New Game of Thrones collectibles from Dark Horse, Funko, and more!


The Toy Fair is running this weekend, and lots of great new Game of Thrones merchandise is making its debut at the event.

Dark Horse unveiled the limited edition Daenerys and Drogon statue.  The amazingly detailed piece measures 14” across and 18” from front to back. It’ll be available in the summer, but you can pre-order now.

Here’s another view of the statue:


In addition, Funko has revealed a handful of their new releases for 2015. visited the Toy Fair and snapped some photos of the newest products. Among them are the following Game of Thrones Pop! toys : Oberyn Martell, the Mountain, an Unsullied, a wight, Grey Worm, and a new Jaime Lannister figure.


These two 6″ dragon figurines are likewise planned.

An official Game of Thrones Monopoly is in the works as well:



Factory Entertainment showed off a couple nice new pieces for collectors as well. This adorable Drogon plush was featured:

Drogon plush

This numbered, limited-edition replica of the Baratheon stag crown, displayed at the Toy Fair, is also now available for pre-ordering for the cool price of $299.99.

The crown comes with an iron sword-motif display stand.

Baratheon Crown

Another cool item from Dark Horse coming soon:

Martell mugHouse Martell made a big splash last year with Prince Oberyn coming to King’s Landing, and the trend should continue with the introduction of Doran Martell and the Sand Snakes in season 5. There’s a sun-and-spear mug joining the official Game of Thrones collection just in time for the new season.

All in all, pretty nifty stuff, for all you collectors out there.

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    1. Oops! I noticed a flaw, the Free Parking should be Free Stable, and the Go to Jail should be Go to Dungeon. They need to keep consistent with the GoT world, I won’t buy one unless they change terminology. Furthermore the cop should become a medieval knight and the car a horse, I cannot believe they didn’t catch this, someone needs to pay attention.

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    2. tyjon,

      Just imagine the ‘Chance’ cards

      You have been bit by the Imp Prostitution tax, pay $200


      You have fallen into the clutches of Qyburn in the Black Cells, go to Dungeon, do not pass Go and 4 turns until you are allowed out


      You have fallen into the clutches of Ramsay Snow and….aren’t the same…pay $40 for every Hotel and $5 for every house etc


      Your ship travelling to Storms End has been delayed…by a storm…go back 5 places

      If they fix the issues you raised I’m looking forward to it

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    3. For those who can’t make out the locations on the Monopoly

      Craster’s Keep
      The Fist of the First Men

      (light blue)
      The Nightfort
      Mole’s Town
      The Inn at the Crossroads

      Vaes Dothrak

      The Eyrie
      Moat Cailin

      The Dreadfort
      The Twins


      Castle Black

      (dark blue)
      King’s Landing

      House Lannister
      House Baratheon
      House Targaryen
      House Stark

      Master of Coin
      Hand of the King

      In Jail / Just Visiting
      Free Parking
      Go to Jail

      (chance/community chest)
      Valar Morghulis
      The Iron Throne

      *not sure

      I have a few issue with this layout, the biggest being that there’s still a car at Free Parking and a modern day policeman at Go to Jail (which should be the wall)!

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    4. And what about Jorah Mormont’s figurine????? He is more important person as Grey Warm!! And so many years he will ignored with his own figure!!!

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    5. Woohoo I pre ordered the crown … Hopefully I’ll be able to wear it and watch season 5 … Wanted to get dany and Drogon but I think there will be a better 1 later after season 5 … With a bigger fuckin Drogon … Well the only reason I like dany is because of her dragons … Now if only they wud make a Sansa figurine . I’m not too keen on the funko pop bobble heads

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    6. tyjon,
      Of the Night:
      I have a few issue with this layout, the biggest being that there’s still a car at Free Parking and a modern day policeman at Go to Jail (which should be the wall)!

      Agreed. That is ridiculous.

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    7. Hey Funko Pop! What about: Ser Jorah, Ser Barristan, Stannis, Melissandre, Davos, Margaery, Varys, Catelyn, Ramsay, Roose, Reek/Theon???

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