New VFX reel breaks down the fiery spectacle of “The Spoils of War”


In the latest special effects breakdown video, we get a meticulous look at the VFX process behind Daenerys’ breathtaking Loot Train Battle Field of Fire sequence in “The Spoils of War.”

The video from Iloura focuses less on the dragon’s animation than other VFX reels have in the past. Rather, the video draws attention to how many of the Dothraki and Lannister soldiers in the scene are CGI, (though the stunt work from that episode, of course, remains astounding) and the layers and layers required to create the fire and smoke for that chaotic, fiery battle.



Much thanks to Ryan Neuner for informing us about this video!

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    1. please don’t call it special effects. special effects is practical effects and vfx is CGI. it’s that simple but everybody, everywhere do their best not to learn this.

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    2. Interesting.
      There is one ‘helicopter’ shot there of the Dothraki charging, got to go back and look, cause seems the ‘canvas’ is bigger than I remember. Wonder if they used that shot?
      Gosh, looking at that again, if there that many Lannister army killed and the rest captured , Jamie could of had very few left to take North.

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    3. dragonreborn,

      That’s because nobody really cared about the distinction before digital film-making, and now only pedant douches care. Besides, there are green screens and such involved in this, so it’s a combination of SFX and VFX, if you really have that much of a stick up your ass about it.

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    4. Dothraki are boss, but they’ve never had the common cold. Most of them will die in the north, not by the White Walkers, but by the weather.


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