Roger Ashton-Griffiths Confirmed for Con of Thrones!


It’s another busy week for Con of Thrones news! Yesterday the con confirmed that the show’s Emmy Award-winning sound designer Paula Fairfield will be a guest at the event in Nashville, Tennessee this summer, and today there’s another announcement. Adding to the exciting roster of cast members in attendance, Con of Thrones is now welcoming Roger Ashton-Griffiths!

Ashton-Griffiths is beloved by fans for his performance as the lovable and occasionally opera-singing oafish Lord Mace Tyrell. The actor joined Game of Thrones in the fourth season, putting a face to Margaery and Loras’ often-mentioned father, a well-established character from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Mace went out in a blaze of wildfire glory in the season six finale, along with his children- but we’ll always have Braavos, won’t we?

Roger Ashton-Griffiths will be attending the con on Friday and Saturday (June 30-July 1), where he’ll be taking part in panels. He’ll also be doing autograph and photo sessions- so reserve yours now.

Visit for tickets and more details!

Con of Thrones (CoT) is its own legal entity and is owned and operated separately from Watchers on the Wall (WotW). WotW owners and staff are assisting with CoT on a volunteer-basis only. All inquiries should be directed to management at Con of Thrones. Hope to see you there!

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    1. Ten Bears,
      They must not realize that Hot Pie has a huge fanbase. I mean, if Sam Coleman and Aimee Richardson are gonna be there then they gotta get Ben Hawkey!!

      Tongue-in-cheek… Hot Pie may have had the biggest swing from bad guy to good guy in the whole series! Seriously though, do you ever think about it? When we first meet him he’s a bully that pushes “Arry” down, calls him names and tries to steal Needle. Lommy claims he watched Hot Pie kick a boy to death. From that introduction to a funny, cowardly, chatty boy that just wants to talk about kidney pie. 🙂

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    2. A request to anyone attending this con:

      I’d like to know what his line was in the script when the Sparrows starting cutting into Loras’ forehead.

      Heavy scene but that indistinct harumph? takes me right out of it and gives me a good chuckle every time I watch it.

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    3. Clob,

      I’ve been a vocal fan of Hot Pie’s evolution from malicious bully to sweet-hearted loyal friend of Arya. I also love his recurring “’cause they got armor on” and “WinterHell” gags.

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    4. “Mace went out in a blaze of wildfire glory in the season six finale, along with his children- but we’ll always have Braavos, won’t we?”

      What are you trying to tell us here, Sue?

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    5. dragonbringer:
      Anyone else who is hoping that the trailer may release today

      We can always live in hope, but I think it too early for a full trailer. HBO Marketing have been dropping something every third Thursday for the last couple of months, though, so it isn’t impossible we may get something today.

      If they do give us something today, and continue with that pattern, it would give us a full trailer three weeks from now on June 1st – a date that makes a lot more sense given that last year the full trailer dropped around six weeks before season six started.

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