The Night’s Cast Episode 5: A special guest and that infamous wedding


In this week’s episode, we discuss Season 3 and the most infamous scene in television history

Get your hankies ready, listeners — the season recaps continue in this week’s episode of The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, and we’re hitting Season 3 and the Red Wedding. Join Petra, Vanessa, Samantha and special guest Robert from In Deep Geek for an episode full of reminiscing and reactions!

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    1. “The Rains of Castamere” is probably a top 10 episode for me, but I like “And Now His Watch is Ended” better. I find it a more entertaining episode, though the tension in “Rains” is hard to beat. It’s right up there with the Sept explosion.

      For me, the best parts in most seasons are towards the end, but I actually find that the middle of season 3 is the best part of the season (episodes 4, 5, and 6).

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    2. This episode showcased the very strong GOT acting work from some now dead characters. Michelle Fairley’s work was excellent all round but especially in this episode. Bolton, Frey and others were great. Rob was also very good in his role and here as well. I sometimes wonder if this actor would have made a better Jon than Kit. The “Rains of Castermere” music is nearly a character in GOT – it is written and used that well.

      Is this really the most infamous scene in TV history? Hmmm.

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    3. Thanks for this very enjoyable episode of the Night’s Cast. Perfect for a quiet Friday night at home, knitting X-mas presents and sipping some wine.

      Season 3 has a special place in my heart because it’s how I came to the show and then the books. I’d heard some people praising the show, so when there was an opportunity to binge watch S3 for free, I thought I’d give it a look. I watch very little TV, but I was hooked within the first few minutes! Sure, it was a bit confusing, like, who are all these people, what’s this Blackwater they talk about, who was Renly etc… 😀

      I then got S1-S3 on DVD and binged and then watched S4 “live” and then read the books a couple of times over before S5, and here I am, a hopeless fan!

      The Red Wedding… The first time. I was just stunned. Stared at the end credits in silence, felt a hollow emptiness where my heart used to be. I didn’t even cry, I was too shocked. I cry at every rewatch, though.

      The Jaime & Brienne storyline is my absolute favourite from S3. I didn’t know who they were – didn’t know about the Bran defenestration, for example – I just saw this big lady knight dragging a scruffy handsome man through a hedge and he was bantering away… Until he stopped and was finally serious, “We don’t get to choose whom we love”, while looking deep into big lady knight’s eyes…

      I agree with the point you bring up, that S3 was about turning points for many characters, and also setting up stuff that will pay off years down the line. It’s on rewatches that you really appreciate how well D&D constructed the early seasons to pay off in later seasons.

      Sure, there’s been some hits & misses along the way, and I have my issues with S6, and S7 especially, but all in all, it’s still a great show and it’s been such a delight to be part of the fandom – thank you, WOTW for being such a great site for us fans!

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    4. Mango,

      I think Richard Madden is perfect as Robb, just as Kit Harington is perfect as Jon.

      Richard has more of a “Tully” look IMO, whereas Kit looks more “Stark”.

      If you haven’t watched Bodyguard with Richard Madden as lead, it’s brilliant, Richard really kills it.

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    5. DaphNenya,

      You are problably right on the look as described and imagined. That said different people imagine different things.

      My thought is that Madden is the more talented actor and giving him the longer screen time as Jon may have served GOT well.

      There is a lot of criticism of Season 7 particularly of the writing and time periods for travel. Good acting can cover up a lot of mediocre writing and great acting can work miracles. Of course, very poor writing combined with poor directing is hard to salvage.

      In earlier seasons, we remember Tywin as perfectly done, not only because the writing was always great but also because Dance was always great. Roose, Frey, Davos, Ramsey etc….as well.

      Season 7 not only had a fall off in writing but also increased time for Kit and Emilia -combining weaker actors with weaker material. I think we positively remember the S7 scenes with Peter, NCW, Lena, Davos, Bronn, Maisie etc not because the writing was great – it was written by the same folks – but because it was handled with more skill.

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    6. talvikorppi,

      The Jaime and Brienne storyline is one of the joys of this series. I regard it as the great definitive romance of GOT. I expect the culmination of this romance in Season 8. Jaime’s arc has an early youthful marriage falling apart and a new connection growing as he himself evolves to become the man he was meant to be. It is wonderfully written and D&D has handled it well.

      I cannot guess how it will end – I hope Jaime and Brienne ride off into the proverbial sunset together.

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    7. I am about to start a watch of S3 audio commentaries as we wait for the S8 trailer. Enjoyed listening to this one in the meantime:)

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