New Costume Designer for Season Six


Game of Thrones has a new costume designer on board: the award-winning April Ferry. She is well-known for her work on a number of films, including Jurassic World, Donnie Darko and Robocop, as well as television series such as Extant and Rome, for which she won an Emmy.  In a statement to the The Hollywood Reporter, show-runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said:

There is so much left to do on the costume front, so many changes left for the characters and ground for them to cover, and we’re so grateful to have someone as brilliant as April on board to create the costumes that tell the story’s final chapters.

Her addition to the team comes following the news Michele Clapton was leaving the series following Season Five.  Here’s hoping Ferry can build on the wonderful work already done on the show, and showcase some beautiful fresh designs on both the new and returning characters.

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  1. I’m more excited about this than I probably should be. But damn, that’s going to be an interesting spot-the-differences season.

  2. dee,

    Well she has to keep some continuity otherwise it would seem as jarring as the transition of KL from season 1 to KL from season 2-present, as wonderful as Dubrovnik is,you can tell it’s not the same location as Malta but i tend to overlook this sort of stuff anyway ,i care for the story more . But then again it seems Deborah Riley fitted pretty well after Gemma Jackson left so you never know .

  3. Okay I was a little worried but I didn’t know she worked on ROME custome designs.

    Knowing that now I am 100% certain GoT is still in good hands and all the wardrobes will be beautiful and totally in character with the House and characters wearing them.

  4. Wow.

    I wonder what cultures haven’t gotten costumes yet.

    …given that Samwell Tarly is going to Oldtown, and in the books he takes the voyage on a Summer Islander ship, might we finally see a Summer Islander look?

  5. TheTouchOfFrost:
    Let’s hope they keep raiding Rome and come back with James Purefoy!

    And Ray Stevensson please… although I think the chance of that is not too high.

    In addition, I certainly would not mind if David Bamber (Cicero) would return as archmaester Marwyn in Game of thrones.

  6. I’m sure she’ll do a great job, and I appreciate the job Michelle Clapton did…

    however I was getting a bit tired that EVERY cloak had that X tie down the front… I mean that had to be a pain to put on… Whatever is wrong with just a clasp at the neck. I know I notice this stuff more (ok probably too much ) cause I’m a seamstress… but it was becoming distracting. I love the costumes because they DO look like clothing, but that was too similar on too many costumes across too many geographic regions.

  7. I’m sure she won’t make any drastic changes to already-existing cultures within the show. But there can be new trends within places like King’s Landing, and new characters have their own personal touches. Certainly places like Oldtown may have their own flavor, and if we see more of the Iron Islands, we might see more diversity in their styling.

    I’m excited about the choice. I love everything to do with “Rome,” so welcome aboard, April Ferry!

  8. Is that the first official PR statement specifically addressing the “final chapters” of the series? We all knew it, but it’s becoming real….

  9. davy,

    Stevenson would have been an excellent Victarion to Purefoy’s Euron but I guess that ship has sailed (pun intended!).
    He’s certainly an exellent actor but I picture someone a little more jovial for the role. We shall see though! Perhaps Kenneth Cranham (Pompey) or Manfredi Aliquo (Castor)?

    Robb Snow,

    We can but hope!


    I assume Areo Hotah is as well now. I know the Dornish are a mixed bunch but the darker-skinned ones seem more Mediterranean/ North African. Whereas Summer Islanders appear to be represented as Sub-Saharan Africans.

  10. More helmets please! I’m also excited to see what she does for the House Umber armor next season.

  11. The Dragon Demands:
    …given that Samwell Tarly is going to Oldtown, and in the books he takes the voyage on a Summer Islander ship, might we finally see a Summer Islander look?

    I can’t imagine we’ll see much of anything of Sam travelling. If they really expect to end the series in seven seasons he can’t very well be travelling all of season 6 when he should have already gotten there by the end of season 5. He and Gilly will just borrow Littlefinger’s jetpack and get there by episode 3 or so.

  12. I’m pretty sure every GoT fan right now sighed in relief when they saw April had worked in Rome.

  13. She worked on Rome…..

    James Purefoy was on Rome……

    Euron Greyjoy is going to feature in S6……….

  14. The Dragon Demands,

    That they avoided having Sam travel to Oldtown this season suggests they want the journey to occur offscreen between seasons, so I expect the first we see of Sam and Gilly next year will be them arriving (episode 2 or so).

  15. I would have liked it if she had been the costume designer from the beginning instead of michelle clapton. clapton made some nice costumes but her overall schtick was boring and way too modern

  16. I’m intrigued by D&D’s comments about the character’s still changing. Makes me wonder if we’ll see another character change represented in clothing (i.e. Sansa in S4E8).

  17. aurane waters,

    I 100% agree. Loved the costumes in Rome! I loved some of Dany’s earlier looks but I just didn’t get her costumes in season 5, even after reading Clapton’s reasoning behind the choices. It just got very redundant. Honestly, the SS’s and Myrcella’s Dornish costumes were the most original design that I’ve seen on the show since the Tyrell’s came on the scene.

    Cheers to some fresh takes on established looks!

  18. Changes to the show personnel is good. Fresh Blood! New energy! now get some women writers and directors-

  19. I might sound a bit autistic in asking this, but they’ll still keep the costumes characters were wearing at the end of season 5, right (i.e. Pod, Brienne, Sansa)? A transition that was as jarring as the Malta-Croatia King’s Landing thing would be annoying and break continuity.

  20. Well I wish her the best. Big boots to fill, but the projects she’s worked on show her to be more then skilled.

  21. Sam,

    They changed production designers between s3 and s4, so don’t worry. If that wasn’t noticeably jarring to you, then this won’t be either. 😉

  22. was hoping we’d get coleen atwood, cw could afford her, why not hbo?
    but hey, this woman did rome, so i have no complaints.

  23. Leuf,

    Usually a considerable amount of time passes between seasons, especially for some storylines. No “jetpack” needed. They’ll probably arrive in their first scene of the season, whether that is in the first episode or the second.

  24. Greenjones:

    If you read the casting Euron article here you’d know that Purefoy has since clarified those remarks.

    Where does it say that? I looked at the article just now, and in it, Sue only says that we should forget about those remarks because they were made in 2013 and were probably a joke. I can’t find any links to interviews or other quotes where he goes back on what he said in 2013.

  25. dee,

    I believe it was over twitter that Purefoy recanted them. It would take a good deal of searching to isolate the exact tweets but IIRC that’s what it was.

  26. The costume work has been superb so far. I think she’ll do a great job. Can’t wait to see Daenerys dressed in black and red!

  27. This sucks donkey balls! First we lost Gemma Jackson, now Michelle Clapton!

    Not good…

    On the other hand, NBC just cancelled “Hannibal”…so let’s make enough noise and get Madds Mikkelsen as Euron Greyjoy!!!!

  28. We could have already got. The colourful costumes of the slavers WHO took Tyrion and Jorah created ME assume a number of them a minimum of were Summer Islanders.

  29. Clapton’s back. Did anyone else notice that The Battle of the Bastards has Michele Clapton as costume designer, she also did episode 10 too and is working on series 7 right now, how do I know? She’s a friend of mine 🙂

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