anyone else in the know. It’s a little sketchy- I mean anyone can update IMDB. Plus they spelled Meereen wrong. And Americans (who would be the ones writing this synopsis for HBO) would spell it “traveler” not “traveller.” But I’ll keep checking.

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    12. Thank you for the results.

      I actually like the honorable mentions more than the official picks. “Womb of the World”, “The Old Words” and “Blood and Roses” are my favorites. Really mysterious sounding and can cover multiple storylines.

      The outtakes are gold, although maybe “Make Westeros Great Again” might be more appropriate. 😉

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    13. So people think Cersei is dying in E8? An episode called Valonqar has to be a dead Cersei episode.

      I have her living out the season and dying S7E2 …in my unofficial GoT Aces and Eights.

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    14. Fantastic job! Thank you so much for putting together all of our guesses in a way which makes me want to reread this post several times. It must have been very time consuming and a little chaotic!

      This site is already the best source for all info – once again you’ve shown why it’s the best and outdone yourselves. Excellent work!

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    15. MeeraReed:
      Fantastic job!Thank you so much for putting together all of our guesses in a way which makes me want to reread this post several times.It must have been very time consuming and a little chaotic!

      This site is already the best source for all info – once again you’ve shown why it’s the best and outdone yourselves.Excellent work!

      All I know is, thank goodness for the Search and Replace and Pivot Table functions in Excel! But I’m sure I missed a “Kongsmot” somewhere that should have been added to the “Kingsmoot” total.

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    16. Sue the Fury:
      Danielle Stark,

      I’m asking around whether it’s legit or not. So far no confirmations, not from HBO or anyone else in the know.It’s a little sketchy- I mean anyone can update IMDB. Plus they spelled Meereen wrong. And Americans (who would be the ones writing this synopsis for HBO) would spell it “traveler” not “traveller.” But I’ll keep checking.

      Meereen? It’s mereen in my book… (english)

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    17. James Rivers,

      Thanks so much, James! This gives us something to chew on for the next month…

      This is what I took from your info as to what the season should look like (top guesses). Is this accurate?

      E1. A Thousand Eyes and One
      E2. Khaleesi Vosi/ Queen of Nothing
      E3. Kingsmoot
      E4. Mummer’s Farce
      E5 Crow’s Eye
      E6. Tower of Joy
      E7. Family, Duty, Honor
      E8. Trial
      E9. Battle of the Bastards
      E10. Winter

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    18. I was about to comment how the poll closed on February 25 but “Make Donald Drumpf Again” somehow made it in despite being from February 28, but I’m glad I checked in another browser. Apparently the Drumpfinator plug-in changes that, too!

      For whatever reason I can’t be imaginative about episode titles, so thanks to everyone who contributed, and especially to Mr. Rivers!

      Might I suggest the list Cersei’s Brain put together be added to the post? I’ll be referencing that one, in particular, as official titles are announced…

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    19. Kilgore Tully,

      Speaking of that,i can’t wait until that piece of sub human trash finally vanishes from the public,tired of hearing about him and his antics .

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    20. Cersei’s Brain,

      Close, though it also depends which list you use. I’ll put both right here, that way we have a better chance of being right!

      At left is the top pick for that episode, and at right is the most popular seemingly appropriate title based on spoilers/speculation. Half of them are the same anyway!

      1. A tie between Night Gathers and A Thousand Eyes and One / A Thousand Eyes and One
      2. Queen of Nothing (Khaleesi Vosi) / Queen of Nothing (Khaleesi Vosi)
      3. Kingsmoot / The Citadel
      4. The Mummer’s Farce / The Prince (or One) That Was Promised
      5. Crow’s Eye / Kingsmoot
      6. Tower of Joy / Tower of Joy
      7. Family, Duty, Honor / Valonqar
      8. Trial of the Seven / Family, Duty, Honor
      9. Battle of the


      / Battle of the


      10. The Winds of Winter / The Winds of Winter

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    21. James Rivers,

      I bet it was! The guy who invented Excel should be on the one hundred dollar bill!

      Excel is one of my best friends. I honestly make spreadsheets for nearly everything. I came to this site in July and am EXTREMELY disappointed in myself for not creating one containing:

      Filming locations
      Directors of episodes
      Tweets/Instagram posts of directors
      Description of new roles to be cast
      Actors cast in new roles
      Number of known extras filmed by a director
      Number of known scenes filmed by a director
      Type of scenes filmed
      – Characters in those scenes
      – likely story if known
      – scenery / props, etc.

      And those are just the ones I thought of now. I’ll give it more thought in a couple of months.

      If anyone has any ideas to add, please let me know. Seriously. I’m a girl with a lot of time, loves Excel and a huge tendency to hyper-focus. I’m pumped to do it and would love to have more input!

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    22. Thanks for the hard work, is is great. The outtakes are hilarious, and make me realize how much I appreciate the sense of humor around here.

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    23. Is anyone playing GoT Ascent on social media? The final story quest this week spoke of a vision of a white wolf that was stabbed and bleeding but then rose up. Unfortunately, I pressed my response tab too quickly and didn’t capture the page. Rats -Now I can’t get it back…Wondering if anyone else saw the statement because I would really like to know what it said verbatim.

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    24. Great work, James!
      I liked a lot also the outtakes… Dark Words, Darkwing Duck is the most brilliant IMHO

      Talking about the “real” titles, I think that the speculation based list is credible, at least for the ordering of subjects. Maybe I would have switched E3 (The Citadel) and E5 (Kingsmoot), since I expect the Ironborn re-entering the show earlier.

      One last thing to say. So far, D&D have usually chosen ambiguous titles: few words that can refer to more than one storyline in the episode. Thus, titles like Tower of Joy may be too clear compared with, e.g., The Promise.
      (I’m saying this even if I myself voted for Tower of Joy…)

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    25. How Valonqar is so popular? I thought the show left it out. I doubt that it is mentioned for the first time in season 6.

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    26. Maester Luwin,

      There have been some unambiguous titles too:

      Lord Snow
      The Wolf And The Lion
      The Rains Of Castamere
      The Lion And The Rose
      The Mountain And The Viper
      The Watchers On The Wall
      The House Of Black And White
      High Sparrow
      Sons Of The Harpy

      The last two seasons have seen the number of episode titles referring to a place,person, or group increase.

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    27. Chinoiserie,

      Titles don’t have to make sense to everyone. How many casual viewers do you think know that/understand why Ned was killed in an episode titled “Baelor”?

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    28. aww I am so happy that they mentioned my titles in the out-takes, although I am sure others put them through as well. I did “the one about the Martells that no one cares about”, “he One Where Cersei’s Hair Grows Back Extremely Quickly” & “Dany Finally F***ing Starts Coming to Westeros”. I did think that some of my others entries were better though. Is there a way that I can find that information?

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    29. Cersei’s Brain:
      Is anyone playing GoT Ascent on social media?The final story quest this week spoke of a vision of a white wolf that was stabbed and bleeding but then rose up.Unfortunately, I pressed my response tab too quickly and didn’t capture the page.Rats -Now I can’t get it back…Wondering if anyone else saw the statement because I would really like to know what it said verbatim.

      Eek! I can see how that would be relevant!

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    30. At last we know where Peter Jackson misplaced the Tom Bombadil chapter! Whew!

      I’m surprised that ‘Winterfell Is Mine’ didn’t get picked up from the teaser.

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    31. MeeraReed,

      Look at the forums. Anguissette1979 created a Google Doc with the casting, and Jared and I with summaries of all the spoilers so far. That said, there are very few highly confirmed director/episode-number sightings, which is why I didn’t bother to try and split the plotlines by episode in a spreadsheet. (I almost prefer it that way – this leaves some space for uncertainty, otherwise there were so many spoilers that we almost have complete storylines for a lot of characters!)

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    32. Chinoiserie: thought

      Exactly. Valonqar makes no sense. Neither do Cat of the Canals and similar titles that people suggested even though they refer to stuff that was already adapted in season five… I mean, how did more than a hundred people miss that?

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    33. Luka Nieto,

      My dad doesn’t know who Batman is. I was teasing my mom once about her spoons being like Martha Stewart’s, and he was all, “Is that your little friend in Maryland?” How does an American in his seventies miss Batman and Martha Stewart?

      And that doesn’t even count the hundreds of thousands of people who yesterday voted to have a demagogue rule our country. How did they all miss that?

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    34. Am I really the only one who believes the tower of joy episode will be called blue roses or winter roses?

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    35. How can someone believe they will name an episode “Cleganebowl”? It would be like “Rhaeganna” or “The (P)imp” or “Planetos”

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