Thank you Game of Thrones, the giveaway

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s nice to say hi again during what’s remained (between the action overseas/recent release of TWOIAF) an exciting offseason. We’re very proud of the staggeringly triumphant community you’ve built here together, these are happy times.

If you’ll allow me a moment — please feast your eyes upon this arts and crafts project I created today using a spare bit of paper, dragoned coasters, and a golden sharpie. If you’ve been keeping up with the podcast, it’s relevancy is clear. If not, read on and learn more about the pile of Thrones goodies we’re slowly giving away. The mound is waning, but there is still time.

The kind, and gracious humans at HBO have blessed us with a selection of trinkets from the lands of Westeros and beyond, including what I’m sure will become difficult to find season 4 promotional posters. Those of you who end up with these will have earned our jealousy. Rather than head into excruciating inventoried detail, I invite you to play/pause/examine this unhelpfully vague video that houses some of the merchandise we’ve discussed.


A video posted by Game of Owns (@gameofowns) on

More important than the things, this has been a fun opportunity to collect kind sentiments from dedicated fans of the series. That’s the trick, actually. Proclaim to the world (in the comments, or by way of relevant social outlets using #thankyougameofthrones) your love of this story, why and how it has come to be. Then at random, some of you will be asked for a mailing address. We’ve treated it as our own micro-celebration of the people who continue to dedicate their time and energy to both the written and televised iterations of this story. A love letter of sorts. So, thank you for participating.

Leaving you with some highlights — the good, the bad, the hilarious. Thanks again.

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    1. #thankyougameofthrones for bringing to life a series I was 100% sure was unadaptable to the screen.

      And thank you Game of Owns for having the best GoT podcast.

      And while we’re at it, thank you WotW for satiating my GoT needs.

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    2. #thankyougameofthrones For Euron, Victarion, Euron, Quentyn, Arianne, Griff, Young Griff, etc…

      Just kidding 😉

      #thankyougameofthrones For Hodor. Enough Said.

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    3. From my tweet:

      #thankyougameofthrones for giving us twincest, my tv landscape was just not creepy enough prior. And introducing me to #ASoIaF

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    4. Mystery, history and fantasy… thank you, I mean #thankyougameofthrones for providing all the what ifs and if onlys that a real world can bring. (If only Brienne had commissioned Jaime’s golden hand instead of Cersei, perhaps it would write in golden, sharpie like ink instead of that shit attempt at holding a wine glass. Some real hands can’t hold wine glasses. No real hands can hold gold ink).
      Also, #thankyougameofthrones for providing the names of all of my plants since 2011. This year’s darling is Beony Beesbury. By any other name, she wouldn’t smell as sweet. The Sea Bitch was flooded all year (anticipated) and Gatehouse Ami was my first harvest, by the way, who lived at the shed by the gate.
      And #thankyougameofthrones, WotW people and GoO for causing me to join twitter and hashtag things when I’m not on it. I do it for you.

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    5. Thank you Game of Thrones…

      If I ever get around to adding 6 wolves to my 3 dragon tattoos… people other than book nerds like me might actually get the reference now. But… you have also also ruined my standards for fantasy television for the future in perpetuity.

      Totally worth it…

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    6. Jeb,

      Brutal! 🙂

      #thankyougameofthrones for doing SanSan and ArSan justice, almost-dark Sansa bitchslapping SweetRobin, GreyRobb, Bronn firing the Blackwater arrow, giant archers, scythes, Night’s King recruits, smashing beetles, monster baby Tyrion, and glorious Valyrian steel. So many wonderful scenes….

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    7. I love that the story is so complex that every time you pick up the books or rewatch an episode you realize something that you missed the last time. There is nothing better than having lots of fuel for theories! #ThankyouGameofThrones

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    8. #thankyougameofthrones

      For casting Maisie and Sophie & giving us the comedy gold of Arya and The Hound 😀

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    9. #thankyougameofthrones

      1) For discovering and casting talented actors who would have remained unknown, if this show hadn’t given them the opportunity to be introduced to worldwide audiences.

      2) For not diluting the story’s adult themes and complexity and turning it into a predictable fairy tale for kids. (*cough,* Disney’s Star Wars Rebels, *cough*)

      3) For the way D & D subverted expectations in their TV adaptation and keeping us guessing (and fuming), the way Martin did with subverting fantasy tropes in his books.

      4) For spoiling me rotten and making me compare everything else with GoT and finding them not even remotely as good. (*cough,* Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, *cough*)

      5) For making me seriously consider ranking GoT/ASOIF above Star Wars as my favorite franchise (hopefully Episode 7 won’t be a stinkburger).

      6) For leading me to Watchers on the Wall, the best GoT/ASOIF fan website and group of commenters in the world.


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    10. Flora Linden,

      Exactly. Id add to #1 –1) For discovering and casting talented actors who would have remained unknown, if this show hadn’t given them the opportunity to be introduced to worldwide audiences. , actors who fleshed out the characters from the page to the screen as multi dimensional complex and flawed human beings trying to survive in a world remarkably like our own, yet totally different at the same time

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    11. #thankyougameofthrones for giving me so much inspiration to write my own stories and for all the hours of fun and excitement shared with my family and friends who also love the show. Thanks for all the awesome work from the cast and crew, who work tirelessly to deliver the finest ten hours of tv every year. And also thanks for the boobs and the dragons, haha! (And for inspiring such passionate and wonderful people to create sites like WOTW!)

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    12. When I was ten, The Two Towers was the first book I ever fully read, and that spawned a life-long love of J.R.R. Tolkien and his work.

      Never did I think anything could come close to matching the love I have for Middle Earth, but someway, somehow, G.R.R.M. and HBO have found themselves on par with the single greatest fantasy books, (and movies), that have ever existed.


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    13. What a lovely idea for a giveaway.

      #thankyougameofthrones for the exquisite fatigue brought on by all-night reading sessions. I can’t stop reading, even when I know I have to go to work in the AM.

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    14. How the heck did you know it was my birthday? I got an email from the maester that stated that I won something. I have dutifully responded. I wonder what it could be?

      In case it is a ruse, I have my direwolf on high alert. 🙂

      *pins & needles!*

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    15. Hodor’s Bastard,

      Hi Bastard, happy birthday! Intuitive GOO prize here, too… I thought my new email was some boring shipping notification for a boring funeral suit but it was a shipping notification for a ??? Can. Not. Wait. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say it’s the thing I’m looking forward to most this week. 🙂

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    16. Gatehouse Ami,

      Thanks! I was wondering…if the special package that will soon arrive at my home is from “RS at the Dreadfort”, should I open it?

      What if it is delivered by a white raven?

      Congrats….please do share what you get.

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    17. I’m not sure if the giveaway has closed, but #thankyougameofthrones for the best, most addictive novels and tv series I have ever come across. The characters, the world, the languages, the religions, and the community have made this one of the most exciting phenomenons of my lifetime.

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