New Blu-Ray/DVD Video Extra: Game of Thrones “Fallen Roundtable”


The Blu-Ray/DVD Season 4 extras keep rolling out.  This one is a roundtable discussion with several of the characters we have loved and lost recently on Game of Thrones.  Bryan Cogman leads the discussion with seven “alumni” including:  Sibel Kekilli (Shae), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen), Jack Gleeson (Joffrey), Charles Dance (Tywin), Rose Leslie (Ygritte), Mark Stanley (Grenn), and Pedro Pascal (Oberyn).

Video after the jump.

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  1. As I said on the other thread, this roundtable was fantastic. Obviously, we’ve heard quite a few of these stories before in different contexts – various interviews and the like. But there were still plenty of new insights in there, and seeing all of these dearly departed cast members together, reminiscing so warmly and so fondly about their time on the show, was wonderful. (Also, props to Bryan Cogman, who was an excellent moderator).

    Jack Gleeson, secure in the knowledge that everyone already believes him to be evil, apparently revels in making bad puns. 😉

  2. mariamb,
    I thought Craig Ferguson did a good job , a con moderator should have a sense of humour especially when dealing with annoying super fans who break the rules……..but i wish they can bring a comedian who himself is a superfan some what like Colbert is for LotR.

  3. KrakenDaughter,

    You are right. Craig Ferguson was OK.

    I agree about having a comedian that is a super fan. Rob McElhenney did a great job a few years ago with the panel discussion.

  4. Great stuff, and quite emotional too. I love Sibel, she’s always been so passionate about her character (I only like TVShae because of her). The other actors were also great ofc, I wish they’d do more of these, I really enjoy them.

    Also, that pic of Michiel Huisman on the tweet feed is KILLING me!

  5. mariamb:
    You are right. Craig Ferguson was OK.

    I thought the CF-modded panel last year was great. There is definitely a need to inject off-kilter humor in any bunch that includes the author, showrunners and many actors. I thought Rory was hilarious sandwiched between Maisie and Gwen. He will be missed.

  6. Also, that pic of Michiel Huisman on the tweet feed is KILLING me!

    Me, too. Its a slow day at work so I am spending time on WOTW. Didn’t expect to see that photo. A beautiful man!

  7. Great discussion, thanks for posting! I’d like to see Bryan moderate the SDCC panel too.

    It’s pretty rude of D&D / other producers to let some of the actors find out about their deaths from the scripts. One would think they would have learned to tell the news with a bit more consideration for the people who have played these characters for many years.

  8. jentario,

    Maybe he was busy? It’s a pity … I would have loved to hear Rory discuss his time on the show, especially what it was like to film that amazing final scene with Maisie Williams.

    Unlike the other cast members present here, we never definitively saw his character die. Maybe they just didn’t want to invite the speculation. If Rory was present at this particular panel, people (i.e. overly anxious book readers) might start fretting that it’s confirmation that Sandor Clegane is truly dead – or, at the very least, that he won’t appear on the show again. As it stands, it could be harmlessly inferred by anyone unaware of the Gravedigger theory that Rory was doing something else at the time, and people hoping for his return get to keep that hope alive. Not every multi-season character who died this year is featured on this panel. Granted, Rory McCann was on Game of Thrones for longer and played a much more significant role than someone like Kate Dickie or Josef Altin. But that’s the tightrope that you walk when you leave a character’s fate ambiguous.
  9. Now this was amazing. It was good to hear from everyone, but I think I was most touched by Sibel’s emotional response to Shae’s death (“they’re all going to hate me!”) and Rose’s take on Ygritte. Also, very funny response from Thomas about reading his death scene (stabbed…followed by getting his throat slit…followed by getting a molotov cocktail thrown at him, lol).

  10. This was great, and it’s nice to see that Jack and I have the same terrible sense of humour.

    And yeah, Rory McCann isn’t there… but neither is Kate Dickie.

  11. This was wonderful. I am going to miss these characters. I was getting a bit teary seeing their deaths again.

  12. Yes a great roundtable.

    But did Cogman slip up? He seemed to imply that Grenn was about to die very soon in the books as well.

  13. Love this!! so amazing to hear the stories and cast reflections. Good moderating. I like everything Jack ever says. Missing Rory and Kate Dickie, yes, and we know Lysa isn’t coming back so I wouldn’t hop on the Cleganebowl bandwagon just yet 😉 Where is the king of gin alley?? Pyp? Discussion of Jojen paste was lacking 😉
    I hope they continue this tradition of interviewing some of the “dead” cast.

    As for the Blackfish interview, I saw something on Twitter that confirms Clive Russell claims he is alive but nothing more. I think it has been retweeted by @WatchersOTWall already. Hope it’s true and we see him back!!

    I’m glad that even Thomas realises how much a joke the Wight scene was and they can all laugh about it. It reminds me of that American Horror Story episode when they sing a song with no plot meaning. Its funny in retrospect.

  15. That fireball scene was a disaster! It was opposite of everything that has made GOT a great show. If they had scenes like that from Season 1, the show wouldnt have had such large audience!

  16. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Which part you love (hate) more? 40 out of ur pocket or us watching things for free?

    But seriously, the money you paid is for owning the 10 episodes of the show and thats it. Like what, no we have to pay to watch behind the scenes and interviews? Come on, that crazy even for our out of control capitalism!

  17. Voice of Reason,

    He has a point, but stuff always leak online, that’s normal. You can avoid them and watch them on a far better quality when you get your BluRay. I’m not ok with this either (Since they got released before the Bluray was out), but there’s nothing we can do, and if it means that fans that can’t afford or don’t want to buy the BluRay can see these extras, that’s fine.

  18. I can’t quite agree with Cogman (and D&D’s) take that one has to kill of sympathetic characters for effect. A this point it gets to be expected so one no longer has that air of the unexpected.
    I don’t know what George is going to do (I hope not create more major characters!) … I like having my expectations undercut and now it’s gotten to be a loss of surprise if a protagonist bites the dust!

  19. BCog was great as moderator. And the actors really seemed to enjoy talking about their characters. Wish they would do more of these roundtables.

  20. Gosh, I love those people. They’re all so down to earth and awesome. Really made me happy to see this! 😀

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