A Note On November and Con of Thrones


We’re in a busy, busy off-season. News and excitement are pouring in more than ever before, and we’ve been hard at work building Con of Thrones. If this isn’t your first bout of limbo (read, purgatory) with Watchers and GOO then you know the drill. The holidays are coming but with it our usual burst of new promotional material and footage may not. We’d like to help with that. Between Con of Thrones and Season 7, next summer is looking to be completely insane.

We’ve enlisted GoT podcaster and Vanity Fair scribe Joanna Robinson to the con’s programming team — someone who is a treat to work with, and whose input has been fantastic. The team at Mischief Management has remained in the trenches with us since launch, and they completely get what we’re building here. I’ve never worked with a team as passionate about the subject material and the ultimate goal based on that love of the story and its community.

I’m here to share something that has left me with broken sleep for weeks. This is the first time I’ve sat to write about this part of the con, and I’d like if we can agree to let me spill this out in one go. Ok? Conventions are a celebration of the thing, and they’re a celebration of you. They’re a blast — an explosion of the collected love, energy, and (for lack of a better word I’ll use) passion shared between those in attendance. We have a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot to unpack at Con of Thrones. A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic tale of high fantasy, and Game of Thrones is a massive hit. I don’t want to do this in the traditional way.

Con of Thrones will not be a three day burst. Our community-wide exploration of Ice and Fire will start in November and will culminate into a three day celebration in an incredible indoor kingdom in Nashville, TN.

We’ve sorted the convention into themes. The topics and structure of the con’s themes will build out and inform its events, programming tracks, and more. Each month will bring a new theme, and we’ll spend the month exploring its depths and reach as a community. This is your con. Exploring and building shouldn’t be limited to a single team of people.

As more schedules and commitments are finalized, guest announcements will begin to funnel into posts here on Watchers and across our social media platforms. Keep an eye out for that. We’re only getting started with community help and involvement, so if interested please stay on the lookout for opportunities on that front as the summer approaches.

We’ll be back with more as the month turns over, but I wanted to drop this note. Thank you for helping us make this a reality!

Earlybird tickets are still on sale. Get them while they’re hot!

By the way..

November’s theme:



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    1. I want to go so badly… but I don’t know I’ll back to the US on time for the Con… btw nice addition I like Joanna

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    2. It still is unreal to me…Ive lived about 30 minutes away from the con location my entire life…so lucky….I can’t wait and I can guarantee that everyone I’ll love nashville…it’s a unique city

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    3. It would be a good idea to aim for a slightly higher quality level than the last Star Wars fan convention, which was held in the UK..

      “I found the displays shocking. Jabba’s Palace was a carnival float with a lifeless model. The Ewok’s Village was some scaffolding covered in nets, adorned with skewered teddy bears. The Dagobah ‘system’ was a tent consisting of a Yoda toy perched on plastic ivy.”

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    4. Hotel is booked and I’ve been working on a pretty cool costume! Wanted a Valyrian pass, but just wasn’t quick enough! Can’t wait, guys. I know it will be a blast! 🙂

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    5. Y’all are awesome! I will be re-reading and binge-watching so I’m glad to see that there will be themes. I am so thrilled to be able to attend and I would love to volunteer, too. I hope HBO will share some of the amazing cast and crew and artisans (Michele Clapton or anyone on the costume team, please!). Is there a way we can make suggestions for guests and topics?

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