New Edition of Game of Thrones Monopoly Tabletop Board Game Coming in 2019

Game of Thrones Monopoly

There’s been a Game of Thrones edition of the popular tabletop board game for years, but it’s woefully out of date by now, so HASBRO and HBO have teamed-up again for a re-release of MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES, which now includes customized tokens, new iconic properties and graphics infused within the game board.

If you’re interested, get the details below!

The new game tokens are inspired by the honorary sigils of the Great Houses. With them, you will buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from the Seven Kingdoms, building castles and holdfasts in their pursuit to rule the Iron Throne. This upcoming new edition will also feature an Iron Throne card holder that can play the iconic theme song throughout gameplay, which is a first for any version of Monopoly.

Monopoly Board

“HBO has an incredibly robust and passionate fan base for the GAME OF THRONES series, and we’re excited to offer yet another way for these fans to connect with the brand,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, President, Hasbro Brands. “The board, the tokens, the money, and even the game pieces are derived directly from the show, ensuring GAME OF THRONES fans can be transported into the world of Westeros through an engaging and authentic MONOPOLY experience.”

The MONOPOLY: GAME OF THRONES Edition game, designed for fans ages 18 and up, is already available for pre-order at Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon, for a suggested retail price of $29.99. The game will be available at all major retailers nationwide beginning in January, 2019. Click here to preorder the set on HBO’s online shop.

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    1. “HBO has an incredibly robust and passionate fan base for the GAME OF THRONES series,”

      In other words, we’ll buy ANYTHING!

      (Spoken as one who has, by the way…)

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    2. Clob,

      nice one clob, thanks for letting me know.
      though there’s no way I’m paying that much for a board game!
      “List Price: $74.99
      Price: $52.19 ”

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    3. King’s Landing & Winterfell gotta be Boardwalk & Park Place right? Hard pass if any other locations get the top 2 spots. That includes CR, HG, Sunspear, RR, Eyrie, Storm’s End, or Harrenhal. KL & WF are no brainers.

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    4. The image is blurry. Looks like King’s Landing & Dragonstone are the last two locations. I can’t abide by Winterfell getting disrespected like that… Hard pass. 😂

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    5. It could be fun. In my childhood days I have played the UK version of “Monopoly” on wet days when it was impossible to play outside. Will going to jail be being sent to the black cells in the GoT version of the game? I always seemed to end up being send to jail and not pick up £200 when I passed Go (the amount has probably gone up since then.

      At school at wet playtimes we used to read comics (there was a publishing house in Scotland that used to supply a good many of the British kids’ comics). It probably won’t make much sense to people outside the UK but characters such as “Lord Snooty”, “The Bash Street Kids”, “The Four Marys” among others kept me and my school-chums occupied on dismal days and who could forget “Minnie the Minx” – a kick-ass heroine from before the time GRRM invented Arya Stark.*

      *I’m sure there were other kick-ass female characters but I knew the British ones being as I am British. Sorry, I have gone off-topic rather. The game does look good but I’ve recently had to pay for a roof repair and my piggy-bank is still reeling from the effects so I won’t be buying – not yet anyway.

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    6. Should have been “sent” to jail above – I honestly don’t know if that was my fault or if autocorrect did something odd (which it has been for me recently – not just on this site).

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