New pictures of Game of Thrones set in progress in Kaštel Gomilica


New photographs have surfaced today of the Game of Thrones set in progress in Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia. The town, along with the nearby Split, will serve as a location for filming for the show’s fifth season. Shooting is expected to begin in the area by the end of August.

The new batch of photos show the buildings, doors, and alleys along the waterfront of the Bay of Kastela as they’re prepped for filming.



An aerial shot of the region where filming will be taking place:15

As for the red Lannister/Baratheon-sigil covered boards, those are being covered up by fake stone. Another Twitter user uploaded this photo, showing the changes:



Sue the Fury: Thanks to Hoyti_Von_Totiy for linking us to the photos!

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    1. minty,

      I can see her throwing all her belongings away (all but Needle) and crying. That could be a great scene, assuming it’s in. I also would love seeing her throw away that smelly old costume.

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    2. Turncloak:
      Oh look a red door. Maybe that’s Dany’s old home in Braavos when she lived with Ser Willem Darry as a child

      I don’t see red door , only lannister /Baratheon sigils

      Edit : you mean the one in the 7 and 8 picture ?

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    3. jentario:

      You can see that they’re painting over it in the picture. It’s reused wood from the Purple Wedding.


      I didnt know that and didnt notice that! Thats a great explanation. I just noticed that on some of them, there no stags and lions, i thought they’d put them inside there.. haha

      I feel so stupid right now 😀

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    4. Roger,

      I’m pretty sure these “wallpapers” will be (re)used only for construction and we won’t see them in the episode. It doesn’t make sense put them upside down on the wall so I’m certain they will put something on it.

      EDIT: jentario beats me.

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    5. Turncloak:
      Oh look a red door. Maybe that’s Dany’s old home in Braavos when she lived with Ser Willem Darry as a child

      “I see a red door and I want it painted black…”

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    6. jentario,

      I’m very much looking forward to that, I just hope

      for Maisie that Arya will at least keep her underwear and not have to run back naked – one lady running naked next season will be sufficient 🙂

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    7. Greenjones: So are they still filming in Sibenik even though they’ve been denied the use of the Cathedral there?

      It was never confirmed whether or not they ultimately got permission to use the cathedral. It was still up in the air last I heard, and it never leaked, whether or not it got okayed.
      But anyway, they are still filming in Sibenik.

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    8. So I expect we’ll see quite a lot of pictures when shooting begins, I mean they can’t shut the entire town, right?

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    9. Greenjones,

      I’ll have to go back and listen to it, but I thought the phrasing he used made it sound like more like a house than a church/cathedral. I could be misremembering. Either way, they are definitely filming in Sibenik. This I know for sure.

      edit: Found the quote. I think it was that Benioff said the guy didn’t want “his property” to be used, and I took that as the person was the owner, rather than some bishop who was representing a diocese. But that’s a technicality in phrasing. It seems likely he was referring to that site. Boy, I would pay to hear a bishop talk about “Porn of Thrones.”

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    10. Sue the Fury,

      They referred to a religious leader of some sort not wanting to be associated with “porn of thrones”, so I’m pretty sure it was that angry bishop we heard about when the Sibenik articles first came out. It’s good to know they’re still filming there though, because that’ll give Braavos some more variety in its look.

      EDIT: you ninja’d me to it.

      It’s a real pity that they can’t shoot at that Cathedral though, because it was perfect with the faces on the wall and everything. Ah well. I for one think that the building with the pillars they’re making in Split will be their new HoWaB.

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    11. Greenjones,

      He mentioned a Bible thumper, but not a religious leader, from what I can tell. ““I feel like if the Bible thumpers stop thumping for just a minute, they would see there’s just as much incest in there.” (I presume Benioff meant the Bible for ‘in there.’

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    12. I think this is something in King’s Landing. The red decoration, or whatever they are painting, has the same design that was behind everyone at Joffrey’s wedding. It’s the Lannister/ Baratheon sigils

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    13. Tori Targaryen,

      As mentioned, those are reused materials and they’re clearly painting white over it in the picture (for reference, previous pictures of the building had no white paint on them).

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    14. It certainly looks like Braavos.

      And the red Lannister/baratheon painted or wall-papered plywood is placed so haphazardly, that presumably it will be painted over or just just as a structural backing to put decorations on top of.

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    15. Greenjones,

      Yeah, they’re definitely filming Braavos in the Split/Kastela area. They’ve been casting extras to play Braavosi sailors and well-dressed Braavosi women that sound suspiciously like Braavos’s pricy courtesans.

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    16. Greenjones,

      It’s clear from the write-up that they’re supposed to be Essos characters but there is no way to tell if they’re bravos or just random thugs in Meereen. With the filming date of Aug. 29th, it seems more like they’re doing Braavos stuff then (based on rumors from the locals), but that is not completely solid info.

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    17. Greenjones,

      Sue the Fury,

      Well, it’s good to know that the GoT production is thrifty and recycles old materials, even if it caused a bit of confusion.

      That Tricksy D&D probably told them to use the lannister/baratheon boards on purpous to throw us off, damn them

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    18. Looks like a perfect Kat of the Kanals location…. also, that aerial of the stairway reminded me of the Mercy Chapter (I don’t know if I’m ready for that)

      So great to see your new site. It looks awesome! Congratulations to the fantastic four.

      Having trouble with the spoiler coding…. help? I need somebody, help, not just anybody

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    19. Arya killing Balon

      would be exactly the nonsencical thing D&D are fond of pulling of betimes, but i don’t think they would do it on that scale.
      I mean, a girl a few month in training taking on that kind of contract? Not to mention ruining her grant return to Westeros, whatever shape its going to take in the books. Unless they mean to to postpone

      the murder and use it to kick off her return and not have her go to Braavos afterwards but do whatever stuff she does in later books in Westeros, but it would be one hell of extension of Balon’s miserable old life

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    20. I haven’t been able to read the site because I was roaming the southern balkans but just wanted to tell you that I just reached King’s Landing err, Dubrovnik and it’s fucking awesome!! 😉

      Much more thant I thought it would be really by watching the show

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    21. Sue the Fury,

      I don’t think there is any confirmation about this but the Croatian Partner laughed when he heard about it and was like ‘They’ll still be allowed to film there.’ — Croatia isn’t a very rich country and a ‘small donation’ might go a long way for a church there.

      I’ll also point out that there is also the Tyrell sigil on some of those boards (flower power ya.)

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    22. H. Stark,

      Interesting. We already knew that they’d filmed a few Dornish scenes in Portstewart, Northern Island, and that most of Dorne (the Water Gardens, etc.) would be filmed in Spain starting around October. But as far as I can recall, there hadn’t been any indication that they would film any part of the Dornish storyline in Croatia (Obviously they could, I just don’t remember reading anything about it). Could this news indicate that Myrcella will indeed return to King’s Landing at some point this season?

      If so, that would seem to stand as evidence against the speculation that she might end up dying in the Queenmaker plot instead of being scarred.

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    23. They seem to be putting in a lot of effort on this set which sort of suggests that it will feature strongly. Of course, they are renewed for at least another season after and again it is most likely to feature. I’m really hoping that some of the set will be left in place. I’m going on holiday to Croatia in early October and staying in Split for a few days so a visit to Braavos is an absolute. I think they will just have finished shooting so i’ll be quizzing the locals for some inside info. If they had Casso there i’ll be so happy!

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    24. Jared,

      I don’t think so. Myrcella being in KL doesn’t make any sense story-wise. They can use a great number of places on the coast of Croatia for Dorne.


      That’s disheartening. That cathedral would’ve been great as HoBaW. I wonder if they’ll use another church or if they will completely CGI it.

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    25. Pep,

      Hopefully they don’t CGI it entirely. IMO the Bloody Gate last season looked a bit odd, it’s best to create the closer parts of the set and CGI around it like they usually do.

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    26. jentario,

      I guess house snow is referring to the arched door next to the recycled lannister wooden boards (last picture) … and yes I would agree, look at the man standing next to the door, either he’s abnormally tall or the door is really small

      yay that rhymes 🙂

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