New photos of Girona and Almería Game of Thrones sets in progress!

Almeria set in progress.

We have two doses of Game of Thrones filming updates for you readers in our newest post, focusing on Spain.  It’s a big day in Girona, as preparations in the city begin for season 6 filming. Crews have arrived and have been removing signage from the streets to prep the area for shooting, according to Diaridegirona.

A few businesses have been temporarily closed out of necessity, according to the same news reports. The producers of Game of Thrones are working on agreements to compensate the businessowners who are unable to open due to the presence of filming.

We have several images gathered of the goings-on in Girona. After taking a look, be sure to scroll on down because we have another update on a set in progress- in Almería! We have a huge new batch of photos, thanks to WotW reader @MaievTargaryen who has graciously provided them for us to enjoy.

First up, some Girona production images from around the internet:

Outside the Banys Arabs. Photo:
Outside the Banys Arabs. Photo:
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And now, for the newest photos of the Almería sets:. What do you think they are building out there?IMGP0216
















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  1. Hodor? (Edit: oops, too late!)

    The first photos of Girona seem to suggest Braavos, with the boat and market stalls, though there is no water nearby.

    For the Almeria pictures, it seems they are building an entire village with tents and huts… Vaes Dothrak?

    Anyway, nice pictures! Keep it coming!

  2. I’m glad to help the people to know more about Game of Thrones. I took those pictures yesterday and asked the security guy if there was a closer place to take better pictures but there wasn’t. What a pity! They seem to build some city in ruins or something. See you!

    P.D.: Sorry I need to improve my english!

  3. I don’t think Almeria is Vaes Dothrak since stone walls don’t seem to fit with the architecture established in S1 (and the books). My bet is on some new place in Essos. This village has to be one of the biggest sets they have ever build (as big as Hardhome and bigger than Castle Black).

  4. Dragonslayer,

    I agree, plus the number of days that will be spent here seem too much for just Vaes Dothrak. However, this is Dothraki-related, I think, so maybe some place in Essos where they stop at some village – like in Season 1 with Mirri’s village?


    Thanks. The Jaime hand popsicle is cool! 😀

  5. The structure seems very yurt-like and only the Dothraki come to mind… Then again there appears to be stone or adobe structures nearby as well so maybe the final structure will be less yurt-like and more stone building… Who knows! XD

  6. The ruins of Summerhall (I wish!)

    An Essosi town sacked by Dothraki & a Dothraki tent.

  7. The big round thing is definitely not Dothraki related (as in the Dothraki never built it, they may appear in the scene. There is a really big stone staircase leading up to it so it has to be some king of a temple or public building.

    The longer I think about it, I believe there are only two possibilities for this set: something in Dorne (the architecture fits with my imagination) or something in Essos.

  8. Looking at the boat in the first picture outside the “Banys Arabs.” It’s certainly time for Gendry to trade in the old one.

  9. The rounded hut is obviously where Dany will meet the female dothraki elders (I forget what they’re called) right? Or is penny’s circus finally coming to town?

  10. Couldn’t they be building a couple of sets in the same area – the round structure sure looks Dothraki to me

  11. The first set of pictures made me think more of King’s Landing, but those cobbles could be Braavos.

    I suppose the second set could be a random Vaes out in the Dothraki Sea…?

  12. The big round structure in Almeria seems to be a Dothraki style tent: Vaes Dothrak?

    Going by the photos, Girona could be used for Kings Landing, Old Town or even Meereen.

  13. Some of the stone buildings in the Almeria pics look like they could easily stand in for the streets of Meereen. Not sure about the round hut under construction.

    The Girona pics (and display boat) look similar to some of the Braavos sets from S5.

  14. I also think that the round structure appears to be a large tent frame- likely the tent of whatever Khal Dany may (or may not) toast in S6. Perhaps also it’s the home of the Dosh Khaleen. The other Almeria structure look more like a village set… I’d say also in Essos. Looks like they’re just building facades (fairly standard) with box structures within, perhaps as doorways to allow extras to stand in them (and appear to be in the doorways) for some reason.

  15. I am an Unsullied watcher but I do know quite a fair bit of book material. It looks like the circular things are observatories. Maybe I’m thinking of modern NASA and stuff, but it gives the impression of Oldtown to me (is that where Maesters go to learn)? Isn’t it those guys who watch out for Winter’s arrival and send out the white raven? Would they need some observatories to study their sky?

  16. Lion of Night:
    Some of the stone buildings in the Almeria pics look like they could easily stand in for the streets of Meereen.

    Meereen in ruins, perhaps? Hehehe…

  17. Vaes Dothrak, and/or the slave market set up outside Mereen. If Enzo Cilenti is back, that’d make for a great interaction now that Tyrion’s in charge… 🙂

  18. I suspect the round structure is where the Dosh Khaleen reside. I can’t say I’m excited to see Dany brought there. I don’t think Drogon is going to be much help. I think Jorah and Daario will have to “save her”, that’s why she dropped the ring last season.

  19. Cathair,

    Just curious – what do you mean by not a book reader but know quite a bit? Have you had book readers fill you in or do you wiki things all the time? (My advice- just read the books.)

  20. Yeah… Precisely that. Especially as you’re claiming to know a fair bit from the books but are comparing a Maesters observatory to a NASA type building? ;-O

    Cersei’s Brain:

    Just curious – what do you mean by not a book reader but know quite a bit?Have you had book readers fill you in or do you wiki things all the time?(My advice- just read the books.)

  21. I don’t think it will be Vaes Dothrak, the round tent seems like dothrakis ones but they were building stairs. I’ve never seen a tent with stairs, just saying xD

  22. I know this is most likely not going to happen but what about the Yunkish siege of Mereen for the tent and wall?

  23. Thank you for the photos Maiev Targaryen! Don’t worry your English is good 🙂 and, yes, a tent with stairs does not seem right! 😛

    I agree with Dragonslayer and others, stone buildings doesn’t seem to match Vaes Dothrak, I’m stumped. But feels like Essos to me, not sure why.

  24. The large dome-like head on the big round structure in Almeria is repeated on other structures in the “village”-type area in that site, though on a much smaller scale. This looks like a distinct location in Essos, with the large dome-like structure being the central building/temple with the village nearby. I wonder why this is important and what will happen here to warrant building such an elaborate set.

  25. Not sure how much use this will be but my friend said she saw Nathalie Emmanuel at Heathrow airport yesterday (Monday). She didn’t know if she was flying out of or had just flown into London though.

  26. Girona looks like Kings Landing to me. I’m sure it will serve as Oldtown too.

    The structures in Almeria are for the Dothraki or Dornish. I’ll lean more towards the Dothraki. Is it possible the structures being built are statues/structures that the Dothraki tore down and brought to Vaes Dothrak?

  27. Well, what if they take Dany to Vaes Dothrak and Drogon shows up? (Which, it seems like he would.) then they would need a set they can burn down. If this set goes up in flames in the next few weeks, then we’ll know. (disposable Vaes Dothrak theory)
    Girona….IDK. Casterly Rock, KL, The Citadel, Braavos are all contenders.

    The North Remembers….

  28. Airflux,

    ¿Puedes hacer una descripción pormenorizada de todo lo que tenéis que hacer, día tras día? Sería interesante conocer cómo es un rodaje de verdad…

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