New info about upcoming Game of Thrones videogame


Telltale Games has released sparse new information teasing their upcoming Game of Thrones videogame.

Following Telltale‘s typical format, the game will be released episodically starting in late 2014. It will be character- and dialogue-heavy, with player actions influencing later conversations and events.

The game was announced at the 2013 Spike VGX videogame awards last December. The first teaser trailer was also released on that day.

Cian: A lot can be guessed from the above image as to what the plot will potentially entail. Unsullied readers should be especially wary, as spoiler talk and speculation is inevitable.


  1. Hmm, if this is portraying the

    Retaking of Deepwood Motte,

    that’s an interesting direction for them to go in. Wouldn’t have guessed that, for sure. Over how long a period are these telltale games usually released?

    This could run concurrently with Season 5, in theory.
  2. Save The Clock Tower,

    Given that the Game of Thrones episodes will be released concurrently with Tales from the Borderlands, the whole thing will probably be released over 9-10 months. That’s what happened with The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2.

  3. I’m not a gamer, but I’ll definitely be buying this. Forrest clans, Ironborn and Stannis the Mannis, what more would you want of a GoT game. Love the fact that it will be character and dialogue heavy, since I’m not very good at action heavy games. I hope for a lot of canon information 😀

  4. One slight quip from my side about the post.

    I think it’s strange that a post about the game on IGN actually contains more asoiaf/got related stuff then a post here on a game of thrones website. It might be because there is not much interest into the game but atleast some insight on what it could have been about would have been appriciated. Even if it was just the same as IGN as they had some interesting stuff to say about it.

    But that’s my only small complaint I have about the post. No problems with any other content though.

  5. Very excited to play this game and very excited toss it appears this will go in love with got season 5. Can’t wait for

    Deepwood Motte


  6. This made me think that each “season” of the game will tell a different story with different characters and will tie in with major events from the show.

    And this is a game for non gamers too

  7. I loved what this company did with The Walking Dead. These are games where the focus is on storytelling and decision making, not so much on the action and button smashing. I do pirate things from time to time (argh!), but I paid money for Walking Dead after I got it, as I wanted to make sure that good work was supported.

    In short, even if you’re not a “gamer,” you’ll want this. Trust me.

  8. I’m not a big gamer or anything but I’m really looking forward to this. I’m so happy that it will be available on iOS.

  9. Hopefully this time the company is equipped to deal with publishing two games at the same time. When they did The Walking Dead season 2 and The Wolf Among Us the latter suffered really badly and the publishing schedule was weird with there being 4 months between episodes 1 and 2 (it was supposed to be a month per episode) and the last three ones being put out in a quick succession, being short and story suffering.

  10. Hodorer,

    Yeah, but they would never botch up GoT no? I mean, that game will probably be an immense cash cow, bigger than anything they ever did before. They will surely throw everything they got behind GoT 😀

  11. seems we’ll play a Forrester
    I’d be okay being

    the guide of the mannis

    through the wolfswood

  12. Stannis and the ironborn?

    Not really looking forward to it then. Though I’ll probably play the game to see if I like it. You never know, it could be really cool even if I’m not too fond of the characters in it.

  13. I’m just wondering though,how could they get 5 episodes worth of story from just the taking of Deepwood Motte alone,there may be something else in store too because that doesn’t seem enough for me .

  14. TaviColen123,

    Well, it’s entirely possible that the story begins way back when

    Yara takes Deepwood Motte and ends up when Stannis does. Also, they could continue down to the march and maybe even the battle of Winterfell (if it aligns with the show, that is).

    But Telltale has already done some games with multiple playable characters/storylines that converge. So maybe this Forrester/Deepwood storyline is one of multiple that will be in the game.

  15. Yay for iOS!

    I haven’t played computer games since I quit WoW a couple years ago (one day at a time). I’m super excited!

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