Reggaeton artist joins Catch The Throne Vol. II


The roster of the next edition of the Game of Thrones mixtape is expanding!

According to tweets from HBOLatino and the musician’s record company, reggaeton artist Yandel has recorded a track for Catch the Throne Vol. II.

The tweet translates to, “HBD @llandel_malave. Welcome to @HBO. Celebrating with the music created by you for @GameOfThrones #CatchTheThrone Vol. II.”

The “Feliz Cumpleaños” message is in reference to the announcement being made on Yandel’s birthday, January 14th. A very nice present, indeed.

This year’s mixtape will feature both hip-hop and metal acts, with Killswitch Engage and Anthrax already confirmed to appear.

Thanks to Marcelo Córdova for his translation assistance!


Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. When I think of music that fits in a fantasy setting I certainly think Raggae (rolls eyes)

    WtF is HBO thinking! Fookin cunts!!

  2. Karl,

    Sigur Ros was music for the actual show, played in the credits. This is for the mixtape which is entirely separate.


    I know you have a shtick, but avoid excessive vulgarity, especially the misogynistic variety.

  3. Queensmoot,

    I mean that’s the whole guys gig is pretending to be a character from the show, who swears constantly. So in context it is pretty much the same.

  4. Sue the Fury,

    Serious? I suppose if I called them fookin cowards or fookin cocks that would be fine but since I use the same word that they use on the show and in the books im a mysogynist….really? Reaaaaaally?

    Do you get mad and throw your book across the room when those words pop up in the books? Do you stick your fingers in your ears and sing “I am woman hear me roar” when they say it on the show? Do you write angry letters to GRRM or HBO or D&D about your feminist views?

    Yes I have a schtick, yes its based on a character from a show we all like (at least I thought) ,yes I use the same language as said character but I do so in a humorous way and in no way was it directed at yours or anyone elses gender.

    If words like that offend you lady sue may I suggest putting on your big girls armor. Ffs its not like I had raped cersei in the sept in front of her dead kid.

    I see free speech is not tolerated here on the wall, maybe we can add “fookin cunts” to the lexicon under banned words or phrases….sheesh

  5. Rygar,

    I love some Lorenna McKennitt and smoke plenty of weed but I fail to see the corelation between hiphop or raggae with anything fantasy related. Unless they are doing a remake of the Wiz with Nikki Minaj as dorothy Snoop Dogg as the cowardly lion lil wayne as the scarecrow and fiddy cent as the tinman

  6. Ghost_of_Karl_Tanner,

    This is the same rule as for everyone. And the same standard we’ve always had, incidentally. You don’t get a free pass just because you’re playing a character. We’re not going to debate it. That’s your warning, take it or leave it.

  7. When they were annoucing some rock bands a few ago, I looked at these comments to see if there was the same kind of backlash that the rappers got at the beginning. I refrained from calling bullshit at the fact that so many were against Common but were O.K. with Anthrax as if in their minds the medival fantasy setting lended itself better to rock than in did to hiphop or rap. Which, by the way, it does not. But now, Bullshit must be invoked.

    The question I have to ask is, “Why not?” Why not Reggaeton? Why not Rap? Or Doowop? Soul? Country? Folk?

    What does it say about the fans of Fantasy that their world *Must* be accompanied by a specific musical ensemble and those who attach a different sound to their fantasy 1.) are wrong and 2.) should not be adhered to for fear that it sends the message that that sort of behavior is acceptable?

    Until someone can give me a real reason why the fastasy setting’s musical connections must be so limited, I’m going to assume each of those affected by this foolish assertation to simply be incapable of critical thinking or expansive/imaginative thought.

  8. Aegon,

    Exactly – this is just a promo from HBO not something that will be integrated into the show. I am sure there are some fans this will reach.

  9. Ghost_of_Karl_Tanner,

    It is literally not the same principle. In the least bit. A person’s portrayal of the work is based on their ability to act. Kim Kardashian can not act. If she could act, then there’d be no reason not to cast her if she fit.

    Music, on the other hand, does not “portray” a world. It provides a backdrop to an already established scene. Furthermore its purpose is to invoke an emotion. If there is a party at Casterly Rock, the backdrop might be regal, lordly, stately. Thus stately music. If there is a stabbing in the backrooms of King’s Landing, there might be suspenseful or dramatic music.

    The difference is in *What* constitutes stately music. *What* constitutes dramatic music. If your answer is that only certain genres are capable of producing such music, then I delegate you to the unimaginative corner I described previously.

    The fact that you believe the casting of Kim Kardashian to be equal to the inclusion of Reggeton in a mixtape about Game of Thrones indicates to me that you belong in said corner.

    Edit: “you belong in said corner” is too harsh and does not lend itself to a proper debate. I apologize.

  10. Aaron Schaefer,


    GRRM and D&D have given us a very expansive and multi-cultural fantasy world; no reason the music used in associated projects shouldn’t be just as expansive and multi-cultural.

  11. Ghost_of_Karl_Tanner,

    Wow, a one-time article mentioning Karl included people in comments quoting him. That’s such a surprise.

    Lose the antagonism. We’re not here to babysit you. Final warning.

  12. Ghost_of_Karl_Tanner,

    I was hoping you would use only real world examples in your rebuttal and I see you did not disappoint.

    1.) People in Baltimore listen to Country music.
    2.) A country music singer can sing about ANY PLACE ON THE PLANET. Be it Englewood or Baghdad. Georgia, USA or Georgia the country below Russia.
    3.) An African song can just as easily portray the same emotions that the Vikings in the scene are having. Thus being relevant to the scene. An African song about can bring to mind a raider’s mindset just as easily as a Scandinavian one. Or bring to mind a love lost, or home destroyed, or joy and happiness.

    And lastly and most importantly, this is FANTASY. Not Norse Mythology. Not African Fables. As such there is no REAL WORLD ANALOG. Any attempt to bridge the gap between the two worlds is entirely based on READER INTERPRETATION. You want your image of Westeros to be portaryed through rock? Fine. There is no rock in Westeros so that’s your choice to throw it in there. I would like some Common. A bit of Aretha Franklin. And a dash of the Rat Pack. And since none of those things exist in Westeros, it can’t be wrong for me to do just that.

  13. Anywho.

    I’m glad that Yandel is keeping himself busy after finishing “The World of Ice and Fire.” 😛

    And, BTW, if an artist who shares a name with a fantasy maester isn’t appropriate for a fantasy mixtape, seriously who is?

    I’m not personally a reggatone fan, but I think it’s really weird that some are treating this like some Issue that we need to take a Stance on. It’s music. Like it or don’t, buy it or don’t, no need to hate on the whole concept.

  14. As an Irishman we use cunt all the time and it’s usually directed at other men. I think people need to lighten up

  15. I’m now imagining someone in the 70’s complaining that this whole “rock” fad isn’t really an appropriate thing to pair with a classic mythological story like Tolkien’s.

  16. Well I’m not an Irishman.

    We’re pretty laid-back here for the most part but when someone’s entire shtick involves calling people cunts and insulting people in other ways, no thank you. Particularly when we’ve discussed this before with him, even back at WiC he was told to dial it back. He had plenty of warnings. Enough is enough.

  17. Zeus,

    … yeah. It’s impressive that you said that and didn’t get the irony.

    Of course that insult is directed at men! Many, many insults are based on comparing men to women or their sex… and that’s precisely the reason the insults are misogynistic; womanhood is used as an insult, a synonym of weakness, etc. That’s the whole point. That’s why those kinds of insults are inherently offensive, regardless of the intent. It’s also puerile; not dissimilar to insecure male teens calling each other “gay” without giving it any thought. Even if they are not knowingly being homophobic, how do you think it feels that a crucial part of your identity (your gender, your sexual orientation) is thoughtlessly used as a commonplace insult?

    BTW, more importantly, Tanner, this is not a free speech issue. This is not a public space. The government does not guarantee free speech on private spaces such as this (and thank God for that!) If you don’t get it, let’s put it like this: this is basically Sue’s (and the others’) home, and we are invited in to participate in a discussion —under the house rules. If you act like an arse or plainly break the rules, you are kicked out, and it’s got nothing to do with free speech.

  18. Blind Beth:
    I’m now imagining someone in the 70’s complaining that this whole “rock” fad isn’t really an appropriate thing to pair with a classic mythological story like Tolkien’s.

    ….and then came Jethro Tull….

    “So you ride yourselves over the fields
    and you make all your animal deals
    and your wise men don’t know how it feels
    to be thick as a brick.”

  19. Hodor’s Bastard: ….and then came Jethro Tull….

    “So you ride yourselves over the fields
    and you make all your animal deals
    and your wise men don’t know how it feels
    to be thick as a brick.”

    And then came Michael McDonald.

    “What a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be…..”


    “I keep forgettin’ we’re not in love anymore”

  20. Well, I for one thing this was blown way out of proportion but whatever.
    As for rap not being suitable for fantasy, it’s not that (not for me anyway), it’s just hard to get excited over something that you don’t care about or don’t like (rap, raggaeton etc). I’m not against these genres being part of the mixtape though, that’s totally fine, as far as I’m concerned they should add as many genres of music as possible if that means getting more people into GoT.

  21. Rygar,

    “So, do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.”


  22. Rygar,

    “…most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It’s also a personal statement about the band itself. Hey, Rygar!”

  23. Rygar,

    Well, he wasn’t defeated by Boromir if that’s what you’re implying!

    I’ve been Strider for too long a time. New year, new nick. At least for a while.

  24. Tormund’s Woman:
    I’ve been Strider for too long a time. New year, new nick. At least for a while.

    And we know how well that turned out for “Jentario” and that despicable american psycho “Mine is the Furry”. 😉

  25. Zeus:
    As an Irishman we use cunt all the time and it’s usually directed at other men.I think people need to lighten up

    As a Scot, I agree. It’s practically a term of endearment. But folk in the US really find the word offensive and abrasive, so…

  26. Hodor’s Bastard,

    LOL! HB let me at least try it for a while before dooming it to oblivion. Who knows, it might stick.

    PS. I don’t think we’ll get Ciran on the flute, but we might get him

    at Winterfell

    . Hopefully.

  27. Cumsprite,

    Seven help us if anyone else gets any attention for his/her nick!

    Everyone, please let’s all applaud Mr. Sprite for his fortunate choice: Cumsprite. (I really do feel like shaking some sense into you sometimes, you know!?)

  28. Zeus,
    Every culture is different but we do live in a very interconnected world now so we’re bound to run up against such differences. I think that should make us all the more willing to just play nice in the sandbox. Don’t see why that’s a problem.

  29. Arya havin’ a larf?,
    Pffft. Liberty is a thing. I am in the camp that liberty is the most important thing. People should be able to express themselves freely even on stupid internet forums. Maybe especially on stupid internet forums. A line needs to be drawn somewhere, but I am not sure punishment for the use of a swear word on a site that allows swear words because someone got triggered is the way to go.

    In closing:

    Dirty old twat
    Sixty-nine assholes tied in a knot

  30. Cumsprite,

    You know I’m in agreement with your liberty stuff you typed there. (No need to freak out. Calm yourself. It’s a one time exception, no doubt!)

    But personal attacks/ insults are against the rules here. And while Karl was in character, you really have no idea if he was in character or sometimes just plain using that as an excuse to insult posters he disagreed with.

    Sue made a judgement call as a mod. I have a strange feeling you are familiar with that kind of decision. I never approve of mod judgement calls. NEVER! But I’m weird like that.

    That being said, Sue has some ovaries. Good for her. Alliser Thorne style. She’s not about doubting herself. Kudos.

  31. Tormund’s Woman,

    Some judgement calls are made for a perceived greater good even though, in hindsight, maybe the decision was a mistake. Rest assured, were I in a position to make such a hypothetical call, it would not be done unilaterally.

    I doubt Sue the Fury took action on the basis of a single use of the offending term, I don’t think she’s like that, and what’stheirface might have had it coming. I’m not around here often enough to know.

  32. It’s not that rap and similar genres are unsuitable for Fantasy settings. It’s that regaaeton is objectively crap, plain and simple.

    With that said, one reason rock is usually defended as more suitable for Fantasy imagery is that there are whole subgenres within it devoted to Medieval/Fantasy themes (Folk rock, Viking Metal, etc.). Am I in ignorance by assuming that this kind of thing in rap is a novelty started precisely by GoT and its mixtapes?

  33. Fjordgazer,

    The word objectively can almost never be used in a discussion of an entire class of things. Reggeton as a whole could not be “objectively” delegated to “crap” as that is neither plain nor simple. Furthermore, the genre itself is not the sum of its parts. A talented artist could use the Reggeton genre to successful capture a fantasy feel, it would just take a particularly imaginative artist.

    You are not ignorant for that reason, no. It would be disingenuous however to state that Rock has sub-genres that adhere to fantasy without acknowledging that with that same precedent, sub-genres of other types of music could be created.

    The sub-genres you described were novelties created by the bands involved. If HBO is capable of starting fantasy sub-genres within other forms music, more power to them. A lofty goal, were it theirs. From what I’ve seen it would be like fighting uphill in a hailstorm.

    At the very least, it can bring fantasy to the attention of those who may not have been predisposed toward it. Perhaps start something new.

  34. Aaron Schaefer,

    I’ve already touched on this subject in this same site, in a discussion with Wimsey: what is objectively bad art?

    Sorry, but the case of Reaggaeton being an objectively bad subgenre of music CAN and HAS BEEN made. Not gonna make it here because the discussion was done to DEATH back in 2006-2008 here in Latin America, you know, the one region and the one time where the thing became massive. We all got burned out by it ages ago, to the point where bloggers describe themselves as “retired antireggaetoneros”.

    Suffice to say, we didn’t hold the view that a piece of music has to sound insufferably cacophonic to be bad, though surely these shitty reggaeton songs come closer than most.

    Not much to add as to the rest of your comment. Indeed, i guess “folk rap” or “viking hip-hop” can be founded, although i’m not sure they could have a very long life…

  35. Fjordgazer,

    What you said is exactly my point. A case can be made. A strong case, even. But at the end of the day, it is a subjective field. It can never be objective since it whole baseline of the arguement involves what people “think” is bad. Not what experiments can show is bad, not what science can prove is bad. What people think is always subjective.

    Good Reggeton music can be made, it is simply the opinions of the “Anti-reggetoneros”, as it was put, that none has yet been.

    Folk rap sounds awesome to me. I’d support the hell out of that. lol.

  36. Aaron Schaefer,

    I don’t care much for the abstract angle you take the subject to. To clarify further again, if you take reggaeton and mix it up with a real artist ( ; the result can be decent. It’s the reggaeton “movement” that was mostly flawed, and populated by poor excuses of rappers.

    Like i said, we exhausted this discussion back in the day. Not going to resume it. Cheers!

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