Premiere week Game of Thrones funny times

TV shows and websites are bringing out their best Game of Thrones humor lately. In addition to the hilarious Key & Peele and Kit Harington sketches, Team Coco’s Lil Thrones, and Sesame Street parodies we’ve already shared, here’s more of the comedy and clever recaps generated by premiere week.

“Dumb Ways to Die” – the Game of Thrones Edition! Hilarious cartoon rendition of GoT deaths set to music.

For those of you who have been enjoying the Quick Draw “Life of…” cartoons shared by Vanity Fair recently, you’ll enjoy this one-minute illustrated recap of Game of Thrones Season 4 created by the same artists:

Get caught up in time for the premiere tomorrow night with the Screen Junkies’ Idiot’s Guide to Game of Thrones for Season 4.

Check out this Taylor Swift parody courtesy of Plaid Brixx, called “Jon Snow.” “‘Cus I knew you knew nothin’ when you walked in, Came to the North where you’d never been, Guess I fell in love with a Crow…”

In a bit of clever cross-promotion, HBO has the funny guys from Silicon Valley (Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zach Woods) talking about GoT in several new clips for their Chattin’ Thrones series. Here’s one. Check out the rest on HBO’s YouTube channel.

I always say that Game of Thrones-themed weddings are hilariously bad ideas, but has a great graphic presentation of one:


Find any more good GoT humor out there? Share it in comments!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Theon isn’t dead! #NOONEUNDERSTANDS

    Who has rubber dragons on hand to tie to your bumpers? Forget I asked that question…

    I’ll need to defrost some venison and squirrel for tomorrow night, now that I think about it… (didn’t get any pigeons last year)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, I already loved the original “Dumb Ways to Die” (and have watched it dozens of times), but that’s now even better! XDD

    (Weird how well the original lyrics fit to the Thrones-deaths the most time, hehe)

  3. That quick draw video is way too fast for me to comprehend, I have to pause every second to get every scene but – Omg the giant ripping off the doorknob of the outer gate… I’m laughing so hard right now…

  4. I will just leave that here. Good night everybody, when you awake from a good night’s sleep it will be Game of Thrones day.

  5. Cross marketing is annoying. I could do without the fucktards over at silicon valley (or their promoters) thinking this is cool… no matter how funny that show looks.

    Martin’s animated cameo as the lannister cousin… that’ll work.


  6. Well, it finally happened… after five seasons, someone let their preview copies of a GOT season escape.

  7. GeekFurious,

    Holy fuck, I thought you were kidding. Only the first few, though. Not that I’m complaining. Not that I’m saying I’ll watch them, either.

  8. Seriously? What the fuck. That really pisses me off. Hopefully next year they’ll be more careful with who they give screeners.

  9. I don’t want to see any leaked episode stuff around here (no links or summaries) or the person posting it will be banned.

  10. Yivo:
    Seriously? What the fuck. That really pisses me off. Hopefully next year they’ll be more careful with who they give screeners.

    Apparently they sent them out to a lot more people this year. If they do the same next year, it will happen again. I was really surprised when my friend said he had already seen 5.01. I thought maybe they had released it early… but then he saw the second and I knew they had leaked.

  11. Well, it couldn’t have been more than four. That’s how many screener episodes there were. Impossible to think HBO could be careless with episodes that weren’t released to anyone at all yet, they’re tight-fisted as it is with screeners.

    Every screener is marked. Whoever leaked these ones is screwed, even if they tried to remove their watermarks.

  12. GRRM as Orson…lol!
    The GoT wedding thing has actually given me some ideas for a bridal shower I need to plan…:)
    Getting ready to cook a stuffed turkey breast and drink my 3-Eyed Raven. Lemon cakes for dessert?

    22 hours…and still counting…

    EDIT: NO!! Who the hell would do that? Party poopers! Hope they never see another advance copy of ANYTHING EVER AGAIN! Sometimes I hate the internet…

  13. Sue the Fury,

    Did you happen to see an id that posted on at least a couple of threads late last night…it was a bunch of random letters, I believe it started with”j.” They were posting links, and they said something about season 5. I didn’t click on them, so I don’t know what they were, but after just reading about episodes being leaked, those posts came to mind.

  14. So far only 2 episodes have leaked… even if 4 leak, it won’t really spoil more than is already out there, if you want to look for it. But they are out there, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, just be extra careful.

  15. Sue the Fury,

    I know it wasn’t anyone linked to this site who leaked the episodes, but it would be pretty annoying and disappointing if you guys didn’t get screeners next year because of these scumbags.

    HBO might think ‘we’ ll only send them to high-density professionals’, and this sadly doesn’t cover us here.

    I guess this is why we don’t get as many nice things as we’d like, because of some sad, attention-seeking individuals like these.

  16. Sue the Fury,

    Ok, cool. Good.
    (I guess, now that I think about it, if they had been links to leaked episodes, someone would have clicked on the link, and there would have been some sort of hubbub.)

    I hope you’re recovering quickly, btw. 🙂

  17. Please stop advertising any leaks at this site, okay? By discussing them, that’s what you’re doing.

  18. What The Flick?!

    ‘It’s finally that time of the year again. With season 5 just days away, Cenk, John, Ben, and Matt discuss the most important things that happened last season and what to keep in mind in preparation for the new season.’

    I really like their reviews,looking forward to it on Monday.

  19. morning everybody…. seems I simply slept through the whole ‘gate’ 🙂

    16 hours to go…. dun dun duuu duuu dun dun…

  20. dob,

    Have they really leaked or are you just posting that because you have heard those are also supposed to leak? People have been saying more episode will leak but I don’t believe it because critics only got 4 screeners.

  21. JamesL,

    Yes they have. Its unfortunate but im gunna watch them so im not spoiled. Sucks waiting 1 month for the next epsiode

  22. Well, I won’t be watching the leaks, as much as I’m tempted. There’s something communal about watching GoT as it airs wth the rest of the world. I can imagine fewer screeners will be sent out next year.

  23. JamesL,

    Either way, this is just really, really bad. How am I expected to control myself and not watch what I’ve been waiting for for 9 months? 🙁 🙁

  24. I downloaded ep 4 to check if it was real and I watched one character interaction scene out of it:

    Tyrion and Jorah. I couldn’t wait


    I will wait each week like I’m supposed to, however.

  25. Wow! The first 4 episodes are now on the web .. this sucks .. I will not watch them even though I’m tempted .. this is a shameful day for game of thrones ..

  26. tonight tonight tonihiait , oh ho …

    (It’s bad when you sing Phil Collins songs in anticipation.)

  27. Yeah, I’m not that strong….. leaks, so many leaks, I’ll be back in 4 hours :). I guess HBO will hunt down the one responsible. Anyway, I’ll watch them again when they show on HBO, with HD quality, not like these.

  28. I hope these leaks don’t affect the viewership . GoT was on its way to break even more records .

  29. I am going to be strong. Looking forward to being surprised this year as a book reader. Hope the site is moderated well enough to prevent extensive spoilers regarding the first few episodes. Also hope they catch who ever leaked the episodes.

  30. Koempel,

    What he said. Im a big girl, I can delay gratification till the tv program comes on. I also am eager to be surprised, now that I am among the Unsullied for the first time!

  31. That video dumb ways to die seemed a bit dumb to me at first but it got funnier and funnier by every verse.

    That sucks about the leak. Apart from it being bad for HBO it will also be a nuisance to people who prefer watching one episode a week. The best part of GoT IMO is the reading and hearing people’s thoughts about each episode and their hopes and guesses for the next one. If episodes gets released in bulk like that you don’t get this experience since there’s no pause between each episode.

  32. For anyone who can’t be bothered to scroll up:

    I don’t want to see any leaked episode stuff around here (no links or summaries of episode content) or the person posting it will be banned.

    That said, I’ll probably open the weekly Episode Open Chat post earlier than I usually would just so there is a place for the discussion to go. HOWEVER that post will only be for episode 1 discussion, not all four (or more since some are alleging more were leaked). Cool?

  33. Luka Nieto,

    I think there’s a difference between knowing the spoilers and actually watching the episodes. I have a very good idea of pretty much everything that happens in E1-E4 but I’m still pumped to watch tonight since I haven’t seen how it all plays out.

    It’s the same concept of watching the show in S1 when it was almost a 100% adaptation. I knew what was going down in each episode but they were still awesome to watch in real time.

  34. King Tommen,

    Fair enough. All I’m saying is, if any more than 1-4 were leaked, I wouldn’t even consider watching those, since I know very little about them and I don’t want to wait months for new episodes.

  35. I hope whoever leaked the episodes is caught. I also hope this doesn’t effect viewership. I’m sure HBO will be a lot more selective in who gets screeners in the future.

  36. I admit I could be weak of mind enough to watch one or two episodes early BUT watching four episodes with allegedly watermarks on and relatively bad quality? I say NO. Don’t support the bastards that leaked that, the show deserves better. YOU deserve better.

    Thanks Sue for your efforts (and presumably other mods’) of keeping this a spoilerfree place. One episode a week as it was meant to be watched is the way to go. Be strong, remain dutiful Watchers on the Wall!

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