The North Remembers: October 2011

  • Raven LogoAxechucker (then better know as Fire and Blood, or FaBio for short) and I reported from the first TitanCon in Belfast, dedicated to celebrating season one of Game of Thrones and teasing season two hints out of the actors present. Oh, and lots of merrymaking, too.
  • The shoot in Dubrovnik was still going on, and we got hints of an expanded Qarth storyline for season two. We learned that the primary Iceland shooting location would be the Vatnajökull glacier area.
  • Casting decisions were still being made and announced, most notable we got Rose Leslie as our Ygritte in October. Also, Simon Armstrong was cast as Halfhand, John Stahl as Rickard Karstark, and Nicholas Blane as the Spice King.
  • The winners of S1 awards you guys voted for were announced, and Natalia Tena as one of them thanked our Game of Thrones community in a video message. Miltos Yerolemou did that at TitanCon itself. Speaking of awesome!
  • Also, this teaser came out.

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    1. I also remember. Nice that the old familiar posts have been brought along to WotW. I’m glad I found you all again. It was getting really bad over there for a while.

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    2. We learned that the primary Iceland shooting location would be the Vatnajökull glacier area.

      I wonder how that will pan out this year, with the volcanic eruption near Bárðarbunga still going strong, besides large amounts of lava being erupted also including magnitude 5 earthquakes on a nearly daily basis. The eruption takes place ‘far away’ at the northern edge of the Vatnajökull area, but corrosive gasses have been eating away at metallic objects and paint (check pictures in this article) in many places.

      Btw, Marko, did you see my earlier request for support to have the Awards Ceremony brought forward by a few hours? As the resident numbers man, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a case that most of WOTW’s visitors are from Europe (you might have to manipulate the data a bit, but I’m sure that’s well within your capabilities).

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    3. Will the ceremony be streamed on Youtube like last year? It’s probably too late to change the hour, but I all I want is to try and make it available ‘offline’ as soon as the stream is over.
      Also, do we know who the hosts are this year? Or is that supposed to be a surprise? 😛

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    4. jentario,

      I don’t think so… for that massacre to be the result of Drogon, we should expect dummy charred corpses and and extras with lots of prosthetics, burnt versions of their costumes, etc. And no, it’s not practical in any way to do all of that in post.

      Also, you can see the guys with the masks all the way down. Might have been Brazen Beasts, but their masks are all the same, suspiciously Harpy-looking, and most importantly they are the same guys we saw many weeks ago slitting the throat of an Unsullied soldier —so, probably Sons of the Harpy.

      Maybe they’ll poison a whole lot of people instead of just trying to poison Daenerys? Or, most likely, it’s a direct attack. But that’s certainly not the result of a dragon attack —unless he didn’t use fire once, that is. Even then, what would the Sons be doing down there? At first I thought they were being executed, but then I noticed the dead people and I connected them. I don’t really see many other possible scenarios.

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    5. Your post has reminded me how glad I am that we got Rose Leslie as Ygritte! I remember being concerned they were going to choose somehow who wouldn’t do Ygritte justice, with sufficient strength and vulnerability. Rose was great in the tough moments- “strike hard and true, Jon Snow,” and the more lighthearted ones- “My dress made of the purest silk from Tra-la-la-la-lalliday!” 🙂

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    6. umuckurlife,

      Agreed, I just finally found my way over to this site and had no idea what happened in the other place, but definitely noticed a change over time… So glad to see the familiar faces and familiar articles around here!

      WotW is now in my RSS feeds.

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    7. Kyle,

      Some of them, could be. Others are in ridiculously uncomfortable positions for it to be “relaxing between takes.” So, no, I don’t think so.


      Fake snow! Now, I wonder, is that the quarry where they film the Wall or is it a random site where they are filming some Northern scenes? I wonder what it could be.

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    8. Hear Marko Roar,

      I have a bit of an odd question.
      On Twitter, it says the awards are Nov. 2nd at 8PM EDT. Do you really mean 8PM EDT (a.k.a. 7PM EST), or do you mean 8PM EST? The US switches from Daylight time to Standard time at 2AM on Nov. 2nd, so I’m a bit confused about whether the “EDT” was just a mistake.

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    9. Hear Marko Roar,

      Hm…not willing to take responsibility, eh? Well Marko, it’s not that I’m angry with you now, but I’m pretty disappointed… (trying some basic psychology here – never really worked for my parents either though 🙂 )

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    10. Mia,

      It’s almost ridiculous how excited I get just about every bit of fake snow (fsnow?), and now I want to see certain actors/characters marching trough it 😀

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