Pits and Pics: Game of Thrones Filming in Spain Continues


Spain is not just for the Dornish. Filming in Osuna in combination some cast pictures with lucky fans seems to confirm that the country is also playing host to a city across the Narrow Sea.

More (spoilery) pictures and commentary after the jump.

A photo of the Plaza de Toros has surfaced, featuring not only a gigantic green screen, but also, a smattering of extras in the stands. Targaryen banners confirm that this is a part of Dany’s story line; most likely her excursion with Hizdahr zo Loraq to Daznak’s Pit.

Although Dany may have another ADwD scene or two after this particular one and assuming that her timeline doesn’t get too shuffled, Dany’s arrival at the Pit means that she will reach the end of the major events from her ADWD material during next season.  

In addition to the Pit pic, several photos of cast members have turned up on twitter, confirming that the Essos contingent has arrived in Spain.


emilia 2 1

All of the usual Essos suspects, with the addition of Tyrion. While we’re not sure what his story line will look like next season with the seeming omission of a few characters, it looks like he’ll still wind up in Meereen (or close to it).

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    1. Jaime’s girl,

      Most likely, the green-screen is there in order to considerably extend the number of seat rows. They have to make it look like a properly enormous gladiatorial coliseum instead of a bullring.

      Also, those are obviously not Joel Fry, Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage, but their doubles. Still relevant to the article, but the text should be corrected. Just as in the previous article, which misidentifies Jerome and Nikolaj (disguised as Dornishmen soldiers) as extras, and says that the Dornish filming at the Alcázar is taking place in… Osuna. It’s called the “Alcázar de Sevilla.” It’s in Seville.

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    2. My, my, we are being spoilt with Spanish filming pictures today. The Pit could be one of the best scenes that GoT has ever done (if done correctly), so I have high hopes for it. I’m glad they are streamlining Daenerys storyline- it really is imperative that they get through her Meereen storyline as quickly as possible, so they can begin to bring her towards Westeros.

      So, we have had plenty of Kings Landing and Essos filming pictures now…I want some Northern pictures/casting calls/leaks. Hopefully won’t be long now, especially the casting stuff.

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    3. Already seen it all in the comments thanks to some posters that always find these things, but yeah- it’s really awesome. That green screen is HUGE. Almost as big as Rygar’s dong.

      Luka Nieto,

      Are you involved with the GOT Wiki?

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    4. There shall be blood!

      Do I hear flapping of giant wings?

      Dame Pasty: I would say that Dany may have another ADwD scene or two after this particular one….

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    5. Jeb,

      It depends on Fury’s sources. They come through a lot of the time, but even they haven’t given us all the info about the minor and major roles being cast (which is why a few castings flew under our radar until the actors were chosen). I’m hoping that some Northern castings will unearth soon, as I think that will be where the focus of the filming will shift to once they’re done with Spain (the Winterfell set might be ready by now).

      We need a few minor roles for Northern lords, a couple of Freys (or they could bring back the ones from season 3- which we’d find out about) and of course a Manderly. A replacement for Jeyne Poole might already have been cast- the “Winterfell worker”- though it’s likely she’s just a featured extra (she looks a lot like Arya, though!).

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    6. jentario,

      Well, I visit often and edit when something’s wrong and it bothers me, or when there are news and nobody’s updated it yet. So yeah.

      Hodor’s Bastard,

      Even if Daznak’s Pit is in episode 10 and not 9, I expect to see a version of her last ADWD chapter. Honestly, not because of the group of people she meets at the end, although that would be a nice tease for next season, but for the decision that she makes there.

      There in the Red Waste is when Dany realizes she has forgotten who she is and decides she’s done with all the bullshit, trying to achieve peace by scarifying everything else —from now on it’s gonna be the Targaryen way: Fire and Blood. I wonder how they can adapt that without narration, since she’s alone. She’s feverish and hallucinating in the books, so they might go that route, but I wouldn’t mind if she talks to herself a bit, although it’d have to be concise. After Daenerys flies away on Drogon, this is the only thing that I truly care they adapt:

      “I had to take Meereen or see my children starve along the march.” Dany could still see the trail of corpses she had left behind her crossing the Red Waste. It was not a sight she wished to see again. “I had to take Meereen to feed my people.”
      You took Meereen, he told her, yet still you lingered. “To
      be a queen.”
      You are a queen, her bear said. In Westeros. “It is such a
      long way,” she complained. “I was tired, Jorah. I was weary
      of war. I wanted to rest, to laugh, to plant trees and see
      them grow. I am only a young girl.”
      No. You are the blood of the dragon. The whispering was growing fainter, as if Ser Jorah were falling farther behind. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words.
      “Fire and Blood,” Daenerys told the swaying grass.

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    7. Those are a lot of Targaryen banners.. Not seeing many harpies strung about.
      I’m just saying man, this is not how you win people over. This is why shit’s always gotta happen to you, Daenerys.

      I’m glad they are streamlining Daenerys storyline- itreally is imperative that they get through her Meereen storyline as quickly as possible, so they can begin to bring her towards Westeros.

      You assume too much, my friend.

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    8. Luka Nieto,

      I like how you put that.

      She shall be more than a mother of dragons and passive queen. As you state, her Targ heritage will take hold of her. Maybe she will become Nymeria reborn (hence my previous post in another thread)! But will she actually return to Meereen with the Dothraki in tow?

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    9. Hodor’s Bastard,

      If you are asking if that will happen in the books, I always assumed so: once her hallucinations reminded her of her true identity —she is a Dragon—, she promises herself to “plant no more trees”, so to speak. She’s going to be fierce —Fire and Blood. So, yes, I have always seen her last chapter as setting up Daenerys going back to Meereen, dealing with all the bullshit decidedly for once, and start planning her invasion to Westeros. If you also assumed it would happen in the books and you were asking if I think it will be brought forward to the end of the fifth season, no, I don’t think so.

      I don’t even see how they could have time for Barristan trying to deal with the repercussions of what happened at Daznak’s Pit. Similarly to how we didn’t get to Jon’s election after the Battle at the Wall due to the battle being positioned in episode 9, we’ll probably get a bit of Barristan’s stuff, but I’d bet most of that material will either be condensed so that the Battle of Meereen is what starts off Season 6 or it will all be delayed till Season 6, where they’ll take their time to set the Battle up and do a big thing of it, like with the Battle at the Wall. However, as I said, either way I do think we’ll catch up with Daenerys herself by the end of Season 5.

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    10. Luka Nieto,

      That last ADwD chapter could be done as a parallel to her scene in S01E10. A rebirth of sorts. Only this time Drogon would be by her side, not on her shoulder, eating his kill right there. It could be one of the best season finales in TV history, if done right.

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    11. chuckbuckethead,

      That is exactly how I envision it.

      Wandering the Red Waste, accompanied by a non-cooperating dragon. Starving, feverish, frustrated, she falls to the ground. But then she starts hallucinating with Jorah, who reminds her of her true legacy and the words that go along with it. She stands up, newly reinvigorated, regaining that frozen stare Emilia Clarke has mastered, and she utters “Fire and blood.” End of scene. Hell, they could end the season with that, although then 3/5 seasons would end with Daenerys. Still, if they don’t have anything more earth-shattering planned, like Lady Stoneheart or something along those lines, I think that could be a fantastic season ender.

      Although they will streamline the Meereen storyline, let’s not forget it’s supposed to feel frustrating —we are supposed to feel Dany’s vexation. That’s worthy storytelling, but it will also end up being tiresome to the viewers, so it must pay off: I’m convinced it’s crucial for Dany’s story arc this season to have that moment —by the end, something must be clear: she’s not playing around anymore.

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    12. Luka Nieto,

      Yeah pretty much. I’d like to see how they handle that, because internal monologues are not easy to adapt. If they do the Jorah hallucinations as you suggest, I guess it would be like her visions at The House of the Undying in season two.

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    13. Luka Nieto,

      Great stuff, folks.

      Bookstuff and showstuff “should” align tightly here. I would even add that at the end of ep10, as D lies there with Drogon eating, the camera pulls back to reveal a huge khalasar approaching them…Drogon roars…end of season.

      Yeah, right. They’ll probably just end it with D & D flying off somewhere.

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    14. What if Daznak’s Pit substitutes the Battle of Meereen?

      Thinking from a showrunner’s perspective, this seems much more economic. By that time Dany will be wedded to Hizdahr, the Sons of the Harpy subplot will have reached its breaking point. It could be an ideal time to burn that whole storyline to the ground. Have Dany tame the dragon, kill the Sons of the Harpy, ride Drogon and burn Yunkai’s armies outside the gates of Meereen. There, problem solved. No Dothraki, no diarrhea, no unnecessarily expensive battle. Have Dany meet with Tyrion in episode 10 and sail for Westeros. Goodbye.

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    15. LordVarys,

      And then, two whole seasons of Dany being queen in Westeros? I don’t think so… Dany will set sail to Westeros at the end of Season 6, and landing there at the begining of Season 7. She will be dealing with her conquer and the White Walkers. It is known.

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    16. StandOzone,

      Don’t taunt me with LS! I’ve finally accepted that she will be resurrected after the ending credits roll in S7ep10. Cat opening her eyes will be the last image that we see for GoT, followed by manic laughter by the crew as the screen fades to black…..

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    17. Ghost of Harrenhal,

      Come to think of it he’s probably the Fighting Pit Announcer from the recent casting call. That would’ve started shooting yesterday, so the announcement coming out now makes sense. He also has prior experience with David J. Peterson’s made-up languages from Thor 2. Also there’s the Alan Taylor-GoT connection (he directed Thor 2) and the fact that he knows Kit Harington from that movie Pompeii.

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    18. I expect they’ll find a way for Tyrion and Dany to meet and talk face to face. Seems like a missed opportunity if they don’t.

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    19. Greenjones,

      Maybe, but that seems like a bit of a waste, no? Could he be a combination of Darkstar and Arys Oakheart made for the show? They’re still filming something in that cool deserty place in Osuna… Hopefully Queenmaker but probably not.

      Maybe he could be… Manderly!

      Kidding aside I imagine he’ll have one of two things:
      -either a very memorable small role
      -or he’ll be in multiple episodes

      It would be nice to know which.

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    20. jentario,

      The Pit announcer shoots for two weeks, so it’s not THAT small a role. Apparently he appears in more than one scene too. The way Sue the Fury described the casting call made it sound like a pretty memorable, showy part.

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    21. Lady Nym,

      Barsena Blackhair?

      EDIT: KingDBC could be right about being Nym’s double too. Didn’t notice that serpent symbol.

      EDIT 2: There’s other photos on gameofthronesfan.org where there are a whole bunch of women dressed like that, so I’m at a loss as to who they are now.

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    22. Greenjones,

      This is exciting news- he was good in Pompeii with Kit (movie was so-so but their scenes were good). I would imagine since he is an experienced fighter they would take advantage of that- either as you all said as the announcer (who will fight at some point, or show off his skills maybe?) or as a featured character pit fighter. We get introduced to a few of these in the books but I could see D&D wanting to put a face on the pit fighters that the viewer can sympathize with or root for and be in more than one episode. But I would imagine he will be in Meereen rather than Dorne. I hope they give him something good!

      Maybe he gets eaten/burned by Drogon in the chaos for an amazing death 😉

      Sue the Fury’s description of the pit announcer from Oct 1 post:
      A fighting pit announcer: a charismatic master of ceremonies with a powerful voice who presides over a stadium with thousands of spectators, and controls the crowds well. The pit is a human fighting pit, it’s noted. He’ll have a role in some spectacular scenes, and is needed for 2 weeks in Spain, commencing Thursday October 16th.

      EDIT: Or, jaimereborn, yeah possibly bravos!

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    23. GaiusB,

      The Sand Snakes are wearing a matching set?! lol

      Love the costume! I guess this could be their fighting outfit, so it’s less ridiculous that they wear the same thing. And that’s definitely looking like Jessica Henwick! The armor is great, reall 🙂

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    24. Greenjones,

      Think the woman on the right in that picture with the four similarly dressed women is Jessica Henwick.

      Edit: Classic, beaten by like 10 people.

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    25. Actually, only the tops are the same. I think the one on the left is Rosabelle and her double is behind her. Seeing as Jaime and Bronn were spotted in the Dornish guard outfit today, I think they’re filming the fight scene nowish

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    26. Lady Nym,

      I doubt she’s for Meereen. The texture in her clothes is literally exactly what Ellaria was wearing in Oberyn’s fight. So she’s Dornish. Probably an extra?


      That’s amazing news. Loved his character on Lost. This actor has a strong presence and voice, so I hope this “Malko” character is indeed the presenter at the Pit. Seems like a small role at first glance, but the casting call said he would be required for the whole two weeks of the Osuna filming, since yesterday to the end of the month, so he will be a notable presence in the scene.

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    27. are they really going to wear the same armor – costume ? don’t get me wrong the one in the picture is good but their characters are different so I thought their cloths would be different too . I thought Nym and Teyen could wear something girlish



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    28. jentario,

      When I read AFFC, I always picture this actor as Moqorro! HE MUST BE! Confirmed or not, I’m still hoping this is some kind of twist to make sure we don’t know this guy is gonna be Moqorro 😛

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    29. Lady Nym,

      Do not worry about it. It is just for the fight scene to make it more easy to replace them with stunt doubles. I am sure they will not wear this all the time.

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    30. Gosh I really hope the Sand Snakes wont be dressed up the same. One of their strongest aspects is the diversity, I really hope they’ll all have distinctive costumes.

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    31. Arkash,

      I very much doubt that would be the case. The costume department has always been wonderful in GoT. They wouldn’t dress the Sand Snakes in the same way. This is probably for a specific scene, if indeed the three of them are dressed like this (although I don’t see the actress that plays Tyene.)

      By the way, the Spanish newspaper “El Pais” has reported on the Sevilla filming and announced there is a Game of Thrones character in Dorne who they were not allowed to talk about, since it would be very spoilerish. And they weren’t talking about Jaime, because they said that outright. Here it is:

      Pero antes de llegar aquí, en el camino hacia la salida del Real Alcázar, los asistentes al rodaje descubren que otro de los actores de la serie está tomando el sol sevillano mientras disfruta de un refrigerio. Los visitantes saludan; él responde agitando la mano y sonriendo. “Ni se os ocurra decir quién es, no lo habéis visto. No se sabe que ese personaje está en estas escenas, sería spoiler”.

      They saw another already known GoT actor in there, and they were told not to say who he is under any circumstances, since “nobody knows this character is in these scenes, it would be a spoiler.” This is big news, isn’t it?!

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    32. Patchy Face,

      He’s not on the scene in which the Spanish press was filming, so I think that’s the main reason he’s not in those pics. Jerome’s presence has certainly not been a secret; plenty of the press has picked up on Jerome Flynt being on Seville.

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    33. My guess is that the ‘secret character’ is just


      ETA: he’s probably in Spain even if we havent seen pictures because it’d be too spoilery for show watchers

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    34. Patchy Face,

      Why would they keep Bronn a secret if they openly talked about Jaime?

      Personally, I always thought

      Varys might show up in Dorne sometime after he parts ways with Tyrion.

      Depending on what his exact goals are in the show, of course.

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    35. agustin,

      Spain is a whole country and Andalucía is a big region. Peter Dinklage is in a completely different place, Osuna, a town. This was in the Alcázar of Sevilla. If Dinklage had been there, it could only mean Tyrion’s in Dorne. And that’s silly.

      I’m a proponent of the Varys theory, though. It gives him something to do after Tyrion gets kidnapped in ep. 3, although they’ll have to explain why he wouldn’t just keep going to Meereen. Anyway, with Aegon gone, if they still want Varys’s plan to have a double twist, allying him with Dorne would make sense. Even in the books, their aims aren’t disparate, and many have wondered if Doran knows the Spider.

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    36. Lady Nym,

      That’s just them in armor, they won’t always wear armor (except for maybe Obara). I actually think it’s cute.

      EDIT: Obara’s is pretty different actually

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    37. agustin,

      It’s not that it isn’t close. But why would Dinklage be in the set of a completely different city? They are filming in Osuna as well, at the same time.

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    38. I just realized thay in the pic I posted before, Jorah doesn’t seem to hace his slave tatto.It’s something I always doubted they will include but… 🙁

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    39. jentario,

      Pretty sure they’re filming King’s Landing stuff in Belfast right now. Haven’t heard any news about them filming and King’s Landing stuff in Spain.

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    40. Depending on what they do with her, mystery character could be

      Brienne…somehow she learns (or BWB learns) that he is in Dorne and goes there for him instead of Riverlands while Pod uh hangs out with Blackfish or LSH

      But agree that


      seems more likely. Does article state a gender?

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    41. james rivers,

      yes the article states its a “he”.

      if it is

      indeed varys, then i question whether him and jaime both being in dorne is a spoiler for jaime becoming an aegon supporter in the book

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    42. Maybe (crazy idea, not thought through at all) actually it’s Jaime who takes on a more Arianne role? If Jaime is convinced by Doran that the Targaryen-Martell alliance is a better choice than his own crazy family, and Varys reports Tyrion is alive, well, and heading to Daenerys, Jaime will join up?

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    43. All I really want to see this season are three things:

      1. Manderly’s speech
      2. Dany’s rebirth – with a Viserys apparition, please!
      3. Lady Stoneheart – she remembers.

      If these scenes don’t appear I swear I will quit GoT. Until the next season.

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    44. Jaime’s girl,

      Wow, the show would really be wandering off the reservation if that happened. I’m not against the scenario, but would

      Jaime want to re-join Tyrion given Tyrion killed their father? Or would Jaime go so he could confront Tyrion about it? Maybe this is where the Tysha story spills out, if the show keeps the reveal? Then they’d separate again, with Jaime back on his book path to find Brienne?

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    45. As with all of the Dornish costumes so far, I approve of the Sand Snakes’ look – simple, sleek, and dangerous. I know that some are expressing concerns about the Sand Snakes all dressing the same, but I would wager that they’re only going to be costumed this way for one or two scenes, probably a fight sequence (as suggested by the presence of stunt doubles). In more subdued scenes with Doran and company, they will probably exhibit a little more variety.

      On the possible “secret” cast member in Dorne: This could be something or nothing, but I’m more inclined to believe that it’s something – that’s more fun, anyway 🙂 There are a number of possibilities, but I think that the most likely candidate, and the one whose presence would give us the biggest possible hint about the direction that the show could be taking would be

      Conleth Hill. As of right now, no one knows for sure what Varys will be doing this season after he and Tyrion are separated (it sounds like that will happen in Episode 3). He could stick around Essos and meet up with the Golden Company. He could disappear for most of the season and then resurface in King’s Landing. But what if, as has been thrown out as a possibility in the past, he heads to Dorne? If fAegon is cut, Varys needs a new plan. Aligning him with Doran Martell would be a major reveal, appropriate for Episode 9 (where the article indicates that this scene happens). The Martells, like Varys, appear likely to eventually back fAegon in the books. In the show, both Varys and Doran could wind up siding with Daenerys if fAegon is indeed gone (although Varys’s presence in Dorne could also be consistent with the theory that “Trystane” could be Aegon in disguise. I think that the evidence for that theory has weakened since I last attempted to make a case for it, but it still remains a possibility). Regardless, it seems likely that they’ll eventually going to wind up backing the same candidate, so having them be in league from the start in the show wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.
      Let’s say, hypothetically, the scene from Episode 9 (featuring Jaime, Doran, Ellaria, Areo, Trystane, and Myrcella) that’s been getting a lot of publicity in recent days is some kind of negotiation, an attempt to smooth things over after Jaime’s attempt to retrieve Myrcella and his clash with the Sand Snakes. Jaime and Doran come to some kind of understanding about Myrcella’s arrangement (either involving her staying in Dorne or going back to King’s Landing with Jaime). Doran also promises Jaime that Dorne is not going to take up arms against the Lannisters as vengeance for Oberyn’s death. With a tentative peace apparently struck, Jaime departs. Shortly thereafter, however, Varys emerges, talks with Doran, and it’s revealed that they intend to put a Targaryen back on the Iron Throne.

      Once again, this could is all speculation based on a fragment of a news report, and it could all amount to absolutely nothing. But it’s worth thinking about.

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    46. SAND SNAKES! Awsome! They are obviously not going to wear only these matching costumes guys. And if you look closely, each sandsnake’s armor is slightly different. Obara’s looks a lot like oberyn’s. Nymeria’s has a higher shoulder thing-y than Tyene’s, making it look more elegant,and tyene’s has these thick crossing stips on the front. And holy sheep, look at those weapons!!! The whip’s handle is a snake’s head, so it looks like the whip is it’s tongue, and the daggers are beautifull aswell. I can’t wait!
      EDIT: Also, the shade of the skirt-thing varies: Obara’s is very dark, Tyene’s is an average shade and Nym’s is lighter.

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    47. GaiusB,

      Gendry will land his row boat in Mereen and free Danny’s dragons… it is known

      And then he will return to Westeros with some guy named Jon Connington…. on the same row boat.

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    48. Lady Nym,

      Yessssssssss! Ssssssssssand Sssssssssnakes!
      Ms Castle-Hughes, Laurenti-Sellers and Henwick look awesome in their warrior garb. I love how they appear generally to be the same, but as you look you can see each outfit is slightly different, from the breastplate (love the nipples, it would make Bruce Wayne jealous) to the boots. I can see the costume department going this route portraying them as family, joined together as one by their father, even though their mothers are different. They fight as sisters, an eight headed hydra that their enemies have to face on the battlefield, though each with their own distinctive combat skills and weapons.
      Wonder if the others are stunt doubles or the remaining daughters played as featured extras. I’m leaning to them being the other daughters because if you look at the pic with Ms Sellers and her daggers, the girl next to her has a slightly different skirt, the trim is totally different than the skirt on Ms Sellers, no belt with daggers and is wielding some type of sword, she definitely isn’t Ms Hughes either. I also love how each has their own distinctive shoulder protection incorporated into the breastplates and slightly different almost snakeskin type pattern to them.
      So after over analyzing the pics we have more than three Sand Snakes present. Furthermore the tall one next to Henwick, her boots are different, her headdress is worn slightly different and her tiny ponytail compared to Henwick’s monstrous indicates another sister (I am sure the hair styling dept would have a stunt double wear a fake ponytail matching Henwick’s) the size difference is too extreme and would be noticed on camera.

      We need a separate Sand Snake post, please!

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    49. tyjon,

      I think this is a prime opportunity to introduce the real Vargo Hoat into the GoT Dorne storyline. I whood like to thee and hear him thpeak with the thand thnakes.

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    50. Flora Linden,

      Yeah I know that was a crazy thought after getting excited reading all the comments… oops!

      I didn’t mean Jaime would go to Meereen, but join the cause (as we see Arianne on her way to go meet with Aegon in Westeros with a Targaryen-Martell alliance in mind, Jaime could act as a pro-Targ/Martell agent in Westeros). Perhaps with Brienne even!

      This is all assuming the male “mystery actor” on the Dornish set was in fact Varys…

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    51. Cami:
      The Jorah Pic was taken in the “Jardines de Murillo” near the Alcazar in Sevilla.

      But is he in costume tho? I mean it does look like he’s wearing his yellow shirt but he also wears suspenders in that pic…

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    52. Luka Nieto,

      Okay time for speculuation.


      Jaime in Dorne is a featured plot line for the 9th episode, what the hell is gonna go down? Originally I had thought the Seige of Winterfell could be a contender for the token E9 big event, but now its looking not as likely (unless they devote only part an episode to it, or push it back to S6).

      What does everyone think?

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    53. Jaime’s girl,

      No problem, I got all excited reading your scenario, because it was so different. All the speculation of possible storylines is fun. My reactions to these predictions about Jaime revolves around how soon

      Jaime can reunite with Brienne. 😉

      Still, if it’s Varys, I wonder if he would tell Jaime Tyrion’s whereabouts. Maybe not. Knowing him, Varys would have plots within plots. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was using Doran for his own ends and isn’t entirely truthful with Doran either.

      My random crazy idea – Littlefinger, being back in KL, will kill Kevan and Pycelle in the show.

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    54. Dame Pasty,

      I’m sorry but every time I see one of your posts, I get hungry. My mind is subliminally converting “Pasty” to either “Pastry” or “Pastie”. Odd. 🙂

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    55. No, don’t apologize! You gave me a much needed laugh and that’s the point. Take a close look at my House of Gravy shield. A meat pie is prominent as is the motto, “Never Give Up” on the gravy, of course. “Pastie” makes me think of those stick on bras that women wear when they have to wear something really skimpy. Maybe that makes you hungry too. 😉 It just makes me feel itchy. LOL

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