New photos of Game of Thrones sets under construction in Split

1First revealed on Thursday, Game of Thrones has made more progress on the new sets being built in Split, Croatia for season 5.

Today, has a fresh batch of photos of the work being done in the Duilovo area, in front of the old Hotel Zagreb. It’s unknown at this time what purpose is intended for the location but popular speculation points to the columned set being used in the storylines for either Braavos or Meereen.

It’s believed that filming will begin in the Split and Kastela region in the next couple weeks.

Photos beneath the cut!




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  1. Could be where

    Dany marries Hizdahr

    , though it all seems a bit much effort for that unless it’s quite expanded

  2. It looks like they are doing a palace by the sea. It would suspect that this is either Braavos or Pentos.

    Perhaps a setting for Tyrion/Varys/Illiryrio scenes
  3. This is quite an elaborate palace for Braavos.

    Would the House of B/W look so palatial?

    That is the bluest water…wow!

  4. White marble columns fall more in line with Braavos’ style, so a strong possibility is the HoBaW. I seem to also recall some rumors about them not getting permission to shoot in the exteriors of a church or something? So they might just build the set from scratch.

    Meereen is also a hodge podge of different architecture in the show and also uses a lot of marble, so it could very well be The Temple of the Graces.

  5. mariamb,

    At least in my mind it does. It’s not really a house after all, It’s the temple of the cult around the Stranger and/or death in general.
  6. Abyss,

    Perhaps. I imagined something a bit less extravagant but its certainly possible.

    Renly’s Peach,

    Yes, Temple of the Graces

    Dany’s wedding to Hizdahr. I could see this becoming more of an “event” than it was in the books.
  7. My bet is on the Iron Bank–I think it’ll be very relevant down the road, and they bothered to introduce it last season. HoBaW was described as being more chapel-y and dreary, right? Of couse, D&D are free to envision it however they see fit, so idk.

  8. Looks a bit less HOBAWy after they put the details in it. It definitely looks like a palace now. Theoretically, it could still be the HOBAW, but I can definitely see it being Pentos or the Temple of the Graces (which is less likely given that there’s no sign the Green Grace is being cast).

  9. mariamb,

    I could see that,

    Daenerys there and people chanting “Mhysa, Mhysa”

    We’ll still have to wait for it to be completed, or at least painted to know for sure.

  10. I could easily see this CGIed as the entrance to the Great Pyramid for example.

    But then there would be no need to build it this close to such a scenic ocean location. No, the scene(s) here must be intended to happen by the ocean.

  11. I know this is really off-topic, but I was checking the other site and found this: “. We have just hired a new editor and have reloaded a bit so we hope you will give the site another chance in the coming weeks” – Patrick Allen. So is Zack out too?

  12. WIC Editor, Zack Luye, will no longer be leading the site. Zack had to step away because of scheduling issues that will prevent him from giving his full attention to WIC. A really special thanks to Zack, who did an awesome job managing WIC the last six months. While we are sad to see Zack depart, we are excited for Rowan Kaiser, the site’s new editor, to introduce himself.

    Can we now have GOO on WOTW πŸ˜€ please?

  13. Luka Nieto,

    You can always hope, but it’s not very likely, I’m afraid. If the GOO guys have some kind of contract to fulfil (and I’m almost a 100% certain they do), then it’s most likely with the site, not with one person in particular, otherwise situations like this would create a big loophole.

  14. It seems they ar going to sort of re-write history on WiC. The new editor is doing reviews of all of the episodes of Game of Thrones up until this point, which is kind of pointless as there are already reviews on the website of all of those episodes.

    The new guy does seem pretty experienced mind, so from Fansided’s perspective I’m sure it makes sense, but they should really rename the website as it will be a completely different website to what it was a year ago.

    Shame, but at least the true spirit of WiC lives on here.

  15. A friend of mine said that few days ago he saw the News that creators of the show were in Zagreb and that they visited Maksimir park and that they are considering filming there, especially at the lakes and there are five of them. Now i spent some time to search the internet but was not so lucky (i don’t have Facebook or any other social media so searching is limited for me). So Im thinking that this may have happened but that filming could be next year. I’m certain that some casting would be held in Zagreb or something. I live in Zagreb and I’ll do my best to learn what was that all about. I’ll use this chance to plea for help in searching for the News or link or anything. Also the News said that Jorah Mormont crashed some Croatian wedding….

  16. Those columns are looking nice! Can’t wait to see what it’s used for, my guess is either Braavos or Pentos.

  17. Lars,

    Yeah the fact that the set is being constructed right on the water is key. My guess is they are going to film a character(s) approaching it on a ship. It does look like a grand palace.

    Tyrion and Varys approaching Pentos/Illyrio??
  18. Gotta love the dead body next to the green Ninja in the second pic….and the season hasn’t even begun yet!

    Hooray WotW!

  19. Braavos shouldn’t be as tropical, it’s constantly misty there.

    And one of the CEO’s of fansided proposed, in a reply to a thread, they proposed to pay GOO for staying on their site. They are kind of getting desperate. But seeing GOO recently started a Patreon site, I hope they can stay independent.

  20. This will be super off-topic but I just found out that you guys left WiC(I havent been around that website much as of lately) and I must say it was about time haha. The readers and you guys deserve much better than what WiC has become as of late. Im glad that you decided to preserve the spirit of what WiC used to be and I want to let you know that you have my full support.

    Always Support the Bottom.

    Nightflayer, formely ATG.

  21. Off topic but I went back to WIC for a quick check and found this comment hilarious:

    “When it comes to the four staffers that started the new site, they were not given a curtain call because they left on bad terms. Both our executive team and the editor were united on that front.

    As far as comments mentioning the new site being deleted, that was an editorial choice, not an executive one. WiC is not going to do that any longer (unless comments are disrespectful).”

    I have been following WIC since 2009 and am so happy about having a new site saving the old spirit πŸ™‚

  22. I hope I can shed some light on the Carice filming schedule. See she can’t go more than a week without seeing me. Its in her contract. Alas, ever since I was rejected for the role of Grey Worm (“His penis is Ginormous, can’t cast him” was what I overheard Nina Gold say) I refuse to have any part, specifically my part *points to junk*, with the filming of this show. So now, Carice will only film for a week at a time and then take two weeks to be with her Rygar. Gosh I miss her already. Be safe Snuggleberry.

  23. I was sure that can only be a Meereenese facade! But it is close to water and it looks like they’ll make it all white. So Braavos House of Black and White is not out of the question! CGI some fog in and it would fit.

    Hodor’s Bastard,

    Took you long enough to find the site! Good to see you did.

  24. Strider:
    I was sure that can only be a Meereenese facade! But it is close to water and it looks like they’ll make it all white. So Braavos House of Black and White is not out of the question! CGI some fog in and it would fit.

    Couldn’t that just be unfinished foamcore? There are gaps visible in the pic. Perhaps they will paint once it is all assembled and caulked.

  25. Nightflayer,

    Welcome! Glad you found us and followed us here πŸ™‚ Spread the word.

    Everyone else, happy to see you stay part of the community!

    As to the set, I think it could be Braavos (perhaps B&W,yes), despite it not being so sunny there. There can play with the light.

    In addition, some good news is coming soon, stay tuned.

  26. Hope the GOO crew is coming to this site. It was the only good thing left on WiC. Glad that Zack found an excuse to get replaced :). On topic though, my first thought was the House of Black and White, but now that I think of it it’s probably Pentos.

  27. Any chance that this is the Citadel? Minus the sphinxes, of course. (Is that the proper plural of sphinx?)

    Sam needs to get to Oldtown fairly soon. I don’t particularly care about his endless sea journey but he needs to be gone from the Wall when Jon has his mishap.
  28. Ashara D,

    I don’t know Lady Dayne. To me it looks like the columns are pretty much done (the space between it is not, you are right). But in a previous thread post with this “building”, the pic didn’t show the set is so close to the water. So I had to revise my original opinion that it can only be a Meereenese set. Bet by the end I’ll be revising it again! LOL

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