October filming set for Alcázar gardens in Seville

Gallery of the Grotesque

Details surrounding the shooting schedule for the Alcázar gardens in Seville, Spain, are just starting to emerge, with local sources reporting that the site will be partially or, on some days, completely closed to visitors in early October.

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pond 1

Filming starts on October 6, at the Mercury Pond and the Gallery of the Grotesque (pictured above), and will continue at this location through October 9, and then again on October 12. Incidentally, the pond itself will be dyed blue by the production team.

The Mercury Pond and Gallery of the Grotesque is just a small portion of the total gardens complex. You can see the area sectioned off for filming highlighted in red.

Then, on October 10 and 11, filming spreads throughout the entirety of the gardens.

pond 2


Finally, from October 14 through the 18th, the entirety of the top half of the gardens area will be closed. This includes both the Baths of Maria de Padilla and the Hall of Ambassadors (both pictured below).800px-Baths_of_Maria_de_Padilla_-_Alcazar_of_Seville_(2)

After the 18th, the gardens will, as far as we can see, will reopen for visitors- though that’s always subject to change.

Shylah: So, it looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of Dorne, or, at least, a nice variation of locations within it. I’m really excited to see them incorporating the Baths and the Hall of Ambassadors into the shoot- both of those areas are incredibly beautiful.

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    1. I wonder if the Alcázar will also serve as Sunspear, not only the Water Gardens.

      Also, I fear we won’t see Doran, Obara, Nym or Tyene at all, since it seems the set will be closed pretty thoroughly in this case.

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    2. Yes, there is a caracter cast with the name ‘Maggy the frog’. In the books she is a fortune teller that is telling young Cersei and her friend some things about their future. I won’t spoil what she says to them.
      So there is a flash back moment for Cersei this season, otherwise I don’t get why they cast Maggy the frog. So maybe he is in this flashback too. But I personally think it will be about his funeral which runs through some chapters in the book.

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    3. Gravemaster,

      There will never be a straight-up flashback in the show. For one, it’d be weird if they started now. But there is leeway on that rule thanks to visions (Bran’s sight) and dreams (Sansa revisited her attempted rape in a dream, just before her first menstruation.) So I imagine the season will open with Cersei dreaming about that event. I don’t imagine Tywin will be in it, though. I’m pretty sure Charles Dance was just talking about playing Tywin’s corpse.

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    4. Mine is the Furry,

      He didn’t disappear in a puff of smoke. There will be a funeral, just as with Joffrey and just as it also happened in the books.

      As for St. John’s Fortress, it is Meereen, as expected. The Great Masters and the gladiator-types confirm it is a training ground for pit fighters, too.

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    5. LukaNieto,

      That makes sense, I didn’t even consider that those guys were pit fighters. I was so sure that the set there was supposed to stand for

      that slave auction, where Tyrion and Jorah get sold.

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