Samuel L. Jackson recaps Game of Thrones

“I have had it with these motherfucking Sand Snakes on this motherfucking show!” is a thing that isn’t said in this video. But it could have been! This “spoiler lite” recap of the story so far, narrated by the legendary Samuel L. Jackson, was released to promote Game of Thrones on iTunes.

WinterPhil: Not content with record ratings, HBO still is looking to rope in some new viewers of Thrones. Good on them. I like that it takes almost 8 minutes and yet this recap barely scratches the surface of everything that has happened in the show. Getting Samuel L. to narrate it does make it a lot more entertaining than your typical recap video though!

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    1. I love it. I vote for a cameo appearance of Samuel L. Jackson next season.
      Hmm, is ‘the word motherfucker ‘ used in Westeros?

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    2. Oh please no more Sandsnake-hate. When being mentioned how bad they are in every other post, it’s as if it’s a fact. But It’s not a fact. It’s still an opinion. I like the Dorne-subplot and appreciate the SS for what they are.
      Sometimes things become hip to hate (Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken being the lowest ranked GOT-episode on IMDB is a very good example of that). Of course the plot is so very different in style, so people will rage and discuss, but please not in the actual post. I like when there’s article from one of the siterunners in which their opinion shows, but it’s different when it’s simply becoming an in-joke in every other post to hate on Dorne. I feel like an outsider for actually liking the storyline, which is something that never happened to me before on this site.
      To me, Doran was a refreshingly unselfish character and his death very tragic at the hands of Xena’esque amazone warriors. There’s even a slightly disturbing edge to the fact that these very cartoonish characters act with such utter lack of mercy. It unnerves me a bit. That’s all there is to it, yes. But I liked it.

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    3. This is great for people that have already watched it. I wouldn’t recommend this to a newbie though, it spoils way too much.

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    4. “Bran, he trippin”.
      Just sheer genius!

      “β€œI have had it with these motherfucking Sand Snakes on this motherfucking show!” is a thing that isn’t said in this video. But it could have been!”
      No, it couldn’t have been said on THIS video. Because it’s a video to PROMOTE GoT. It’s not by a part of the fanbase. πŸ˜‰

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    5. Love it!

      “Nice family, right? Don’t get attached. I’m just sayin’.” Such great advice. LOL. Too late for me though.

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    6. You know what? Samuel L. Jackson should play every character in GoT and it would just be the best show that has ever existed on earth forever.

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    7. The twists are endless…..

      “Check out the big brain on Bran…”

      “My name is Snow and your ass ain’t talkin’ your way outta this shit…”

      “Normally, both your asses would be dead as mutha fuckin’ fried chicken…” says the Hound.

      “Don’t be tellin’ me about foot fuckin’ massages, I’m the foot fuckin’ Maester.”

      “Hey, a sewer rat may taste like Frey Pie, but I’d never know ’cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy muthafucker.”

      This stuff writes itself. I love Pulp Fiction….one of my favorites!!

      *gets on knees* Please give Jules…erm, Samuel L. Jackson a part in GoT’s.

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    8. Hilarious, as only SLJ can be, but didn’t mention direwolves once. That’s not a good omen for the two that are left. Run free, live long Ghost and Nymeria. WE remember you.
      Yes, if they could find a part for SLJ – make him that Maester. Can you imagine a scene of Sam Tarly and Maester Samuel? What’s in YOUR satchel, Samwell?

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    9. Mo powa more problems.. Dany is such a hood character it ain’t even funny..

      Hilarious, can you imagine a scene of Sam Tarly and Maester Samuel? What’s in YOUR satchel, Samwell?

      Welp… There goes my drink straight outta my nose again..

      Jedi Maester Marwyndu.. xD

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    10. ThankYou!,
      Hi there, as a long time lurker of quite a few GoT sites, I couldn’t help to second this.
      Apart from the infamous Dorne (which I’m okay with, but don’t love it), even the Meereem plot is bearable for me, although I can see plenty ways of improving it and plenty reasons that it wasn’t done better, I still enjoyed a bit of realpolitik discussions presented there about governing and ruling. All these aside, I have never, ever had a single problem with Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, I found the so called notorious wedding ceremony/night scenes utterly beautiful and strong, plus I simply loved Sansa’s Season 5 story-line changes. Well, I’m not bringing this up to argue with people with different views, there’re plenty! I respect that and I don’t have time for more in depth discussion:) However, I’d just like to comfort any people in the minority that they’re not alone.

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    11. I’m guessing this came from a writer…and Sam provided the delivery? Not everybody can say “Motherfucka” just right.

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