Quiz show-style ‘Thronecast’ airing Friday night on Britain’s Sky One!

Thronecast: Gameshow of Thrones is a Quiz Show hosted by GoT super fan Sue Perkins. Celebrity fans and Cast members will be battling it out in their Houses to see who knows as much as the three-eyed raven and who’s a bit more Jon Snow.
Thronecast: Gameshow of Thrones is a Quiz Show hosted by GoT super fan Sue Perkins airing this Friday on Britain’s Sky One channel.

Let’s be honest: as fans of Game of Thrones, we’re guilty of thinking we know everything when it comes to trivia. But when the chips are down, are you more Three-Eyed Raven or Jon Snow?

The good news is, you don’t have to prove yourself (at least not to us) — the people at Britain’s Sky network have it covered. Thronecast, an aftershow that airs on Sky One during GoT’s regular seasons and features analysis, interviews and more, will present “Thronecast: Gameshow of Thrones,” a quiz-style game show centered on all things Thrones, at 10 p.m. on Friday on Sky One.

Hosted by comedian and Thronecast regular Sue Perkins, “Gameshow of Thrones” will pit two teams of celebrity fans — and some Thrones cast members! — against each other in a battle for trivia bragging rights.

Team Captain Rob Beckett will team up with Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn) and Rickie Haywood-Williams, while Team Captain Jonathan Ross will join forces with Hannah Waddingham (Septa Unella) and Joel Dommett.

Team Ross
Team Ross will feature, from left, Hannah Waddington (Septa Unella), Jonathan Ross and Joel Dommett.
Team Beckett will feature, from left,
Team Beckett will feature, from left, Rickie Haywood-Williams, Rob Beckett and Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn).

It’s not quite the Battle of the Bastards, but there may be taunting and name-calling, and it could be brutal. Seven blessings to these brave warriors!


  1. Thronecast has gone down hill in recent years under Sue Perkins in my opinion, it’s become far more comedic feel rather than focusing on the show like it was back in the days when Jamie East led it with Linda/Elio joining. I’ll still watch it but avoid this game show.

    Also for any UK based Watchers contributors Sky Atlantic have a documentary available now covering S1-S7 with commentary on key moments from actors and super fans. I’ve not watched it yet as I’m currently re-watching S2 but will do before the S8 premiere.

  2. T.D.:
    Ugh who keeps giving Rob Beckett panel show gigs?

    I don’t even know who he is! I know the others and they at least are big fans of the show or former actors/actresses.

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