Quick Hits: Emilia in Belfast, trouble in Iceland, and Maisie Williams on the end of Game of Thrones

Photo: Instagram/emerlemur
Photo: Instagram/emerlemur

We have a fresh batch of news today, as info come in from Northern Ireland and Iceland, plus Maisie Williams talks growing up on-set and her latest feature film.

Emilia Clarke was spotted in Northern Ireland yesterday when she made time for this photo. Thanks to the fan’s ‘Titanic Quarter’ jacket we know that Emilia must be in Belfast, filming at Titanic Studios.

Last week, we reported the Game of Thrones crew was spotted in Iceland, filming on the glorious black sand beach near Vík.

Unfortunately, the Game of Thrones crew may be in some trouble now, as RUV reports that they did not apply for the off-road driving permit required to film there.  Off-road driving is generally not permitted in Iceland, as it can cause significant damage to the environment.  However, filming crews may apply for a special permit provided they can prove they won’t cause too much disturbance.  The Environmental Agency said they will discuss the matter with Icelandic production partners Pegasus, to ensure the licences will be properly implemented in the future.  In the mean time, as the filming is taking place on sand there shouldn’t be too much damage done!  You can read the original report here.

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Maisie Williams put in an appearance on This Morning, to discuss her role in the upcoming Netflix feature iBoy.  Naturally the hosts were also keen to chat to her about work on Game of Thrones; although she doesn’t reveal any spoilers Maisie admits she is nervous about the show coming to an end and losing her ‘work safety blanket.’  Check out the whole interview below.   


  1. You know we’re getting into the slow part of the GoT season when we’re discussing off-road driving permits. Ha!

  2. I always think it must be so odd for the actors of a long-running series once it’s over. Especially the kids! Or even a series like ‘Poirot’ – David Suchet put so much into his 20+ years of playing the character that sometimes it must feel as though you’ve really dedicated a good chunk of your life to them.

  3. I wonder if Emilia just got back to Belfast Or if she has been there the entire time. It’s hard to tell with her when she’s so good at hiding

  4. Edd,
    A little imagination and those formations look like a close up of an alligator’s back–or a dragon’s. 🙂

  5. Close to Gaztelugatxe ( predictably dragonstone castle in S.7 ) in the basque coast… the head and wings of another dragon from above… I see them everywhere 😉


  6. ghost of winterfell,

    Hmmm. And Maisie has some filming ‘bits’ to do. Could D&D spring a J+A reunion on us? I don’t actually want to know–a happy surprise would be much more enjoyable. On another matter, this weekend is the SAG awards. I wonder which cast members will go. Six seasons in, still no luck on best ensemble, perhaps because GoT is so episodic and we don’t see much interacting between great characters in widely separated stories. But maybe this year, who knows… .

  7. You can’t believe anything Maisie says. Every year she says all this stuff about what;s going to happen and its always either untrue or extragrated. She either has no clue what is going on with her other cast mates or she lies.

  8. jane,


    What has Maisie every lied about?

    For what reasons are you declaring “You can’t believe anything Maisie says”. ?

    You’ve made some strong accusations here. I’ve followed Maisie’s career and I’m unaware of anything that would substantiate a challenge to her credibility, let alone a blanket rejection of “anything she says.”

    Care to enlighten us?

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