New photos of Game of Thrones preparations in Girona!

Girona, Spain is wildly busy this week as it undergoes a transformation into a new home for Game of Thrones. The production crews arrived yesterday to ready the city’s Old Town for shooting, expected to begin in early September. Props have been moved into place to create a medieval-style marketplace.

Tourists are enjoying the scenery and making the connection between Game of Thrones and Girona even though the cameras haven’t begun rolling, says El Punt Avui. The publication reports that visitors are taking photos using poses related to the show already.

Diaridegirona has been on the scene, taking many amazing closeups on the sets in progress so let’s take a look at what’s happening in Girona.

Photos below the cut!

Girona is reportedly playing the role of multiple locations including Oldtown, Braavos and possibly King’s landing, with scenes for different locations being filmed throughout the city. This particular spot has the barrels and tables typical of a marketplace, but it also has the netting suggestive of a port. Though there’s no water near this street, that’s not necessary for one scene. Oldtown, Braavos and King’s Landing are all located on the water. took a batch of photos yesterday, and then more today. Be sure to check out the complete galleries at their website, as these are just a sampling!


Stop by to see the rest of the photos from yesterday and also from today!

El Punt Avui also shared this photo, accompanying their article discussing the activity in town:

Photo: LL Serrat

And here’s a brief Instagram video taken by a fan of the preparations in Girona yesterday. Thanks to H.Stark for finding it.

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Sue the Fury
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  1. I’m much more leaning toward Braavos, but we haven’t actually seen anything of Oldtown’s port yet and that’s a generic looking port so far.

  2. Sue the Fury,

    Yeah, I’m banking on the Oldtown aesthetic being distinct in its own way, but the props totally look like replicas of baskets and nets they had for the Braavosi docks set last year.

  3. Well… it’s tricky to say, isn’t it? I am leaning towards Braavos too, but it’s inconclusive until we see some extras on costumes. Anyway: no matter if it is Braavos, Oldtown or King’s Landing, it looks quite good!

  4. Braavos or Oldtown do seem likely, but some of the hides and tent-looking structures make me think of a town (or neighborhood) taken over by Dothraki.

  5. The props look like Braavos, but the setting looks more KL, IMO. I’m sure scenes from KL,Oldtown, and Braavos will be filmed there.

  6. I saw an article where one the production designers talked about the challenge of finding a place to film Braavos, and that ideally they *needed* to make it right next to where they film other locations (KL and/or Meereen). From the pictures, it seems like Girona and surrounding areas in Spain really fulfill the criteria well. Those locations could really double and triple for multiple places on the show, thereby saving production a lot of time and money.

  7. One thing I noticed about the shooting locations in Girona was that no canals, waterways or bridges were on the list. Might this indicate that Carnlough Harbour will stand in for the canals and docks.

  8. It seems a generic port, but it also reminds me KL… Is that possible?

    Anyway, in Modexpor Internacional now they’re looking for teenagers, boys and girls (16 years old) for Girona… Oldtown? Where’s so many teens?

  9. Has anybody thought of Volantis? Kilgore Tully may have a point. It looks Free City’ish, but what if Dothraki came in? Volantis would be the most likely city to fall first.

  10. My page a day calendar quote for 25-August:

    You must put these dreams aside, they will only break your heart.
    -Maester Luwin -A Game of Thrones

  11. Ravyn:

    It would be fun if in the Tower of Joy there’s no Lyanna (is like some kind of non-entity) and they centered on the battle and Arthur Dayne. Or maybe the possibility of Maisie’s doing Lyanna too is real and that’s why there’s no Lyanna casting call.

  12. SlayerNina: It would be fun if in the Tower of Joy there’s no Lyanna (is like some kind of non-entity) and they centered on the battle and Arthur Dayne. Or maybe the possibility of Maisie’s doing Lyanna too is real and that’s why there’s no Lyanna casting call.

    I hadn’t seen that theory. With a wig to make her hair longer and more luxuriant, I guess it might be possible. Given Maisie’s age, they’d then be going for a canonical-aged Lyanna – a girl in her late teens, rather than the woman in her twenties that I think we were all expecting.

    My honest view is that she looks younger than her years, because of her baby-face, so they wouldn’t pick her. But who knows? Using Maisie as Lyanna would avoid obvious plot spoilers and stop GoT casting calls from breaking the Internet 😛

  13. Jamie Lannister was there if that helps? Have just been there today and seen filming. Extras had long brown hessian type clothing on.

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