Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode 5 “A Nest of Vipers” Screenshots, Trailer, and Release Dates


Telltale has released five new images from the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones coming out later this month!


In accordance with the header image, the above also seems to feature Asher in the fighting pits or maybe a trial by combat? Last episode he made the conscious choice to cross the Mother of Dragons so surely he will be paying some sort of consequence this episode.


Our next image features someone (popular guesses include Asher or Rodrik Forrester although it may be Duncan Tuttle) arriving at an unfamiliar port. The speculation begins as we await the new location!


We also have Cersei Lannister no doubt minimizing Mira. Perhaps she knows we’ve spoken to Tyrion again? Maybe she even thinks we had something to do with the conspiracy of Joffrey’s death?


And finally we have Mira visiting Tyrion in his cell and drinking (of course). This may be post-Cersei’s confrontation and she may be confiding in Tyrion the Queen’s certainty that he had a hand in Joffrey’s death.

In addition, Telltale also released a new trailer for the episode:


The fifth episode “A Nest of Vipers” will be released on the 21st for PC/Mac and Playstation, 7/22 for Xbox, and 7/23 for mobile! This writer is certainly excited to see how the final chapters of this epic will play out, how about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Other than some annoying faux choices, this series has been pretty solid. It’s also great to have these during the off season as well to tide us over. Looking forward to it.

      I was hoping with that episode title that we’d get a surprise cameo by Oberyn. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

      The name of the final episode, however, interests me the most. It’s called The Ice Dragon. Hmm…

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    2. Hmm. Meant to post this here but it went in the GoOwns thread

      Anyway, 24 Noms? GeekFurious is correct, the Emmys really are bullshit if the nominated that much for S5. They have no clue. Dont get me wrong, I am happy for GoT, but the people behind the Emmys are morans.

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    3. Rygar,

      To be fair, the majority of those noms were for stuff like production/acting, which I think we’re as good as ever this year. Although, I did laugh when I saw that “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” in my opinion one of the show’s all time worst episodes with that awful Dornish action scene (and other stuff), was nominated for best Direction.

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    4. Rygar: the people behind the Emmys are morans

      One of my favorite misspellings was that guy holding the sign that said, “Get a brain, Morans!”

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    5. Looking forward to tne new release

      A great way to get a fix when waiting for book and next series

      I reckon the Port visitor might actually be Malcolm, perhaps going to Braavos to get coin ala Stannis using Fortesyer Ironwood as collateral?

      Technically he would be Lord Branfield if their lands are re-instated and should get on well with Dany one would think which is why making him so peripheral and a hostage has been a little puzzlung. He should be a more major character

      I reckon he is like JonCon and Asher like Young Griff and their arc relates to opening up the southern Westeros storyline in future editions

      The Forrester army imo will come (back) when that Norren fellow + his squire are freed crom the Twins with other Forrester captives

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    6. As for this episode, looks like Ramsay takes some skin off the finger. He won’t kill him ala Ethan because back then he wanted to shatter the Forresters but now Boltons need them given Cersei is pressung the Boltons for Ironwood to build that fleet and Whitehills are shoddy craftsmen

      Later i can see Ludd getting killed/flayed and the heir serving Roose will be a ward, so the tables will turn and it’ll be a matter of helping Gwyn out as allies

      Tuttle bumping into wights will be pretty neat

      IMO this series has a lot of potential. Seems Telltale have a lot of projects ala TWD games but hopefully they tur n these into fully fledged games in future editions

      Only issue is they seem to be going by show canon while hopefully they go for the more expansive book canon. At least in parts

      Eg thye probably can’t include Young Griff and JonCon ut at least include Deepwood Motte or something, would make Ser Roylands arc more interesting

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    7. hexonx: One of my favorite misspellings was that guy holding the sign that said, “Get a brain, Morans!”

      When it obviously meant to say: “Get a Brian, Morans!” 😉

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