Peter Dinklage heads to the set, while Game of Thrones closes down a beach for filming

Tyrion Lannister is back in town.

Nearly, anyway. Peter Dinklage is headed back to Northern Ireland for Game of Thrones, according to his Pixels co-star, Josh Gad.

Waterfront filming in Portstewart intensified yesterday with the closing of the entire beach. Though there is a short-term inconvenience for citizens who want to enjoy the Strand in the summer, the long-term benefits are clear. Local businesswoman Barbara Dempsey tells BBC Radio Ulster, “You couldn’t buy that kind of positive publicity and marketing – of global coverage of Portstewart at its best. It’s not Portstewart which benefits from this, it’s all of Northern Ireland.”   The Strand is expected in open in a limited capacity today, with filming continuing through August 11th.   As for what scene Game of Thrones was filming yesterday, and which actors are involved, that’s tucked behind the cut for spoiler reasons!   We know from the leaked call sheet that we’ll have a scene with Bronn and Jaime on a rowboat, headed for the shore in Dorne. It looks like yesterday was the filming of this scene.   The Belfast Telegraph has furnished a few photographs, including one of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on a horse: Nikolaj Coster Waldauboatsdunes There were also multiple sightings from local fans, posted across social media:


    “Wee bit of filming for #gameofthrones happening in #portstewart today – boat leaving the harbour with a couple of the cast, heading to the beach in the distance,” noted this Instagram user.


Another shot shows that the castle set in Moneyglass is coming together:

Sue the Fury: Exciting times! It looks like Jaime and Bronn run into that Dornish patrol right away when they get to Dorne. And I’m still wondering what’s going on in Moneyglass.

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    1. Jaime seems to have acquired himself some Dornish horses. I wonder how he’ll explain that to the Martells.

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    2. I assume they’re building the castle set in Moneyglass because it’s got the exteriors they’re looking for. That would indicate it’s a castle in the Riverlands (or possibly the North but it’s pretty green in that pic so more likely further South).

      Since we don’t really know what Brienne’s up to this season, I’m going to guess it’s part of her story as she’s really the only major character in that region. I’ll hold out hope that Randyll Tarly will be brought into the fold. Sam’s mentioned him enough on the show that I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing him at some point. Maybe not this season as there’s been nothing going on with the casting for him to this point but you never know…

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    3. AA,

      Ha! You’re right. Silly me.


      Looks like he’s wearing black. Maybe in mourning? Or just to fill the black leather void left by Tywin.

      EDIT: Would it be too optimistic to guess that that castle is Riverrun?

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    4. EDIT: Would it be too optimistic to guess that that castle is Riverrun?

      Yes. Riverrun is held by Walder Frey as has been mentioned by both Walder in S3 and Brienne/Pod in S4. So no reason to show it. The Blackfish is “on the run”. There is no siege.

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    5. Gosh, this is so great, Sue!

      Thanks for compiling these on-the-set or nearby-the-set photos. I really feel as though I am there (well, kind of) and it is some psychic relief to know that filming is happening right NOW.

      I’ve been trying to watch Rome on HBO as a between-GOT-seasons fix. It is a good show and I’ve seen it before, but it somehow cannot fill the void.

      These pics help! 🙂

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    6. King Tommen,

      Mayhaps. Still, I wonder why (according to Game of Thrones wiki who cite his CV as their source) B.J. Hogg is listed as returning for s5. He was one of Tywin’s generals in the Riverlands in s1. I guess they could have him be part of Cersei’s small council but I have a feeling he’ll still be in the Riverlands.

      Though they did say that Walder Frey was the Lord of Riverrun, that could just be in name. If it was under siege, Brienne couldn’t well have tried going there anyway. Or it could be any other Riverlands castle loyal enough to shelter BF. There is an element of wishful thinking here obviously, but I wonder…

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    7. Well, in one way I can understand local folk being a bit peeved if they want to use the beach but it seems like it is only for a few days…and hopefully will give the economy of the surrounding area a boost. I don’t recognise the story-line though – but I guess if GRRM’s editor is now talking about the possibility of eight books, TV show and books are bound to diverge. I’ll read the books when and if they are done but I’m not going to stop watching the show. The northern Irish coast is attractive in a rugged way. I guess they are saving Spain for the Dornish interiors and cities.

      Sword of the Morning:
      Dornish horses have 8 legs. It is known.

      Probably needs an eight legged horse to get away from them there pesky Sand Snakes!

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    8. Greenjones: B.J. Hogg is listed as returning for s5.

      That’s a mistake. His CV has said “Currently filming Game of Thrones” for the last few years- since he first appeared basically. They just never erased that news tidbit. The GoT wiki didn’t realize that. I did, because I spend so much time creeping on agencies. 🙂

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    9. Mormont,

      On another boat. It’s just establishing shots. The closeups with the actual dialogue will be recorded with green-screen and a boat on land, no water at all. It just makes sense, but it’s not just that. It said so in the leaked film programme.

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    10. The GoT wiki guys tend to make a lot of assumptions and post stuff that is unsubstantiated and unconfirmed. I guess that’s the nature of a Wiki, but like IMDB, never take stuff on there as gospel.

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    11. I don’t think the Moneglass castle is in the Riverlands (I don’t think we’ll see the Riverlands in season 5 at all). I think it’ll either be in the North or in the Vale. I really hope it ends up being Deepwood Motte (they definitely decided to build it around some trees) and that the show is making a big mid-season event out of that part from the books.

      It looks too small to be any major castle, that’s for sure. So Deepwood fits the bill.

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    12. jentario,

      That would depend on the exterior shots needed. If you simply need a courtyard for an arrival party this could represent a large castle. CGI the rest with the inside shots being filmed in the Paint Hall.

      Maybe it’s the Wolf’s Den?

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    13. The Moneyglass castle construction is interesting.
      At the current point of construction it seems to match the description of either the Rykkers castle ( Dun Fort?) in Duskendale or Deepwood Motte . If it’s the Dun Fort then maybe they’ve relocated Randyll Tarly to there from Maidenpool and have the Brienne being reminded of prejudice she faced in her past scenes there (which I think her character really needs).
      If it’s Deepwood Motte, it would be a good place for Asha/Yara to head back to after

      the events at the Kingsmoot ( still not given up hope!) and also a place for her to interact with Stannis when he claims it back for the Glovers.

      Not going to lie, my own personal preferences for the storylines I want to see have crept into that theorising!

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    14. Several of those pictures clearly have automobiles and other gas-powered vehicles in them, which really indicates a break from the books.


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    15. Well, there’s nothing there that says exactly when Dinklage will be reporting for duty in Belfast, so it could be a while before he’s needed for filming. If he’s filming material within the next few weeks, though, and there are no new casting announcements in that time, I think it’s fair to say that

      Aegon and Jon Connington

      have officially been cut.

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    16. RBloodworth,

      Those two aren’t going to be announce just as Ramsay wasn’t announced in the 3rd season. If that photo of Iwan at the bar with the cast hadn’t surfaced, we would have all been predicting Ramsay was cut.

      Way to early to make predictions on those characters.

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    17. RBloodworth,

      Dinklage has already been sighted at the airport today, on a flight to New York. I don’t think Gad would’ve mentioned GoT if that isn’t where Peter was ultimately headed. He’s either headed home to NYC first and then to Belfast, or he’s just connecting through JFK to an international flight.

      Nice! I’ll add it to the post.

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    18. Off-topic: Tyrion & Olaf!! Warm hugs all around!

      Sorry, I have 3.5 yr old twins, so Frozen is on blast all the time in our house & the kids hold Josh Gad in high regard.

      On topic: I cannot say enough how excited to see Dorne play such a big role in Season 5! Bring on House Martell!!

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    19. I wonder if Dinklage will keep his current beard (assuming it is real) for Season 5.
      It could fit as a disguise of sorts…..

      So interested about Moneyglass….
      I’m still hoping it is in Brienne’s arc (come on, Pennytree), but Deepwood Motte is reasonable, especially if they keep it looking like a wood castle and do not do anything to the exterior to make it look like stone.

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    20. jentario,

      It does look like her jawline though. And those boots are kindof costume-y. Maybe that’s what she wears under her costume and it was hot out?

      I am reaching, but I’ve been wrong too many times now on just this thread alone. I only want to be half-wrong this time…

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    21. Sword of the Morning,

      Hard to tell. When I zoom it gets very pixelated. I do see blonde hair though, so you might be on to something.

      EDIT: Actually, if it was taken today, I don’t think it could be her. She tweeted she’d left Belfast two days ago IIRC.

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    22. Weezy,

      I commented about that when we learned they aged up Trystane in the casting leaks. It does put him around Young Griff’s age doesn’t it?

      I think it’s most likely a coincidence…
      Never know though!

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    23. King Tommen:
      I assume they’re building the castle set in Moneyglass because it’s got the exteriors they’re looking for. That would indicate it’s a castle in the Riverlands (or possibly the North but it’s pretty green in that pic so more likely further South).

      It could also be the Vale, since Sansa and co. are evidently going to be touring around various castles.

      I’ll be really interested to see who ends up filming around there.

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    24. I’m sooo exidet !! The large horses with the dornish coustom looks wonderful !!

      Did anyone figure out for what use are the donkys with the fruit boxes ??
      Is there actually donkys in dorne ? -_-

      And how could Trystane might take YG’s part !! This is impossible !!!! ???

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    25. Maybe we will hear about Arianne in s05 and how she is the seconed heir to dorne now and that she is in another place in dorne or maybe with

      her mother in Norvos ” any thing that dosent need for her to be on screen” and later in the season trystane will take over qunteyn’s part and when the ” Oh” thing happens Arianne will be the rightful heir and well come in s06 and go to find YG

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    26. If I could figure out how to properly cover spoilers I would go further in explaining my thoughts. I think it makes a lot of sense in condensing story lines and would parallel other highly accepted book theories.

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    27. Weezy,

      I think I see what you’re getting at.

      The story could play out with Trystane claiming that he is actually Aegon, smuggled out of King’s Landing as a baby and posing as Doran’s child his whole life. It would parallel the theory of Jon really being Lyanna and Rhaegar’s child, raised by Ned.

      I’m not saying it is likely that D&D chose to play the story out that way, but if they did, I think it could work.

      Edit: Hm, what is up with “your comment is awaiting moderation”? Never saw that before on WiC or in the few posts I’ve made here on the new site.

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    28. In essence, the only role Trystane would take from Quentyn and Arianne is that of “heir” of Dorne. He would be raised as Doran’s son but is actually and secretly the son of Princess Elia. In essence in the show, Varys sent the baby to Dorn not Essos. This would remove the need for the whole Griff/Young Griff story line and the Quentyn story line seemed unnecessary to begin with. It would also make the absence of Arianne make more sense assuming her major arch is to bring Dorn to Young Griff. It would also give Doran a plot to work instead of the Quentyn crap. The only issue I see is that the whole fAegon theory is untrue then.

      Haha, I guess fan theories extend beyond the books now!

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    29. Yeah, I think Arianne, Quentyn, and YG are pretty much all being merged into Trystane. If you assume that a.) Arianne and YG are going to form some kind of alliance, and b.) that Dany is eventually going go reject and alliance with YG, it all falls into place. If the book plot goes:

      1. Arianne, upset that she’s being passed over for inheriting Dorne, tries to crown Myrcella.
      2. Doran reveals that Quentyn has been sent to form an alliance with Dany.
      3. Dany rejects Quentyn. Quentyn dies.
      4. Meanwhile, YG is convinced that in order to win over Dany, he should turn back and invade Westeros, so that he’ll be a proven conqueror when she arrives.
      5. The Dornish, incensed by Quentyn’s rejection and death, turn away from Dany and send Arianne to form an alliance with YG.
      6. Dany eventually arrives, rejects YG, and enters into some sort of conflict with the YG/Dorne alliance.

      Now, compare with a possible Trystane-centric show plot:

      1. Trystane, upset that his father keeps him from marrying Myrcella right away, joins the scheme to crown her.
      2. When the scheme fails, Doran reveals that he can’t allow Trystane to marry because he needs him to form a marriage alliance with Dany when she arrives.
      3. The Sands, impatient for war, convince Trystane that he needs to launch his attack now, so that he’ll be a proven conqueror when Dany arrives. The Dornish army marches north to Storm’s End, exactly where YG invades in the book.
      4. Dany arrives and rejects Trystane’s offer, resulting in a conflict between Dany and the Dornish army under Trystane. The one rejection takes the place of both the Quentyn and the YG rejections from the book.

      Now you have the exact same overall plot just with way fewer characters and way less moving people all over the globe.

      If I could figure out how to properly cover spoilers I would go further in explaining my thoughts. I think it makes a lot of sense in condensing story lines and would parallel other highly accepted book theories.

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    30. Weezy,

      I thought the same thing…
      Certainly one way they could go if they do feel the need to excise a few arcs at once!

      I’m not sold on it, but even if they did go down that road I’m not sure we can read into it. Changes on the show may or may not reflect upon the arcs in the books.

      Glad it worked.

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    31. Well, at least one of the horses is an Arabian, and therefore looks like a Dornish sandsteed. Yay!

      And yes, I am grasping at straws here for things I can be happy about in this new Dorne plot.

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    32. Weezy,

      Good theory, I hadn’t thought of that.

      If that’s true,

      I wonder if the Quentyn-gets-roasted scenario will stay in the TV show. Who’ll be the person? Yezzan, maybe Daario? Or possibly a Sand Snake?

      The speculation is exciting to read!

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    33. jentario,

      Yeah a lot,like watching turtles for episodes on end or repeating “Where whores go”,oh wait i guess he won’t be doing that considering last season,thank god .

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    34. AA,
      I think sometimes when a person includes spoiler coding in your comment the comment gets automatically shifted to the “awaiting moderation” queue.

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    35. Afeastfordances,

      I had thought of some of that, but you put it together very nicely!

      I did wonder if the timing would work out…

      In the short time frame of 10 episodes could Trystane be established in Dorne and then go to Essos to get the Golden Company. Maybe he would not need to if Dorne has enough troops on the series or maybe the GC comes to Westeros to meet up with him?

      It feels a bit rushed to me, but maybe it could work….

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    36. So I found this (SPOILER WARNING for Sullied too). What will Jaime do in season 5 ->

      This could definitely be untrue , but from what we’ve heard so far I think it’s true. If that poster is right, it also leaves room for Jaime’s story to get back on track with the books

      without the siege of Riverrun though and him searching for Brienne could also mean that LS won’t be cut, unless they’ll do something else with Jaime and Brienne in the show

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    37. Nooooooooooo! I realy hope the Trystane=Yg , thing dosnet end up being true and apear on the show !! i didnt like the idea at all ): I can see Try Take arianne and Quinnt’ s part but not Yg !!!! Please dont make this happens 🙁 it looks really untrue ! There was a scene between Varys And Obryen in the show that wasnt in the Book

      if D&D pland for Try=Yg they would have made the two of them make some hints since obryn ofcours will know about it and varys will know that obryn knows ! Like for insteans Varys will ask Obreyn how is our little prince ?

      And Yg hair is blue to hide his silver! Is that means Try’s hair is black to hide his silver hair too !

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    38. Balerion The Cat,

      Yeah that’s a Tumblr post (the little X below the text links to us a source for the call sheet actually) that’s quoting a Reddit post from a couple weeks back. I’m not posting it up here because it has no reputable source, no one I trust, and it really has TOO many spoilers. But so far the few things we’ve seen from filming don’t contradict it.

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    39. Greenjones,

      Ya I don’t put much faith in it either, although I would not rule it out just because it says Tyene instead of Obara. Leaks and leakers can get details wrong if they are not familiar with the material. In this case entirely new material.

      I can see Jaime’s arc playing out similarly to the alleged spoiler though …
      Like you, I would think he has more to do after his return to KL as well than what appears to be two scenes in the alleged spoiler. The journey to Dorne and back and then the inevitable fight with Cersei leading to a personal quest does feel like a full seasonal character arc to me, but I’m not sure it’s enough screen time.

      – Tywin’s funeral and Cersei’s order could be in one episode
      – An episode off then maybe one scene of them at sea or not
      – Jaime and Bronn sneak into Dorne, eat, and get apprehended in one episode.
      – They’re brought before Ellaria and Tyene, Jaime sees Myrcella, Jaime and Doran meet. Could fit in one episode, maybe two.
      – Jaime arrives back in KL and has it out with Cersei for an episode. Maybe he leaves KL in the same episode or maybe he leaves on his new quest in a different episode.

      I would think he gets back to KL and

      leaves again before Cersei’s penance walk, right? That is Episode 9 or 10 material I would think, so he would probably need to arrive back in Episode 7 or 8…. Could he go to the Riverlands or wherever Brienne is at that point to reunite with her before season’s end?

      So hard to anticipate what D&D will do with his arc since they departed the books at this point.

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    40. Greenjones:

      Actually it’s already been proved wrong since he

      I’d forgotten that I knew that.

      Not saying it’s reputable or not but confusing one Sandsnake for another could be an understandable mistake. The show isn’t really differentiating them too much so you could see how one person relaying a second hand story could inadvertently mix one in for another. And in the audition tapes, it appears Tyene does get in a scrape with Bronn so it’s not that far off from what we presume happens.

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    41. King Tommen,

      But that reddit “source” says only Tyene not that he and Bronn fight the whole bunch. It says that the scene is meant to introduce her and her weapons, when we know that the Obara audition scene already shows the Snakes practising fighting with their different weapons.

      That source ain’t legit. It’s basically a recycling/mash-up of AFOIAF “Jaime in Dorne” spec.

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    42. I’m surprised that since the news of Arianne’s probable exclusion, more people haven’t speculated about many of her actions being taken on by Ellaria as opposed to the Sandsnakes. Clearly, Ellaria is going to be involved in this storyline in Dorne and interacting directly with the Sandsnakes. As their de-facto “step-mother”, why wouldn’t she be the one to coordinate them to pull off the Queenmaker plot with Myrcella? I could certainly forsee a scene with her and Doran very similar to the one with he and Arriane in the books where he finally reveals his master plan to her after foiling her revenge plot with the Sandsnakes.

      Her taking on added responsibilities and the role of a yet-to -be introduced character as opposed to being sidelined with essentially nothing to do falls in with the way D&D have adapted the books to this point. The audience knows Ellaria, they understand her motivations after having her witness Oberyn’s death, why not have her do a lot of the heavy lifting of the Dorne plot from here on out?

      Unless Arianne being the heir of Dorne actually becomes a significant plot point (which I doubt), I don’t see the issue in making that change.

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    43. Greenjones:
      King Tommen,

      But that reddit “source” says only Tyene not that he and Bronn fight the whole bunch. It says that the scene is meant to introduce her and her weapons, when we know that the Obara audition scene already shows the Snakes practising fighting with their different weapons.

      That source ain’t legit. It’s basically a recycling/mash-up of AFOIAF “Jaime in Dorne” spec.

      Certainly that’s possible but we do know that a Sandsnake gets in a fight with Jaime and Bronn and uses it to show off her fighting skills. Which Sandsnake it is isn’t overly important and I can see a person relaying a secondhand story mixing them up. That’s all I’m saying.

      Even if it’s speculation, that synopsis has about a 95% probability of being true since it’s the far likeliest chain of events for Jaime this season.

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    44. King Tommen,

      I agree..
      I think some people cannot think of her as anything but someone craving peace. Seeing her plotting with the Sand Snakes is out of her character to them. I can see them using the talented Indira Varma for much more than just what Ellaria did in the books. I actually expect some character’s motivations to change as the series moves on.

      King Tommen,

      The details could be wrong, but the basic outline seems fairly likely to happen.

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    45. Darquemode,

      I agree it is likely to happen, I just don’t think that guy has any more information than the rest of us. That description, overall, from what we have is a quite simple assumption to make. And unlike some people said, I don’t think the show is not diferentiating the Sand Snakes, why cast 3 of they if they were all going to be the same? I think that guy made a simple assumption and wanted people to believe it was true, but the “Tyene” part makes it quite hard to believe it was indeed real. But, again, I do think

      Jamie will go to Dorne for Myrcella and end up returning to KG without her, wich will drive Cersei nuts and ruin their reationship.

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    46. If it is Obara and not Tyene, then we probably wouldn’t have seen her fighting yet, if she’s just watching Nym and Tyene fight earlier (during the audition scene).

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    47. Chris:
      If it is Obara and not Tyene, then we probably wouldn’t have seen her fighting yet, if she’s just watching Nym and Tyene fight earlier (during the audition scene).

      In the leaked Tyene audition tape, she’s taunting Bronn after what seems to be a fight that both she and Obara had with Bronn and Jaime. She tells Bronn her dagger was coated with a kind of poison which is why he’s not feeling great. We don’t know the exact sequence but clearly Jaime and Bronn scrap with one or more of the Sandsnakes (in which Tyene is definitely included). So the report is not lying. Does it contain every single detail? Of course not. It’s someone relaying the major points of a character’s season-long arc, not providing a scene blow by blow.

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    48. Greenjones,

      There’s a few reasons the reddit account seems plausible to me:

      (1) It explains how Jaime gets out of Dorne. Lots of forum spec had a hard time with this because they assumed he’d stumble upon the Myrcella crowning plotline — and then how does he leave after that without a war starting? The reddit account solves the problem by having him not encounter the Myrcella crowning at all, and having him simply choose to leave her in Dorne. (2) It explains how Jaime breaks with Cersei, as he needs to do, in the absence of a Kettleblack / Moon Boy revelation. MAYBE Bronn can tell him about Lancel too as a supplement but Jaime’s decision to leave Myrcella in Dorne definitely a plausible reason for Cersei to drive him away. (3) The scene of Jaime returning to KL later in the season and having one last huge fight with Cersei before leaving her to go to the Riverlands just feels very D&D to me. (4) The events in Dorne are built around Jaime’s character arc rather than advancing the plot per se. D&D have said many times that this is how they write, they look at each main character and plot an arc for them.

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    49. OtherAndrew,

      The guy has no new info though. All of these possibilities have been touched on in show spec threads on here, wicnet (before it went bad), AFOIAF and ASOIAF reddit. He’s just mixed some bits of spec with a few things that we already knew. When we get legit leaks they include things we couldn’t possibly predict. All of this however could have been guessed and has been guessed. For those reasons, plus its inaccuracies, I think this reddit guy is full of it.

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    50. Greenjones,

      Not to mention that it says Nikolaj is shooting mostly in Spain. That’s bullshit. He’s already shot two weeks in N.I. and is shooting Dorne stuff there instead. He may go to Spain in October when they shoot there, but I’d be surprised if he was there for longer than a week.

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    51. Greenjones,

      Like I said above, you may be right…
      It could easily all be made up and supposition, but I can possibly understand some of the things you use as proof the Reddit poster is fake.

      If either the source or the Reddit poster is a more casual fan of the show I can understand mixing up Sand Snake names or assuming NCW will be filming in Spain most of the time since most of his scenes are in Dorne. If the sources knowledge is based on learning the Jaime arc that D&D wrote instead of knowing the production schedule/ information it seems very plausible to me they could make the above errors. The flip-side of course is any in-the-know fan would probably make a point of getting those leak details right!

      Oh well, even if it is all or mostly supposition I think there is a chance Jaime’s arc will play out similarly to the Reddit user alleged spoilers. I’m excited to see how it all plays out. Finally Dorne!

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    52. Would have loved to see Jaime’s antics at Riverrun, one of the few better moments on AFFC & ADWD.

      Still, Bronn and Jaime guarantee some fine banter. And waiting for “Show all Spoilers” button

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    53. Darquemode,

      He isn’t making suppositions though. He claimed to have LEARNED about Nikolaj shooting in Spain. IIRC that’s the first sentence of the guy’s post. At the time he made that post, no one had guessed that many Dorne exteriors would be shot in N.I. since we’d heard so much location news about Spain.

      The guy did what so many other people all over the internet do. He pieced together what he could, the location news and the info from the leaked auditions and casting breakdowns and he came up with something that sounded plausible enough to pass as the real deal. That way he can pretend he has a source in the production. I’m not buying it.

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    54. My main hope is that Jaime isn’t purely going down there to introduce The Sand Snakes. The Riverrun stuff was fun as it showed him using his brain, being a bit calmer plus regaining/gaining a new confidence after the hand loss. If he’s just a tour guide for Dorne I think it’d be a bit of a waste.

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    55. jentario,

      I never said it was real.
      When I first read it I had doubts enough to not include it in the updates I did on sptv. I just thought some of the reasons cited as proof it was fake were flawed. Well, that and I like and agree with some of his ideas regardless of whether or not the guy had a legit source.

      Even before reading that Reddit post I doubt I was alone in thinking Jaime would go to Dorne to retrieve Myrcella, fail to take her back to KL, and that act would enrage Cersei causing Jaime to leave KL. Maybe he would go off to do something more before season’s end.. or not. I hadn’t really tried to think of the details, just the broad character arc for the season.

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    56. Darquemode,

      Why would Jaime leave, though? Cersei is hardly the reason he’s in King’s Landing anymore. He’s there for Tommen. The only way I see him leaving is if he is sent actively to do something in the Riverlands (such as lifting the siege in Riverrun) but there doesn’t seem to be much time left for that.

      Also, I think Myrcella will come back with him (I don’t see him leaving her there after the Queenmaker plot- and I am almost sure Jaime will be involved in that). I also don’t think show Doran wants Trystane to marry Myrcella, so he’d probably just give her away to Jaime after the fight (not doing it would mean war, pretty much). Keep in mind that Myrcella is set to return to King’s Landing in ADWD.

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    57. jentario,

      I agree about there not being much time in his arc for the Riverrun siege or something similar. I think if they were going to do that they would not send Jaime is in Dorne. So Jaime will need a different reason to leave. Whatever D&D use as the reason I think getting away from Cersei will be his main concern – not staying for Tommen.

      My first thought and prime concern was not what would cause Jaime to leave, but that he needs to be gone when Cersei has her penance walk or more specifically her trial by combat. In my mind she needs to be completely isolated with no real friends and family left around her during that period to choose Robert Strong (the show has already hinted that sub-plot will be in the show). As for an actual cause, I assumed it would be either Cersei’s craziness and scheming after losing Joff and Tywin or Jaime would find out she slept with Lancel. Now, not returning with Myrcella works equally as well…. maybe better

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    58. Darquemode,

      Jaime is not the kind of dude to “get away” just because he and Cersei are fighting. Their fight is the reason why he doesn’t help her, not the reason he leaves. How would he even explain leaving? “Oh I got Cersei mad, better run away!”

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    59. jentario,

      During her downward spiral Jaime will begin to truly see Cersei for who she is. The pettiness, the paranoia, the the ineptitude, the rage etc… She is becoming something less than the most important thing in his life. Cersei could easily send him away out of anger, but I don’t think it will necessarily take her sending him away for him to leave. I think he will be leaving for something (a personal mission) or someone (Brienne) – not running away from someone. And that would be nothing even remotely similar to “Oh I got Cersei mad, better run away!”

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    60. Weezy,

      This seems very, very plausible and in a way it makes me sad because I was really hoping that

      Gendry was going to turn out to be Robert and Cersei’s “dark-haired beauty” who “died” of a fever (season 1) and he was going to take over Aegon’s storyline

      Your thoughts make a good deal of sense as well, and honestly, I think seeing either of them play out would be incredible!

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