New HQ pics of Game of Thrones filming in Portstewart

Dornish 1

Though Game of Thrones has finished location shooting in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, as of yesterday, fresh photos are still surfacing, showing new details. This latest batch is very high quality, taken a few days ago and posted online Saturday by Flickr user Herringpond.

The new HQ pics show a group of peasants and a patrol on horseback that we’ve seen from afar or in grainier photos. These photos provide a closer look at Dornish costuming in season five, and clear up a few questions arising from previous leaks.

The photos clarify the identities of each person in the groups, as there was some confusion in the last few days over which individuals were actors, and whether or not they might be main cast. It appears now that there are no characters such as Myrcella or any of the Sand Snakes in these groups, as some had speculated.

The performers were on break when these images were taken. As you can see, they’re drinking and eating in several of the photos.

The closer view of the horses and the tack confirm that the horse a main cast member was spotted riding on the 7th (Spoilers shown here) was definitely a Dornish horse taken from one of these patrolmen.


Dornish 3

Dornish 4

Dornish 5

Dornish 6

Sue the Fury: Nice to have some HQ pics turn up, answering lingering questions. And I love getting to see the beautiful detail on the costuming. No one can beat GoT for costuming. I can’t wait to see how House Martell is presented, too.

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    1. Amazing! These pics are awsome! And with high quality pictures we can now say for sure that the black haired woman with braids is not a sand snake, wich brings m to my next statement: We need some sand snakes pics 😉 . I cannot wait for season 5!

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    2. In the second to last picture, are the two patrolman on the left eating ice cream? Haha

      These are great pictures, nice job digging them up!

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    3. Quick question, through all the long detailed description of food, did George ever mention ice cream. Surely someone must of invented it in Westeros? 🙂

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    4. Alright, so I was wrong again. With this much better view of things, it’s clear that the dark-haired lady photo’d with the Dornishmen and the donkeys is NOT a Sand Snake but a lady involved in the production.

      These HQ pics are great BTW. Let’s hope more flood in…

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    5. We need to see a sand snake and a Trystane and a Alexander Siddig dressed in a Doran’s custom and a Myrcella and a Darkstar of the night figure

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    6. Really surprised no one has said “DAT ASS” yet. Where is Rygar anyway?

      Ashara D,

      You’re welcome! Always happy to scroll through social and photo sites, creep creep creeping about for finds.

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    7. Ashara D:
      Lady nym,

      Yes! I want to see my…nephew? What is Darkstar to me?? :-/

      He got silver hair thats what matters 🙂

      Just asking // why don’t you put “WoTw” name on all the things you possed ? Let them know you worker hard to find it

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    8. Lady nym,

      Because we don’t own the photos, they belong to the Flickr user who took the photographs. We’re just the first people to discover and share them. And anyone who wants to repost them can simply go to Flickr for the clean originals anyway.

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    9. They seem to have gone more Moorish (…) with those costume designs where as what we’d seen last season with Ellaria and Oberyn looked more Byzantine to me. Not complaining as I think a mix of the two would suit Dorne fantastically.

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    10. TheTouchOfFrost,

      They seem to have gone more Moorish

      Yes, I see what you’re saying. But since they’re filming the Real Alcázar the change will be more in keeping with the surroundings. Besides, I don’t think the typical viewer will notice the change (then again, maybe I’m being a snob and they would notice). /shrug

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    11. Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

      I don’t think it matters too much with it being a fantasy realm but it adds another level of enjoyment for people who like spotting the historical influences 🙂 I think the Courtyard of Maidens there has already been used in the film Kingdom of Heaven.

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    12. According to the casting news this could be the Plot of Season 5 imho…

      At the Wall
      Dealing with the wildling. Birth of new leaders (one for the Thenn, one for the ones heading harddome, one for the ones that will pass the Wall later on…). Chaos during the aftermath of Stannis with Varamyr presentation and death.
      Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and make him Lord of Winterfell in exchange for his support nut Jon decides to decline Stannis’s offer. Before he can inform Stannis, Jon is chosen by the Night’s Watch, via Sam help, as its new Lord Commander. Janos Slynt refusal and death.
      Jon sends Tormund, to make a truce with the leaders of the surviving wildlings, whom Jon allows into Westeros despite objection, and forces them to reinforce the Wall against the Others. Melisandre hides Mance identitity and sends him to Winterfell. She tells Jon repeatedly that he has enemies in the Watch. Discussion with the leader of the “daggers in the dark” (March/Thorne). Last scene with the entrance of Giants and Mammoths through the Wall.

      Beyond the Wall
      Three-eyed trains Bran in greensight. Using this ability, Bran sees memories of his father Ned Stark at Winterfell’s godswood in the past, and communicates with Theon Greyjoy at the godswood in the present. Maybe further investigation on the past(Tower of Joy) and present (through the crows of Bryndon Rivers) depicting the Kingsmot of Yara/Asha and Euron; and future (Jon stabbing). Connection (something similar to what the wolfs do when they see their original pack)wolfdreamwith Sansa (without her acknowledgement) and maybe Rickon. Beginning of a Love Story with Meyra Reeds. Last scene with Theon recovering his identity (showing him his past in winterfell).

      In the North
      Stannis deals with Jon. Then he sends Davos to the Umber and they in turn send him to find Rickon. Stannis recruiting of the Northmen. Deepmoth and capture of Yara. Last scene at the lake thee days from Winterfell.
      Davos last scene on a ship to Skagos.
      In winterfell we have a simplified version of the “North remember scheme” (Umbers double playing… the audience already knows they sent Davos on a quest to Rickon). Boltons trapped by winter. FArya replaced by Alys Karstark as the last living representor of the Stak. Last scene with the escape via Mance, Theon and the Umbers..

      Brienne continues her search for Arya. In the same aerea the future High Sparrow saves the hound. Presentation of the character and the militant faith. Joining of Lancel Lannister. Arrival in King’s Landing.
      Brienne’s Entrance to the Vale. Connection with Sansa. Scene with Littlefinger echoing the one with the Hound. Sansa remains with Littlefinger. Imprisonment by Littlefonger that doesn’t want any spread of the fact that Sansa is in the Vale. Brienne escape by the Brotherhood without banners. Scene with Lady Stoneheart or her replacement.
      Last scene with Jamie as in the books.

      King’s Landing
      Tywin funeral. Kevan remains in the small council to work with Pycell to overthrone Cercei.
      Cersei’s reign. Sexposition and corruption. Dream reminding her the prophecy. Unrest with the Tyrell. She sends Jaime to Dorne to get back Myrcella. In the meanwhile she restores the militant faith to get some cash. At the news of the assault of the Reach she sends Loras there (or to Dragonston as in the books).
      Jamie comes back. Confrontation. Jamie leaves for the Riverlands. Kevan and Pycell conspire together.
      A scheme to have the Faith put Margaery on trial for adultery backfires when the religious leadership imprisons Cersei herself on similar (correct) charges.
      Imprisonment. Letter to Jamie. Walk of Shame. Last scene with Cersei dressed as the Faith wants while she speaks with Tommen.

      Tyrion Lannister is smuggled to Pentos by Varys, where he is sheltered by Magister Illyrio. Meeting with Aegon (replaced by Gendry if the writers get crazy).After traveling with Aegon across Essos, Tyrion is kidnapped by Jorah Mormont, who intends to deliver him toDaenerys. Tyrion, and Jorah are shipwrecked and sold by slavers to a Yunkish merchant. At Meereen, they go straight to the pit. Last scene there while Daenerys flies with Drogon.
      Daenerys marries the noble Hizdahr zo Loraq, despite her sexual relationship with the mercenary Daario Naharis, to stop a series of murders and avert a planned attack by Yunkai and Volantis. Despite the plague-infected refugees outside, the fighting pits are opened shortly after the wedding, at Hizdahr’s insistence, and interrupted by Drogon. 200 people are trampled in the resulting panic or killed by the dragon; whereupon Daenerys climbs on Drogon to calm him, who flies to his lair with Daenerys still on him.

      In Dorne, Doran Martell is confronted by three of his brother Oberyn’s bastard daughters, who want vengeance for their father’s death.
      Jamie arrives. Lovestory Myrcella/Trystane. Jamie leaves. Queensmaking plot. Doran revelations.

      After conspiring to elect Jon, he is sent to the Citadel (via Braavos) in order to become a Maester. Sam is accompanied by aging Maester Aemon, the wildling mother Gilly, her newborn babe, and sworn brother Dareon. The voyage across the Narrow Sea is underway before Sam realizes Jon swapped the sons of Gilly and Mance Rayder, to protect the Wildling “prince” from sacrifice by the priestess Melisandre. Aemon becomes sick and the party wait in Braavos for his health to improve. After a Summer Islander tells Aemon about the Targaryen dragons, Aemon decides that Daenerys has come to fulfill a prophecy; but dies shortly after they leave Braavos. Finale scene with Master Aemon.
      Arriving in Braavos, Arya Stark finds her way to the House of Black and White, a temple associated with the assassins known as the Faceless Men. As a novice there, Arya attempts to master their belief that Faceless Men have no true identity by throwing all her treasures into the water (except her sword, Needle) and posing as a girl called “Cat of the Canals”. Her former identity asserts itself in the form of wolf dreams, and also when she kills Dareon, sworn brother of Samwell Tarly, for abandoning the Night’s Watch. Extra scenes with Sam. Having confessed this death, she is given a glass of warm milk as punishment (?). She wakes up the following morning blind. While blind, she discovers her ability to telepathically perceive objects seen by cats. Last scene with her changing the face in the ugly little girl.

      Sum up
      Time shift compared to the books covering both the books but ending season 5 before Jon death(?); before the pink letter then; before Aegon (or his replacement) arrival on Westeros; before Sam arrival in the Citadel; before Arya assassination of the merchant; before Kevan/Pycell assassination; before Barristan acting as Hand of the Queen; before reappearance of Daenerys and the Dothraki; before Tyrion enters the mercenaries. The classical episode 9 finale could be the Meeren Pit, while the real ending would be the Walk of Shame of Cersei.
      Most of the time on screen will be for Cersei, then Jamie and Dornish Story.

      No Arianne (at least not active, she could appear in season 6). Her role replaced by the Sandsnakes.
      No fArya. Her role replaced by Alys Karstark (no wedding with the Thenn at the Wall then).
      Not yet: No Citadel. No Pate. No Archmaster.
      Not yet Aegon (or his replacement) conquest of the Stormlands.
      No Victarion. Euron shown briefly in a simplified kingsmot without Damphair as a real character.
      No Wyman Manderly. His role taken by the Umbers. Gratjon Umber prisoner of the Freys as a key for their double playing behaviour.

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