Super Bowl Players on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke on YouTube reactions, and more…

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend and Clay Travis of Fox Sports took advantage of his media day pass to ask players about Game of Thrones. 

After the cut, Emilia Clarke talks potential reaction vids to Season 5. Plus Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Jason Momoa and a greeting card you don’t want to receive from an ex.

It’s unclear if Marshawn Lynch fielded any questions regarding Game of Thrones, but his response would have likely been this:

Access Hollywood recently caught up with a few cast members.  Here’s Emilia on the red carpet of the SAG Awards.  Speculate as you see fit.  Per the norm, I know nothing:

Maisie on S5 changes for Arya:

Sophie teases more deaths in S5 and finding out about being cast for Jean Grey:

And just in, Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) did an interview with The Daily Beast somewhat hinting of a return. Take it for what it’s worth.

“I talk to David and Dan all the time and we always talk about possibly coming back and how we miss each other, but I’m not sure if it’ll fit into the world,” says Momoa, flashing a big grin. “But there can always be flashback sequences. You’ll just have to keep watching.”

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with this nugget of joy as only greeting cards can disseminate. If there was any doubt beforehand, the phrase “I’ll take what is mine by fire and blood” is considered by at least one Judge to be deemed “THREATENING.”  Enjoy.

On that note, Looking Forward: The Dany Edition is coming up soon.

And we hope you enjoy the movie.  Meet ups are being planned here.  Axey is buying everyone popcorn.

Find me on twitter here, and may there always be peace in your realm. -Oz

“Unbowed. Unbent. Unsullied.”

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    1. So if I’m reading Jason Mamoa’s comments correctly, it looks like they’ve found a way for Khal Drogo to stroll into Cersei’s flashback with Maggy the Frog. Should be interesting, looking forward to how they structure the scene.

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    2. King Tommen,

      LOL I think it’ll play out like this: Drogo overhears the prophesy ala Snape in HP. He then proceeds to tell Illyrio/Varys who choose Denarys among the candidates. And it leads to what becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. (Viserys was supposed to be the valonquar but Drogo spoiled that part)

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    3. Aerynsunx:
      I would comment on this, but really, I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

      Well, as for yourself, any fan of Farscape’s best character is welcome, uhh, anywhere I ever happen to be. 😛

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    4. If they do a Khal Drogo flashback, it would have to be in the Dothraki Sea when Daenerys is walking and hallucinating.

      So there’s an IMAX screening tonight? Will WOTW put up a video of the trailer on here?

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    5. I’m hearing people are getting new messages from the Three-Eyed Raven. Everyone keep an eye on your text messages and Twitters.

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    6. Sue the Fury:
      I’m hearing people are getting new messages from the Three-Eyed Raven. Everyone keep an eye on your text messages and Twitters.

      I got one, uploading to Youtube now, link in a minute…

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      Bunch of different images. Some familiar, some I’m having trouble placing:

      –The damned raven again
      –A man’s hand reaching out to be shaken – this one does not look familiar, but I think that’s because I’m forgetting where it’s from.
      –One of the dragon eggs being placed on a fire (Season 1)
      –Underwater shot, clear blue sky above it. Someone jumping or diving into the water. This looked new as I don’t recall Kit or Rose being shot from an under-the-water-jumping-in during “Kissed by Fire,” or at any other time, for that matter.
      –Winterfell covered in snow. At first I thought this was new, but it looks too much like Sansa’s version of the castle, down to the Heart Tree looking like a withered stick. I think it’s from Mockingbird.
      –One of the dragons flying in the distance
      –The camera peering around a corner into a room where a man is sitting, back-lit. If I had to guess, it’s Sam, but it’s very hard to tell at all.
      –A hand grasping a ledge of some kind, perhaps a boat
      –Someone using sticks on drums (Possibly season 1, unclear)
      –A man riding a horse along side a beach (new)
      –Water cascading down a flight of stars (new, I believe)
      –Overhead shot of Sansa in her bed from First of His Name

      Perhaps a trailer…tomorrow…if it gets posted…somehow….

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    8. The under-water shoot is from Meereen, Unsullied jumping in the water. A man giving his hand to shake is Jon and Mance. Water down stairs is new, also the hand on the boat looks like Arya’s.

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    9. Thanks!

      I saw one too- I think we have different ones. Putting together a post now. I wasn’t able to get a good video copy of mine though, so if someone else saw the Sight video with Olly sparring in it, we still need a full description.

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    10. Greatjon of Slumber,
      Cersei’s Wine Goblet,

      -The hand shake: I believe that was Locke’s hand reaching out to Jon in ep. 404
      -The person jumping in the water from beneath: Grey Worm jumping into the water in ep. 408
      -The snow castle: Sansa’s in ep. 407

      The person ahorse was definitely from the shooting on Portstewart Strand. Potentially a Sand Snake.
      The water flooding down a stairwell is interesting. What scene could that correspond with?

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    11. It’s nice they release these “sight” things but I still don’t really see the point to be honest. It’s like 90-95% old stuff from the previous seasons. I don’t really get the point of it.

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    12. Perhaps when

      the Faith Militant mess up that tavern, they smash beer kegs on the ground.

      And we get impressionistic images of it flowing down stairs?

      Or the people of King’s Landing get an upgrade in their street cleaning budget.

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    13. mpd,

      Nor do I. I also suspect this means that the trailer sshown on IMAX won’t get officially released until after the IMAX showings have finished (which I expected, but I know some people thought they would upload it tomorrow.

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    14. Jeb,

      Who cares about an officially release? I’m almost a 100% certain that the trailer will find it’s way into the internet hours after it was shown. – Yeah, the quality might not be that good, but at this point I take what I can get. 😉

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    15. mpd:
      It’s nice they release these “sight” things but I still don’t really see the point to be honest. It’s like 90-95% old stuff from the previous seasons. I don’t really get the point of it.

      Basically D&D is saying “This is why you’re not getting a Bran storyline this season.” ‘Cause this is all Bran does for the next year, I guess.

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    16. OZ!!! Nothing to add to the discussion, really, just wanted to say hi and can’t wait for your “Dany Edition” post.

      Still waiting for my own vision…and for my awesome IMAX experience tonight. This has been a long day already.

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    17. Abyss,

      I’m not saying I won’t watch any old version of the trailer (of course I will), but I was secretly hopimg it would be the ideal quality. Hey, you’re right I too can’t wait, and will watch any old version in the morning as soon as I wake up,.

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    18. my current baseless prediction is that they are going to kill Mormont this year. Of course we don’t know what happens to him during / after battle of Meereen in book, but this just fits in as a Jojen type murder of a character still alive in the book who has decreasing importance and would still have a shock element when killed. Decreasing the cast and all. Would happen in Daznak pit

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    19. Spoiler!!


      Water on stairs could have something to do with the Ironmen at Winterfell–flashback, but also preview of Theon’s redemption/role in Ramsey wedding?

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    20. Millions,

      Jojen very possibly is dead in the books. It is widely suspected that Bran ate him in the Weirwood porridge.

      The fact that the show did what it did would seem to add credence to this suspicion.

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    21. Millions,

      If we have to lose any of Dany’s main guys, Jorah, Daario, Grey Worm, or Selmy, I’d rather lose Jorah or Daario. I definitely don’t want to lose Selmy. He has too much to teach Dany!

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    22. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      The other thing is that they’ve never made major deviations from the books like that. If anyone dies that we don’t expect to die, then it probably means that they snuff it early in Winter. (Of course, it’s possible that some of those people will snuff it early in Winter.)

      People must remember that B&W know the general plots for Winter, and they certainly know the story. They will be able to construct season 6 accordingly, and they might bring a bit of Winter forward. Heck, they already have with Sansa!

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    23. hells yeah thats my hawks! If anybody here needed a reason to root one way or another….. All Hawks interviewed love thrones, all Pats trying to act above it. Fuck em.
      GO HAWKS!

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