Win a trip to the Season 8 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ with Emilia Clarke!


Win a chance to attend the Season 8 premiere with this cheerful beauty!

Not that we’re clamoring for the end of Game of Thrones per se, but the chance to hang out with Emilia Clarke at the Season 8 red-carpet premiere? That’s something we can all hope for.

Online fundraising platform Omaze, which raffles off “once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise” in support of critical causes, is offering the chance to one lucky winner and a friend to attend the Season 8 premiere in New York City as Clarke’s “Hand of the Queen” VIP guests. Omaze has previously offered prizes including a tour of the Thrones set, a chance to be Nikolaj Coster-Waldau‘s VIP (also to the Season 8 premiere) and meeting the cast.

Clarke announced the contest in a charming YouTube video in which she details what being her guest means — in addition to flights and hotel accommodations, the winners get to walk the red carpet with her and share a toast at the official HBO after-party, which she promises will be “lit AF.”

She also said that the final season feels sentimental, “like a graduation,” and proceeded to award the Thrones cast with “yearbook-style superlatives,” including:

Best Reaction to Finding Out Their Character Was Being Killed Off: Jason Momoa (the reaction to his death took “days” to recover from)

Most Likely to be a Stark in the Streets and a Wildling in the Sheets: Alfie Allen (yes, really!)

Best Eyebrows: Herself (“Is that even a question?”)

Biggest Prankster: David Benioff and Dan Weiss (who apparently wrote a fake storyline for Kit in which his whole face got scarred “because they knew it would really mess him up”)

Best Instagram Account: Tie between Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams (the latter makes Clarke feel “about 92” years old)

Most Likely to Have Insisted on Doing A Nude Scene: Kit Harington (“The abs!”)

Most Likely to Cry At the Final Game of Thrones Premiere: “All of us!”

Clarke’s charity is Charities Aid Foundation of America, which helps young adults recover from the impact of major medical trauma. Details and rules for entry are available here. Best of luck!

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    1. Omaze website says the winner will be announced “on or around April 3rd.” That’s really late for the red carpet to be on April 3rd, so I think Mamoa was misinformed. Maybe it’s the 7th or 10th?

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    2. I’d have to spend a small fortune on my outfit if I won. There’s no way I’d walk the red carpet in my “Grateful Dead t-shirt and Fuck You hat.” 😕

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    3. Most definitely entering…this is the third one for being a GoT premiere guest! I was confused by the “winner announced on or around April 3,” because Momoa had said it was happening ON the 3rd. So either Omaze is off on that, or there’s more than one premiere and this happens to be the LAST one (later than 4/3.) Then I saw it was being held at Radio City Music Hall, and I’m not sure how this works…obviously to get IN-in and watch the show and all you need to be invited and have a ticket, right? But I live right near NYC. How close can you get if you just, y’know, turn up to see the outdoor/red carpet bit? Anybody know? <:-} (I do have a new dress that I'd wanted to wear to a wedding I wound up unable to attend…)

      LOL, I knew either Kit or Natalia Tena would've been the most eager to do nude scenes, and Emilia likely wouldn't have had any experience with Nat…XD

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    4. Yes don’t they usually do a few different premieres in Europe, US and Asia? Hard to imagine these would not be at least a week or so before the episode airs on TV to ensure prestige and allow the critics to get their reviews out.

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    5. Mel:
      Jack Bauer 24,

      Some people think there could be more than one premiere, if there is than this could be a slightly later one

      Yeah this one is in NYC, so maybe there’s another in LA. I went back and looked at the Omaze fundraiser for Nikolaj and that posting never added the location of the premiere. It said the winner would be announced “on or around January 5th” and they ended up tweeting the winner on January 16th. Maybe that’s the one on April 3rd?

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    6. Clob:
      I’d have to spend a small fortune on my outfit if I won.There’s no way I’d walk the red carpet in my “Grateful Dead t-shirt and Fuck You hat.” 😕

      • From the linked information on the Omaze fundraising site, you’d have to spend a small fortune to buy enough entries to have any real chance at winning. 🤥

      I’ll bet there are going to be plenty of 1%er trust fund babies willing to spend $1,000 to exponentially increase their chances of winning. Which would suck.

      • On a lighter note, Emilia’s short video confirms what I’ve long surmised: She MUST star in comedies after GoT is over. She’s got perfect timing, and never fails to make you smile. Peraps she won the genetic lottery and has a natural overabundance of serotonin and dopamine. She’s got an infectious laugh and self-deprecating sense of humor that can charm anyone.

      • Hey Clob? I’d love it if I were watching TV coverage of the premier and saw Emilia walking the red carpet with a guy [you] wearing a Grateful Dead tee shirt and “F*ck You” hat.

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    7. My email address is literally “literallyemiliaclarke@gmail” (it’s a long story) so you can be dang sure I’m entering.

      Plus, win or lose it’s for a good cause.

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    8. Clob:
      I’d have to spend a small fortune on my outfit if I won.There’s no way I’d walk the red carpet in my “Grateful Dead t-shirt and Fuck You hat.” 😕

      That’s quite the dichotomy.

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    9. Unless they’re liars, most winners apparently donate under $100 (many are announced with “____ gave $10 and won…”)

      I must admit I’ve considered going for one of the higher tiers, but they have sooo many campaigns that greatly appeal to me, with new ones posted every so many days…and I believe you’d only be allowed to win one per year…it’s just too confusing. ><

      Emilia is clearly a natural for comedy, though. Needs to name her eyebrows and give them separate billing too. xD

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    10. “Breaker of Chains – and of websites.” – says statuspage. As right now, I can’t get on to enter. Hopefully they’re raising lots of money for something awesome. I guess I’ll have to go look at Maisie’s instagram instead.

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