The Sight brings new Game of Thrones glimpses in time for IMAX premiere

141124-got-sights-1024The Three-Eyed Raven has sent new messages today via the Sight, and fans are receiving their glimpses of the future (and seasons past) even as I type. Once again, the Sight includes images teasing Game of Thrones season 5, while also showing images from past years that are likely relevant to the coming season.

Descriptions of the Sight visions, and a video are tucked below the cut!

There are two visions going around so far.

The first:

UPDATE: A new HQ copy of the first vision:

WotW reader Greatjon of Slumber has provided a description of the video as well:

–The damned raven again
–A man’s hand reaching out to be shaken – this one does not look familiar, but I think that’s because I’m forgetting where it’s from.
–One of the dragon eggs being placed on a fire (Season 1)
–Underwater shot, clear blue sky above it. Someone jumping or diving into the water. This looked new as I don’t recall Kit or Rose being shot from an under-the-water-jumping-in during “Kissed by Fire,” or at any other time, for that matter.
–Winterfell covered in snow. At first I thought this was new, but it looks too much like Sansa’s version of the castle, down to the Heart Tree looking like a withered stick. I think it’s from Mockingbird.
–One of the dragons flying in the distance
–The camera peering around a corner into a room where a man is sitting, back-lit. If I had to guess, it’s Sam, but it’s very hard to tell at all.
–A hand grasping a ledge of some kind, perhaps a boat
–Someone using sticks on drums (Possibly season 1, unclear)
–A man riding a horse along side a beach (new)
–Water cascading down a flight of stairs (new, I believe)
–Overhead shot of Sansa in her bed from First of His Name

WotW reader Greenjones says:

-The hand shake: I believe that was Locke’s hand reaching out to Jon in ep. 404
-The person jumping in the water from beneath: Grey Worm jumping into the water in ep. 408
-The snow castle: Sansa’s in ep. 407
The person ahorse was definitely from the shooting on Portstewart Strand. Potentially a Sand Snake.

WotW reader Ragmans Harbor says:

The under-water shoot is from Meereen, Unsullied jumping in the water. A man giving his hand to shake is Jon and Mance. Water down stairs is new, also the hand on the boat looks like Arya’s.

The second vision:

The vision included:

Dany (old footage)
Grand Sept of Baelor
child’s hand playing with stag toy
Theon as Reek – a new shot from S5, it looks like
wine goblet spilling from Jaime and Tyrion’s scene last season
Moon Door open?
Olly sparring in the Castle Black courtyard- new, I believe
Melisandre (old footage from season 2, I think)
arrival of the Dornish lords from season 4
a dock by the water, with sun glinting on the water (unsure if new or old)
a dragon crying out


WotW Reader Mike has sent us these screencaps of the second vision:





IMG_8718 IMG_8719 (1) IMG_8720 IMG_8721 IMG_8722

IMG_8723 IMG_8724

If anyone’s going to a showing of the Game of Thrones IMAX Experience tonight, be sure to report back on the season 5 trailer!

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    1. The ‘shining coin’ you see there is actually the moon door 🙂

      In the first video right before the hand clinging to the wooden railing is a shot of a sword and leg and lance and something broken off during a fight

      probably from the Jamie/Bronn/Sand snakes fight

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    2. Ok, there’s no way I’m going to resist reading trailer descriptions or watching a recorded version of the trailer (I hope Bex manages to record it). I need the trailer and I needed it 2 weeks ago! 🙁

      Back to the sight, the Theon, stag and last screencap are new, no?

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    3. minty,

      That makes the most sense. When I saw the Vision, it totally looked like a coin, but in the screencap, I thought, “Cave?” But yeah, now that you say it, moon door.

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    4. minty:
      The ‘shining coin’ you see there is actually the moon door

      In the first video right before the hand clinging to the wooden railing is a shot of a sword and leg and lance and something broken off during a fight


      It’s actually Oberyn vs Gregor I think

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    5. Or perhaps regarding the toy: shows doing a flashback of young Gregor and Sandor faceburn scene. In their version the toy is a stag not a knight. The fateful brazier can even be seen in the background.

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    6. Is that Reek and Ramsay shot new? It could easily be a shot from S4, but something about Theon looks different from previous seasons? Maybe that’s just the video’s distortion fooling with me, though.

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    7. I will be attending the 10pm central time. Does anyone know if the trailer plays first or at the end?

      If it’s first I will step out and make a post about it. If it’s not first then Eastern time folks will probably beat me to it if they get a 10pm local showing.

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    8. The shot with what appear to be Dornish people on horseback doesn’t look old to me. Others have said it looked like when Oberyn arrived at King’s Landing. But those look like women to me and the trees are different, more cypressy looking than what they had for the Oberyn arrival scene.

      Perhaps it’s the Sandsnakes?

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    9. Those ”sights” are exactly like the Game of Thrones mixtape, I fear deep-down it’ll still be around next year.

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    10. This is the first time I’ve actually been able to view one of The Sight videos on my phone and I received the first version. So yay! for whatever the folks behind the curtain did to make these (finally) accessible.

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    11. for a minute i had to think about if a stag was used in cyvasse, got really excited for a minute, looked up the game pieces and nope! aw man

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    12. Video of the second one from a user on asoiaf:

      Can see a pink dress going away from that pier. I assume it’s Shae or Ros’ outfit from Season 3 and the scene with Littlefinger there.

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    13. Thank you reader Mike! I think like Dame Pasty upthread that the Theon shot might be new! But I’m not sure. He doesn’t look throughly broken though…


      Lol. I tried. But a spritely Zod is just not possible. It’s more like ” Kneel before Zod”(cause I’m always right) that comes to mind.

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    14. House Ray thinks in a perfect world the trailer would not go online for a week due to the IMAX showing.

      However, I would not be surprised if it shows up online officially before and then IMAX people feel less special. There will definitely be phone bootleg versions that will be nice and crappy.

      House Ray cannot condone such things – but he will be sitting in the back of the theater…

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    15. Someone using sticks on drums

      I’m pretty sure that’s the Oberyn/Gregor fight. That’s the Mountain’s foot in the corner.

      The man sitting down is clearly drinking something. At first I assumed it was Pod when he was with Brienne in Hot Pie’s tavern in 407, but I couldn’t find a corresponding shot. Now, looking at the hairline, I think it might be Ramsay.

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    16. Maybe we’re looking at this stuff the wrong way. The old footage could be clues about what the new season will focus on, or things/characters we will learn more about in S5. Like a very short “previously on.”

      So maybe the old footage isn’t pointless after all?

      Could we get an unsullied “Looking Forward” based on images from The Sight?? 😀 ?

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    17. I stopped the first vid multiple times and to me it looks like Davos’s missing fingers hand in the beginning, trying to shake hands.

      Also, there’s a scene right before Arya’s (?) hand grabbing a concrete ledge that it is from a fight reminiscent of the Mountain and the Viper considering the floor pattern. But it could be something else. Too fast and blurry.

      The rider along the water is I think a woman. I got two screencaps and the hand looks extremely graceful to me the way it holds the reins of the white horse with a black mane. I think it might be a Sand Snake. Not that

      Darkstar or Bronn or Jaime Lannister

      cannot be graceful just not THAT graceful! Hah! Look how prejudiced I am… Jeez, TW get a grip.

      Thanks to the people who uploaded the vids.

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    18. KG,

      Yeah, its implementation is a bit sketchy. But I agree with another poster that these brief, disjoint, blurry visions are indeed supposed to represent Bran plugging into the weirnet with BR and learning. They come across exactly the same as Bran/Jojen’s visions from previous seasons. They effectively replace Bran, since he may not be in this season.

      In a sense, S5 has already begun…..

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    19. KG,
      I agree. It’s all very underwhelming.

      Hodor’s Bastard,
      While I agree that this Sight campaign is supposed to be as if we’re seeing what Bran sees. However, if this is all that Bran sees, then his powers aren’t all that great. The occasional glimpse of of new stuff (let’s assume they’re prescient) scattered against random past scenes that have little or no significance is just noise. Bran’s visions in the book were not this useless.

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    20. I would think this campaign was a good idea if Bran was in this season, but he’s not. So if you haven’t read the books, it makes zero sense.

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    21. This post is intended to have spoiler tags; please help if they aren’t working.

      Sue the Fury,

      We know Bran isn’t in, yet clearly The Sight is very important to the season. Soooo… it seems very likely that Arya’s and possibly Jon or Sansa’s Sight will be playing a major role. Especially since the early Sights seemed quite Arya-centric.

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    22. Dame Pasty,

      Yeah I agree…I don’t think they are all that great either…..but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that show!Bran is still learning to sort things out from the weirnet (learning to read the treeleaves, so to speak)…without the benefit of Jojen’s guidance. That’s the only way I’m able to tolerate them. 🙂

      Maybe they’ll start getting clearer….once BR teaches him to “fly” a bit better….

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    23. Got the second one. I, too, think that the Theon shot is new. Looks like

      Lord Reek @ Winterfell.

      I received a text but it was only another cock shot.

      Hahaha! Sounds a lot like the mysterious email that went out to the students at our local high school yesterday. Right up your alley, Ry!

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    24. I don’t see what would be so interesting about split second visions scattered throughout the season as a way of showing Brans training progress. Just show him when he’s done. That being said there is one Bran vision which IS interesting and IS important. Two words: Forgiving Tree.

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    25. Everyone wants to see bits of season 5 including me of course!
      But i find these ‘sights’ annoying and ridiculous… 9 second videos with half-a-second glimpses of something….
      Oh! R’hllor give us the vimeos from last year… give us a REAL TRAILER!! for the ‘sights’ are blurry and full of old crap…

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    26. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      I actually think this is possible. It would explain the “traumatic” scene, the very secretive Winterfell storyline and the lack of casting news.
      It doesn’t make any sense I know.

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    27. Interesting (not as much as the trailer is going to be, but still). My thoughts:
      The dornish riding a horse is a woman for sure, and I bet on Ellaria. She is all in black (as in the leaked images) and wearing a dark veil, it might be one of the snakes too but I still think it’s ellaria.
      That creepy hand looks a lot like it is from the same person laying down on that pic from one of the “making game of thrones” posts (To be more specific, the december 10th post).
      From the second video: The dornish lords are from season 4. You can compare with the actual footage, the flags are in order and the 2 guys on the front are the same.
      And that dock shot got me very intrigued because even though it looks like that king’s landing dock where littlefinger, sansa, ros and shae have a scene that dress looks nothing like we’ve seen. Paying more attention I realized that dress looks pretty similar to the ones we saw Myrcella using on the leaked pics. Even though it does not scream Dorne to me, I think it’s a possibility, and it just occoured to me now that that looks a lot like the Villa Dalmacija. Ok, now I am really betting it is Dorne and the person walking away is Myrcella.
      God, if we can write this much on such a short videos god help us when the trailer gets released ;).

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    28. Is there going to be a trailer for Season 5 today (Friday)? I keep hearing there’s going to be but I’ve seen nothing official.

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    29. I’m too tired to read through the comments, but has anyone noticed the hand in the handshake appears to be Davos’? Those look like shortened fingers to me.

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    30. Arkash:
      That’s Ramsay, the man alone in the room drinking, not Sam, I think.

      That looked like Sam Tarly to me, perhaps in Oldtown?
      The extended hand is Locke introducing himself to Jon Snow at Castle Black.
      Seems like this round of Sight had the most new snippets.

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    31. KG: What the hell were they thinking?

      What they are thinking is that all they really need to do is remind people that the show is returning. After 4 years of increasing ratings and critical praise, advertising is not going to “sell” the show anymore. The real “ad” for this is watching old seasons.

      At any rate, it’s not going to turn off viewers!

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    32. Wimsey: At any rate, it’s not going to turn off viewers!

      I think nobody here thinks that. And you are right, they basically don’t need a advertising campaign at this point, but if they’re doing one, why not make a good one? The GoT-team has shown in the past that it can do great campaigns, so I have to ask why is this one is so, well, bad, frankly.

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    33. Got my junior mints. Poster in hand. Door is almost ready to open. I’m ready. A few folks have recognized my “Need Obsidian” sign but sadly no one has offered to share. 🙂

      Enjoy all!

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    34. I haven’t read through the comments, but did anyone else receive a video that was pretty much nothing new at all? Cause I sure did!

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    35. Abyss,
      Good advertising campaigns cost money, and that would be money foolishly spent at this stage. This campaign is inexpensive: and money that they do not spend on advertising often can be reallocated for other things in the budgets. Indeed, it’s entirely possible that they acquired extra $$$ for production by sacrificing $$$ for advertising: and, again, that would be a very wise move at this point in the game because the single best advertisement for Season 6 is going to be Season 5.

      As for it being bad, why is it bad? It does not strike me as good or bad or anything in between: it’s just a reminder that the show is returning.

      Now, if people dislike it because it’s not showing us what we want to see (i.e., details about Season 5), well, that’s basically too bad for us. However, they will show us that when they show Season 5.

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    36. Wimsey,

      I have to disagree. Good advertising campaigns don’t cost necessarily much money. Hell, find the right partner and they might even make a little money or cover the cost. Just one Idea: Find a chef with a restaurant, who gets the licence to hold an official Game of Thrones feast in promotion of season 5. He/she can sell his/her GoT themed food and HBO can advertise the show, maybe they even get a little of the money the chef makes.

      As far why it’s bad.

      – It doesn’t work very well even from a technical standpoint, many people couldn’t (and maybe still can’t) view the sights, even though they have an abo for it
      – You can’t really share the sights or view it many times, which is required for something to go viral online, which I would guess should be the point of an online campaign
      – The footage isn’t very interesting

      And just to be clear, I’m not trying to talk shit about the advertising team here, I just feel they didn’t do a very good job this time, it happens.

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    37. Why do I have a feeling this Olly kid is going to wind up an extremely important person around Jon Snow at some point in the future. I guess he’s supposed to take the place of Satin. But I never got the impression Satin was destined for great things. But they are really playing up this Olly kid in the TV version. Since introduced he’s been in every episode featuring the Night’s Watch and now they even use him in this quick 10 second vision thing and new footage from season 5 too. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal. I’m wondering if this Olly kid is not just important but potential Kingsguard important one day.

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    38. Abyss: Good advertising campaigns don’t cost necessarily much money. Hell, find the right partner and they might even make a little money or cover the cost

      Good advertising costs lots of money. Advertising firms charge a lot of money for good reasons: they are very good at making people pay attention. Studios invest quite a bit of money into advertising because it pays off for most projects. However, studios have long since learned that “sequels” don’t need much advertising. Thus, they do not spend money on advertising films with “prequels” or TV series that are well-established.

      Abyss: He/she can sell his/her GoT themed food and HBO can advertise the show, maybe they even get a little of the money the chef makes.

      Yes, that will reach millions.

      Moreover, think of all the money that it would take to coordinate this on broad scales. It would take hundreds of people to coordinate this in thousands of restaurants across the world. Moreover, it would take dozens of people to coordinate those hundreds of people. (Remember, the people doing it are getting paid: and that means that they are getting paid to do this rather than work on publicizing new HBO products that need advertising.) Even then, you are talking about reaching 100’s of thousands worldwide, tops.

      The money would be far more wisely invested in advertising new shows OR in making better CGI giants/dragons/mammoths, etc.

      Abyss: As far why it’s bad.

      If there are technical problems, then that’s due to the fact that this is a new approach. That will change over time. How interesting the footage is really doesn’t matter: if it made you remember Game of Thrones, then that was as interesting as it had to be.

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    39. mpd,

      It would make sense. With Pyp and Grenn dead, that leaves Jon, Sam, Edd, Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt as the other recognizable Night’s Watch characters this season. Sam will likely be heading elsewhere and Slynt probably won’t survive the season, so making Olly a prominent character seems likely.

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    40. The Sight was a cool idea but it’s actually the worst shit in the Seven Kingdoms. Trying to get anything out of a millisecond shot is like trying to find a map shop in the Riverlands. Give up. The Vines were far superior, but they were new clips. Post-production is knee deep in CGI right now and Benioff looks like a resurrected skeleton. So, I understand if nobody got time for that.

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    41. Totally jealous of people in USA right now
      They’re in the middle of tWotW and I’m here in KSA without even a cinema
      You are truly lucky

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    42. And here I am alone in my corner waiting for someone to upload the trailer eventually. It’s 1:52am in my country and I don’t plan on sleeping until I see the damn trailer. Envying you americans.

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    43. I think the concept of the Sight is fantastic. I think it’s the execution that’s lacking. I’m not sure what they should’ve done to make it better, but maybe, instead of a bunch of visions for an incredibly short duration, maybe fewer visions, but for slightly longer durations. I think that would have worked better even with mostly old footage. I think what I’m getting at is I think it would have been better more geared to “why am I seeing what I’m seeing,” instead of, “that went by so quickly, I’m not even sure what it was.”

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    44. Wimsey,

      Mh, I really don’t mean to be rude here, but it feels like you disagree with me just for the sake of it. The chef thing was only one idea and no you don’t have to do it in many restaurants, just do it in a couple and let the chefs organize it themselves. It won’t reach millions, but that’s ok, just let people know and talk about it. That will be enough to create some buzz.
      It just isn’t true that every campaign needs to be huge to be a success, especially with a big and loyal community like GoT has it. People will make pretty much everything “big” online as long it’s a cool idea. The vine campaign Turncloak was talking about was a very little one and people talked about it and loved it anyway. Another example of a good little campaign that for sure wasn’t that much of a cost for HBO and that pretty much everybody loved was the Beautiful Death one.

      As for the technical problems, it doesn’t matter why they are/were there, the simple fact that they are/were makes the campaign bad from a technical standpoint.

      Anyway, I am not looking for a fight here, but trust me when I say that HBO has done much better campaigns since the show started and not all of them were big and costly.

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    45. I just got my vision

      It was a dark hall
      People were sitting all around in stunned silence
      Then a light shines and it shows the wall
      There’s excitement in the air
      Then there were drums
      Then the munching of popcorn
      Then some new stuff from season 5 that lasted more than a split second
      The me sitting at home in Australia saying why am I not at IMAX like all these people in my vision

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    46. So Neil Marshall’s in T.O.? (re: AngryGoTFan’s tweet).

      Someone should ask him if he’s doing an ep. for s6. (If I were downtown I would…)

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    47. Robert: Well, I guess I’m not the only one who will be continuously refreshing this page in an hour.

      Speaking of which, can we get rid of the long poll at the bottom of the page?

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    48. Abyss,
      I am not disagreeing to disagree. However, your ideas are orders of magnitude short of what HBO needs to. They do need to let millions of people know when the show is coming back. That’s all they need to do. They don’t need “buzz.” But if they did need buzz, then things like restaurants are not going to generate it without a colossal effort. For example, the iMax distribution is not generating much “buzz” outside of the fan world despite a global distribution: there is, for example, little (if any) mention of it on the major entertainment sites. So, the restaurant idea would need much broader distribution to reach people: one “happening” in NYC will pass unnoticed in most of NYC, never mind anywhere else.

      (As for the Beautiful Death series that “everyone loved,” I never had heard of it: so, clearly that wasn’t a very effective campaign. Moreover, I seriously doubt that many of the viewers were aware of it. Looking at it, I don’t’ see much potential for future advertising campaigns for other shows, whereas I see a lot of potential in what they are attempting here.)

      At any rate, the point isn’t whether HBO has done a better job in the past: they surely have done because it was important to push the series. That’s not important anymore: indeed, at this point, it is a waste of time and effort. The issue at hand is whether this new approach is in any way inadequate. Trying to develop new advertising techniques (this is taking advantage of fairly new technology) always is going to have growing pains. GoT is a good series with which to do this because there cannot be a “bad” effort: no effort is going to amount to anything anyway, so why not start working out the kinks with a show that no longer can benefit from advertising?

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    49. First impression of the trailer via the forums:

      Just watched it. Quick things to remember:

      1. Tywin lying in state.
      2. Harpy falling off the pyramid in Mereen.
      3. Varys telling Tyrion about putting Dany on the throne.
      4. Rattleshirt returns in the Wilding fight.
      5. Theon returns.
      6. Melisandre stripping down
      7. also the Watch seems to be burning someone, but I don’t know whom.
      8. Sandsnake with pigtails
      9. Arya pulling Needle out of a hiding place, it seems. Her clothes are different (black plain dress, it looked like).

      From a post by sj4iy.

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    50. Not sure if I can post the link to the trailer here, but I put the link at westeros

      Not sure if that’s the complete trailer though, cuts out quickly

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    51. From the moment at :22, what bald headed man would the Sand Sakes bury in the sand up to his neck and then whip a barrel off his head?

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    52. Wimsey,

      I’m not saying that the campaign has no potential, I’m saying that the advertising team hasn’t done a very good job with it this time around, surely you can at least agree on that…

      When I was talking about the Beautiful Death campaign I (obviously) meant that pretty much everybody who heard about it loved it. That you never heard about it doesn’t make it ineffective, if anything it makes it small scale and that is exactly what I called it.
      The simple truth is that there is a place for big campaigns that have to reach millions and small ones for the “core” community to spread the word about them. – And the sights campaign is exactly that, btw, only someone who is already very invested in the show would care about tiny, blurry clips with mostly old footage. No chance in hell to reach millions with that.

      To be honest I don’t get your angle here. All that most people are saying + is that the campaign isn’t very good. It’s not about whether or not it has potential, is necessary at this point or whatever. The fact is, HBO is doing a campaign and most people think (for many good reasons) that it isn’t very good and wonder why they didn’t do better as they have in the past. – And you no what? Maybe you are right and this campaign is about “start working out the kinks” with “new advertising techniques (this is taking advantage of fairly new technology)”. Growing pains are fine, but at the end of the day people have to like it anyway or a will call it a bad campaign, doesn’t matter how innovative it is.

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    53. Afeastfordances,

      He looks like he’s been given a new beard

      In this he looks a lot more withered, but not OTT so as given the fact they “showed” it there would have been too much of a jump from end of s3 start of s4, so good if they do the physical change a bit more incrementally, so personally I like the change, Alife Allen was acting the part great but there didn’t seem to be a discernible enough physical change to emphasise the point of how he was transformed from Theon to Reek

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    54. Busmans,
      Ah yes, much better. I’m going out on a limb saying the Sand Snakes have Areo Hotah buried up to the neck in the sand there.

      P.S. Both the old facebook spoilers and the White Walkers tumbling from a cliff at “show Hardhome” seem to be confirmed now.

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