The Game of Thrones Steelbook WotW Awards Giveaway, coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow night at 8PM EDT, the Watchers on the Wall will be gathering to announce the winners of the 2015 WatchersOnTheWall Awards. We’ll be celebrating the best of season 5, reminiscing about our favorite moments of the year, and having Game of Thrones giveaways for the fans.

We’re pleased to announce that tomorrow we’ll be giving away a prize package of the Game of Thrones Season 1 and Season 2 Special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray & Digital HD Steelbooks, with collectible sigil magnets! Details on how to enter the giveaway are below.


The Game of Thrones Steelbook Sets feature new box art design and a remixed Dolby Atmos soundtrack.

Season 1 includes:

Complete Guide to Westeros

In-Episode Guide

Anatomy of An Episode

Hidden Dragon Eggs

Making Game of Thrones

Creating the Show Open

From the Book to the Screen

7 Audio Commentaries

Creating the Dothraki Language

The Night’s Watch

Season 1 Character Profiles


Season 2 includes:

War of the Five Kings

Histories and Lore

In-Episode Guide

Hidden Dragon Eggs

Creating The Battle of Blackwater Bay

Game of Thrones: Inner Circle

The Religions of Westeros

12 Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew

Season 2 Character Profiles


As you can see, these Blu-rays are packed with Game of Thrones goodness. And we have a prize package containing seasons 1 & 2 to give away to a lucky reader!

The giveaway is worldwide, but the Blu-rays are Region A and only work on compatible Blu-ray players. This covers North America, South America and parts of Asia and Oceania, so you may want to take a look at that before entering the contest.

How do we enter the giveaway, you’re wondering? As we mentioned, tomorrow is the Watchers on the Wall Awards. Our awards ceremony chat post, titled “Watchers on the Wall Awards 2015 Live!” will open around 6PM EDT on 10/28/15. We will choose the Game of Thrones Steelbooks winner randomly from among the people who post (with a valid email when you login) in the comments section of that post.

The entry period is between when the post opens tomorrow, through 12PM EDT the following day, October 29th. This will give all readers the opportunity to participate even if they can’t attend the live awards ceremony.

We’ll have some other prizes for readers who are there during the Watchers on the Wall Awards ceremony, and a prize for the first commenter, so be there early or tune in tomorrow at 8PM to listen in!

For those who don’t win the Blu-ray collectible set, the Game of Thrones Steelbook Editions for Season 1 and Season 2 are available starting November 3rd, just in time for the holiday season.

You can read more details about the awards ceremony here!

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    1. Where is the actual event in case I choose to grace you with my presence? And, will there be barrels of ale, roast boar, and supple women?

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    2. What information is there about the steelbooks. They seem to build a picture using their spines, so does that mean the number of seasons and therefore the number of steelbooks has been decided?

      I’ve had spine art collections before, and they look nice, but extra discs spoil the effect. (007 spine art went from Dr. No to TWINE, so that is four more discs that don’t fit the pattern).

      I’d normally wait for a show to completely finish and purchase a complete box-set, but for something like GoT I’m willing to shell out the extra as long as the collection looks the part on completion!

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    3. I cannot wait until tomorrow night. The steel books are a great gift but I feel like we should be rewarding all of you who work so hard! Thank you WOTW! You are the best.

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    4. diputsinva:
      I cannot wait until tomorrow night.The steel books are a great gift but I feel like we should be rewarding all of you who work so hard!Thank you WOTW!You are the best.

      Yup. This!

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    5. How were the originals not this nice!? I really hope they continue the full set in this theme as I love the opening credits!

      I am very miffed that they chose the twins for Season 3 though…. Grrr. I’d love a Riverrun cover but I guess they wanted to highlight the Red Wedding instead.

      I thought Blu Rays were region free!? All of mine work on a PS4 regardless of region!

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