New pics of Game of Thrones set in Šibenik, Daenerys and Daario photographed on set, and more


After a relatively quiet weekend, filming of Game of Thrones season 5 resumes this week.

We recently posted some images of a Game of Thrones set undergoing construction at St. John’s Fortress in Šibenik, Croatia. Reader wyshy has kindly shared some new images of the set with us.

Mild spoilers after the cut.

It was speculated that the set could be used as a slave market or a small-scale fighting pit. We can now see that the ring in the middle has been filled with grit/sand, and is surrounded by what would seem to be braziers of some sort. Upright posts also line one side of the ring. Perhaps they could be used to chain slaves to?









A lucky fan managed to get a photograph in Belfast airport with cast members Iain Glen and Sophie Turner.


Carice van Houten tweeted today that she is returning to set to resume filming.

Meanwhile, our new Myrcella, Nell Tiger Free, has tweeted an image of her new hair color, perhaps signifying a change in her story this season.

Finally, Goran Leš managed to photograph cast members Emilia Clarke and Michiel Huisman as they returned from the Diocletian’s Palace set in Split earlier today (images hosted on TOTALSplit).






  1. Very intrigued by Myrcella’s hair change. With Sansa having done the same season, it seems a bit odd to have the show pull the same character trick. I dunno.

  2. Maybe the characters will try to make Myrcella appear more Dornish for the

    Queenmaker plot


    In the books, the Dornish range from fair to dark in complexion, but they’re probably simplifying it for the show.

  3. Nice pictures. I have been craving some new GoT news over the weekend so this is welcome news.

    Intriguing news about Myrcella. No idea what it is about though,

  4. Hoyti_Von_Totiy,

    That’s a big imagination. Honestly, the middle section looks like nothing more than a small fighting arena. All in all, it clearly looks like training grounds of some sorts, probably for slaves, considering the cage and the elevated altar, for slavers and buyers to look upon and judge the quality of the “merchandise.”

    If I’m allowed some wilder speculation myself, I’d say the set is probably for a night scene: if all those torch holders aren’t there for mere decoration, I’d bet they’ll light them up, which would mean it’s a scene set at night.

  5. Luka Nieto:

    You have a big imagination. The middle section looks like a small arena, an area for fighting, and the rest looks like training grounds, either for unsullied or slaves. No sacrifices needed here.

    There are 6 pillars behind the circle and 6 torches around the circle.

    Its a sacrifice scene for sure. I bet its Mel burning some wildlings.

  6. Hoyti_Von_Totiy,

    What…? Are you serious? What about the lack of snow, what about the architecture, what about the trees? This could only ever be the North, the Riverlands or Meereen. In context, it’s probably Meereen.

    It’s so obviously a training arena I can’t even… If you don’t see it I guess I couldn’t possibly convince you, to be honest. Sorry for the condescending tone. I’m just truly astounded.

  7. Not certain about the dying of her hair if it is linked to the show. With Myrcella being recast then changing her hair colour is going to make it quite confusing. Not entirely sure what reason there would be for her to dye her hair to be honest. Think it may just be that she has dyed her hair for her own reasons!
    Unless this is a hint that they’ve cast her as Arianne and are working her into the plot and Amy Richardson can come back as Myrcella!? Biggest swerve ever. Unfortunately, this is less likely than impossible!

  8. More and more I’m wondering if

    Daario won’t be sent away, as he is in aDwD. Or if he is sent, he returns quickly enough to have adequate screen time with Daenerys before becoming a hostage.

    The Myrcella hair thing is interesting too. I’ll bet it has something to do with

    the character having to hide from someone and keep a low profile at some point in the Dorne storyline. Maybe for the Queenmaker plot,

    as Sword of the Morning has suggested?

  9. TheTouchOfFrost,

    We’ll probably see her as a blonde as well. This might be just a disguise to keep her safe, in whatever equivalent there is in the show to Arianne’s Queenmaker plot.

  10. Nell Tiger Free hair: It could be a wig… In the New Cast Members video her hair are at her shoulder, these one are much much longuer, difficult to beleive she can grow her hair that much in two or even three months… If yes, well, i want to know what she is eating …lol i’ll began a new regime!

  11. Nell’s new hair looks like a wig to me. I’d also have to say that set is going to be some sort of fighting ring, it doesn’t really look like a slave auction.

    Hopefully, we can get some more stuff, it’s been a rather slow news and photo-wise recently.

  12. Luka Nieto,

    Possibly. Just seems like an odd choice to make when they didn’t make much effort to disguise/change the appearance of Arya, Jaime, Theon, Tyrion ( the nose and also in the season coming up) amongst others. Can’t see her dying her hair as adding anything to the plot and could complicate things for less attentive viewers. Guess we’ll see. Still think she’ll remain blonde and Nell just fancied dying it for her own purposes.

  13. It kind of looks like a wig – at least on the left side of her face. But maybe its just a light / shadow issue.

  14. My theory about this black hair thing: Nell is with Rosabell’s wig (I strongly believe they will give tyene a wig). That might be it, she is probably just goofing around with a fellow castmate’s wig, because i really see no other explanation.
    Great to see some more pics!

  15. Regarding Myrcella’s hair:

    Obviously Myrcella is Aegon in disguise. Varys hid him where nobody would ever think to search: Cersei’s vagina.

    She’s possibly also Fake Arya.

    Both of these theories are as plausible as the other speculations regarding those characters.

  16. Sean C.,



    I’d go with something like that. It doesn’t seem to sit right plus there is a glimpse of blonde towards the right hand side of her face unless it’s how the light is hitting it.

  17. why is emilia covering her hair and the costume looks like a new one which is similar to 2nd and 3rd season and does not look like what she was wearing in season 4

  18. Introducing a new character, which Myrcella basically is, and having her dye her hair midway through the season, when her face isn’t yet familiar, is foolish, which is why it won’t happen. The actress is just goofing around with a wig, IMO.

  19. dragonbringer,

    The head thing is to protect the wig or something like that… And there are some pictures from last year’s filming where she’s wearing the leggings under her dress so… I don’t know maybe she’s not in full costume and that’s why she’s wearing the white robe/thing? :/

  20. Stylax,

    thank you

    i was thinking maybe they are changing the costume because in books Danny always wears the pelt to keep her from fear and be strong this maybe a reason she is changing to be more fierce

  21. Those first pictures remind me of Deepwood Motte, as in the books Asha recalls the wooden walls didn’t helped the Glovers during the Greyjoy invasion. As for the circle I don’t know… Maybe Asha/Yara isssss making some sort of queensmoot in Deepwood Motte eerrrr?

  22. My guess is that she dyed her hair for her own reasons as someone stated before (or she is wearing a wig) and it’s totally unrelated to GOT.

    Someone please tell me that Dany is not wearing that blue dress that she’s got four seasons ago under that robe!!! I’m so tired of it already and she should be wearing more royal-looking stuff if you ask me… oh and I never liked that outfit to start with since her pants look like a pair of jeans.

  23. Josla,

    She just flew back to Belfast though, so she’s not finished for the year. If that’s not a wig and she’s dyed her hair, that means it would have to be show related.

    As for Dany’s dress, she only got that in s3. But yeah, we’ve seen a bit too much of it by now, I agree.

  24. mmc,

    Do yourselves a favor and let it go


    Looks like she’s wearing a blue dress and some boots. Probably the same outfit she had for a few episodes over the last few seasons. I just hope that the blue cape doesn’t show up again.

    They need to give her some new stuff already. And no more blue!

  25. jentario,

    The only fabric I can see (underneath the thing she’s draped with) is something tan coloured. Though this COULD signify the return of this outfit……….. or this one………….., but you’re right, it’s more likely the blue beast again
    (pictured here:
    and here:
    since it has tan fabric about the shoulder.

  26. So, if Carice is back filming and Kit’s in Belfast, I hope it means they are doing Jon/ Mel scenes together 🙂

  27. Greenjones:

    As for Dany’s dress, she only got that in s3. But yeah, we’ve seen a bit too much of it by now, I agree.

    I know, just wanted to exaggerate a bit. It does feel like she’s been wearing it since season one tho… and apparently it’s back again… sigh

  28. Greg,

    She was basically an extra, but yeah she was in the show. Tyrion arranged a marriage between her and Dorne in season 2 and shipped her off, it was mentioned a couple of times in season 4 as well. Going to be important in season 5.

  29. Greg,

    Myrcella has been in eight episodes. Her more prominent scenes were in the second episode of the first season, “The Kingsroad”, in a Lannister breakfast scene at Winterfell where she worried over Bran and laughed at Tyrion’s jokes; and in the third episode of the second season, “What is Dead may Never Die”, in a dinner scene where she naively chatted with a traumatized Sansa.

    Since she was in the background during most of the first season, you’d be forgiven to not even know of her existence by that point, but it’s difficult to miss that she was the focus of a major plot engineered by Tyrion when he was Hand of the King during Season 2. Tyrion engineered a political alliance with the Martells of Dorne by shipping Myrcella off to Dorne and betrothing her to Trystane, son of ruling Prince Doran Martell. Also, in Seasons 2, 3 and 4 Cersei often talked about Tyrion’s actions and about Myrcella. In fact, in Season 4 Cersei had quite a long scene with Oberyn Martell in which she talked about Myrcella and asked him how she was adjusting to life in Dorne, and charged him with taking back a ship as a present to her daughter when he went back home. But honestly, I’m surprised you wouldn’t know of Myrcella by Season 4.

  30. Concerning Dany’s dress, obviously it is a new look, otherwise they wouldn’t have covered it from prying lenses. If it is the same blue/white attire I will scream, a Queen after all is suppose to be be fashionable and have an extensive wardrobe.

    Ms Free is Arianne? Wow! that will throw the moral church bitches and preachers into a frenzy, HBO having a 16 year old do nude scenes. Well if Brooke can do it, so can Nell, it is the 21st century after all, why live and embrace a primitive judgemental culture, it is so passe and devolved.

    Alba gu bràth!

  31. tyjon,

    She isn’t Arianne. She’s shot scenes as a blonde already. If this is actually her wig or if she’s dyed her hair then there will be some plot justification for that. (If you were being sarcastic then nvm).

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